• 06/03/2020

12 Color Options for Your Ombre Wedding Dress


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There’s nothing quite like getting creative with your wedding gown — especially if you have plenty of colorful ideas to explore. Ombre first came onto the scene a few years ago, and can refer to anything from hair to clothing. Whether you’re married to the ombre look or you’re simply on the hunt for a variety of creative options, there’s so much you can do with the ombre look in your wedding dress. There are plenty of colors for you to explore, and probably even some combinations you haven’t thought of yet! Here are just a few color ideas for your ombre wedding dress. 


Two women wear neutral gowns.

If you love the idea of a color blend, but not so much the bright vibrancy of traditional ombre colors, you can always dip your toes in with a soft neutral ombre. Neutral colors can mean a range of different things, but one of the most important details is the fact that they can truly match with anything.

Black and White

Moving to a more specific neutral color choice, black and white might contain all of the drama you’re looking for. This combination can give you all the power and fun of a white dress with the classic drama of something new!

Black and Gray 

However, if you want to go a little bit darker but still stay on the classic side of things, you’re in luck, because black and gray can make for a great ombre dress. This can be perfect for a winter or fall wedding!

White and Blue

Speaking of seasonal, this wintery mix is a great ombre choice for a dazzling wedding dress! If you want to look like a wintery Disney princess, using blue and white alongside a bit of sparkle can be a great way to achieve that look.


A purple ombre wedding dress can be enchanting and beautiful. Purple is the color of royalty, so it makes sense that it provides a rich, vast array of tones. Adding a bit of depth to your white dress can be a great way to add some unique glamor. 

A man in a grey suit and a women in a purple ombre dress hold hands


Yellow admittedly isn’t everyone’s color, but it can certainly have its place in plenty of settings. Having a yellow ombre dress can be a beautiful and refreshing choice for springtime weddings, or if you have an off-white like champagne or gold for the other tone of the dress. 


There are so many brides that are just itching to add a little pink to their weddings however possible. If this sounds like you, a pink ombre wedding dress could be a fantastic choice. Whether you want to include a soft, tasteful pink at the bottom or go from one tone of pink to another, this dress idea is unique and fun!


If you want to go for big drama, choosing a bold red ombre dress can be the perfect choice for your special day. Red has a richness and depth that can light up a room with love. Whether you go from white to red or have the dress get darker as it cascades, having a pop of color can be exceptionally beautiful.

Something blue? Yes, please! As an addition to the blue option above, you can also make a point to go a little dark rather than keeping things light. Going for a deep ocean blue at the bottom of your dress can be a unique choice, perfect for an evening or winter wedding.


Just like the purple option, lavender exists within the same color family, but it certainly carries a much different meaning than its darker counterpart. While deep purple carries a darkness and wintery jewel tone to it, lavender is springy and spritely — perfect for warm-weather weddings!

Matching the Themes

Although this might require a bit more customization than some of the other ombre wedding dress options, matching your dress to the theme can be a great way to utilize the cohesive nature of your wedding colors! If you have a color scheme you really love, you can incorporate one or more of those tones into the dress!


There are so many reasons why you might want to incorporate every color of the rainbow into your wedding dress — for pride reasons, or for the sheer purpose of loving color and rainbow things! You can utilize a rainbow ombre all the way down, or have a white dress with a little secret hidden beneath. It’s all up to you!

Ombre Wedding Dresses

Ombre is a lovely trend for any garment or decor — and if you love it, you can use it in your wedding dress! There are so many beautiful colors that you can use for your ombre wedding. It’s all about which ones call out to you!

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