• 01/31/2017

What Will Parenting Be Like in 20 Years?

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You’ve seen the articles and heard the stories. And you’re living proof. Parenting 20 years ago was different. Kids went outside to play from sun up to sun down, and walking to school alone was no big deal. Parents raised their children without all the books and expert advice, which they actively seek now. Now, the country is full of helicopter parents who worry about their children every minute and rarely let them do anything alone. Parenting looks completely different now than it did 20 years ago. It may leave you wondering what parenthood will look like in 20 years.


In the past, parents didn’t have the technology to determine the baby’s gender, genetic anomalies or birth defects. Moms had their babies, and then they discovered everything else. In 20 years, technology has advanced enough to allow you to see your baby inside your womb before it’s born. The technology will continue to advance. You may have the option of choosing specific traits like hair and eye color. In 2016, parents who used IVF with a certain doctor were given the option to pay extra for a certain sex or eye color.

Parenting in General

Twenty years ago, parents allowed their children to play outside without being with them every minute. Some parents allowed kids to walk to and from school alone or ride their bikes all over the neighborhood. Today parents are accused of endangerment if they let their children walk to school alone. You won’t likely find a child cycling all over the neighborhood unless there is a parent a foot away. People call it “free range parenting” today, but 20 years ago, it was simply parenting. How will this change in 20 years? Will children be allowed the freedom they used to have? Or will it continue on the current path, progressing to children in bubbles to prevent disease and injury?

Doctor’s Visits

Technology already allows us to video chat with a doctor for minor issues, get diagnosed and have a prescription sent to your local pharmacy. In 20 years, the technology will be much more advanced. Today, what happens if your kid breaks a bone while playing outside? You have to hope you have someone accessible to watch your other children or take them with you. Then, you’ll sit in the emergency room for hours waiting to see a doctor.

In 20 years, if kids are allowed to play outside, you will likely use your smartphone — or maybe even tap your arm and use your own skin as a touchscreen — and video chat with a doctor. Through your device, the doctor will take x-rays, diagnose the break and prescribe the supplies you need to cast the bone. Maybe doctors will send video tutorials on how to properly put a cast on and receive follow-up care for the next weeks or months as it heals.

Toys and Imagination

Kids today have much more technology than kids did 20 years ago. It’s common for a 3-year-old to navigate a computer better than a 60-year-old. They have video games, computers and all sorts of toys that take advantage of new technology, such as interactive robotic toys and programmable educational toys. In 20 years, the entire home will be a learning environment. Imagine the windows of your home being interactive and displaying the name of a bird as it flies past. Or a walker that projects letters or pictures to encourage your child to push it and walk. These are a few ideas that Fisher-Price is working toward in the next 10 years even.


Online learning is becoming more common in our society. From children who are homeschooled with online programs to college students earning entire degrees online, education doesn’t always come in the form of a brick building and a schoolyard or a large college campus. In 20 years, online learning may completely replace traditional learning.

Imagine your young adult obtaining a college degree without having to take out hundreds of thousands of dollars of loans for it. Hillary Clinton proposed the idea, and while she wasn’t elected, free college may be a reality for students in 20 years.

We can only speculate about the future, but one thing is certain: Parenting in 20 years will be different than parenting today. As technology continues to evolve, some changes will be for the better while others could harm our current ideals of what it means to be a good parent and raise children to grow up and become healthy, independent and productive citizens.

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