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These Gifts for New Moms Always Make Life Easier With a Newborn

A woman holding a baby.

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When someone you love has a baby, there’s always a rush to give them presents. Everyone wants to celebrate this new chapter of their lives, but what would a new mom like? Check out these gifts for new moms that make life easier with a newborn. They’ll use your gift every day and appreciate how it helps them find even more joy with their little one.

Gifts for New Moms

The first few months as a new mom will require a lot of learning. These gifts will be lifesavers when the new mom in your life brings her little one home.

1. Govee Smart Light Bulbs

A 4-pack of Govee smart bulbs

An infant’s sleep schedule is crucial for their development. They need around 14–20 hours of rest each day, which requires turning lights on and off frequently. Smart light bulbs from Govee fix that problem. New parents can schedule their infant’s lamps according to their sleep schedule and even turn off the lights from their phones if their infant falls asleep on their chest out of reach of the light switch.

$34.99 from Amazon

2. Automated Bottle Maker

A Baby Brezza bottle maker

Making a fresh bottle of milk for an infant takes time. You have to fill it to just the right amount and warm it to the perfect temperature. An automated bottle maker saves new parents from doing that multiple times each day, ultimately giving them more time for scheduling visits with friends or bonding with their baby.

$179.99 from Amazon

3. UV Light Pacifier Sanitizer

A UV cleaner holding two pacifiers. One is blue and the other is pink.

Pacifiers are great gifts. New moms need multiple pacifiers to help their baby stop crying and deal with eventual teething pain. They’ll also have to clean them whenever they drop on the floor, which happens all the time. Get your loved one a UV sanitizer for instant pacifier polishing that doesn’t require a sponge and dish soap.

$29.99 from Amazon

4. Silicone Breast Milk Collectors

A Boon Trove silicone breast milk catcher.

Latching takes practice. Babies don’t always get all the breast milk that comes out when they’re eating, which new moms can always catch with a small towel. However, that also means the milk goes to waste. If the new mom is wearing a milk collector, they can store the extra drops in the fridge for a day when bottle feeding is necessary.

$14.99 from Amazon

5. No-Touch Thermometer

A no-touch thermometer with the green, orange and red results showing for various fever temperature readings.

Medical researchers estimate that infants get six to eight colds during the first year of their life. That estimate doesn’t include ear infections or the flu. It’s challenging to check your baby’s temperature when they don’t know how to keep a thermometer under their tongues. A no-touch thermometer means your loved one can check their infant’s temperature even if their child is extra wiggly.

$29.99 from Amazon

6. Baby Bottle Washer and Dryer

A Baby Brezza bottle washer holding four bottles and their silicone nipples.

Washing bottles every day is exhausting. It can also make new moms feel nervous because they have to take their focus away from their infant for minutes at a time. This automated baby washer cleans bottles of all sizes and dries them to ensure no bacteria grow in lingering water droplets.

$299.99 from Amazon

7. Universal Plastic Stroller Cover

A large single-baby stroller covered in a clear, plastic cover.

Walking is a great activity for new moms. It’s a gentle form of exercise, reducing mental health conditions like anxiety and is easy to do with their infants safely tucked into strollers. Stroller covers are some of the best gifts for new moms because they shield babies from bugs and water droplets. It also prevents people from walking past and touching the baby, which could cause them to get sick.

$25.99 from Amazon

8. Baby Sound Machine With Night Light

A Momcozy sound machine glowing a soft blue with the smartphone app that controls it displayed on an iPhone.

Infants often struggle to fall asleep. The complete silence of their nursery might make them panic. A white noise machine could help your loved one’s newborn fall asleep much faster, especially if they enjoy the soft lights from the machine. If anything, the child’s mother will appreciate the ambiance created by the machine while they feed their child or rock them in the middle of the night.

$39.99 from Amazon

9. Newborn Baby Carrier Wrap

A woman in a gray shirt and jeans wears a newborn carrier wrap with a baby in it.

Holding a newborn is so special, but new moms end up holding their babies all day, every day. It eventually wears on their body, causing arm, back and shoulder pain. A baby carrier wrap safely holds a newborn to their mother’s chest so their mom can use both of their arms. It also distributes the baby’s weight equally. Your loved one will feel much less discomfort even as their newborn grows up.

$99.00 from Amazon

10. Electric Heating Pad

A teal heating pad with the electric controller cord over it.

The uterus must shrink after giving birth, regardless of how the baby arrived. C-sections and natural births still leave the uterus enlarged. As it gets back to its pre-birth size, new moms often experience uterine cramping for days or weeks. An electric heating pad ensures they’ll have instant heat-centric relief. They won’t need to walk back and forth to warm their heating pad in the microwave every few minutes.

$37.55 from Amazon

11. Baby Bath Tub

A Frida Baby green bath tub sits next to its box.

Newborns don’t bathe in a full-sized bathtub because it poses a significant drowning risk. It’s much safer to wash them in a baby tub, like this one from Frida Baby. Newborns easily fit in the soft cradle seating. Your loved one’s child can even use it as they grow through their first two years because the cradle parts are removable.

$54.99 from Amazon

12. Grocery Cart Seat Cover

A gray baby grocery cart seat cover sits on a grocery cart. It holds attached toys to entertain the baby that will eventually sit within it.

Experts agree that there are more germs on shopping carts than public restroom surfaces, including the toilets. Babies don’t have strong enough immune systems to defend themselves from viruses. This seat cover ensures your loved one’s baby stays healthy by covering the seat and all surrounding parts of the cart.

Going back to the grocery store with an infant is an inevitable part of new parenthood. Make the experience less stressful for your new mom with a comfy seat like this that’s easy to install and even easier to store in the car.

$22.99 from Amazon

A newborn baby wearing a gray knit hat with two bear ears yawns while tucked under a white blanket. A white teddy bear is slightly smaller than the baby and sits tucked under the same blanket right next to them.

Give Them Something Special With These Gifts for New Moms

Anyone looking for gifts for new moms can use these ideas to give their loved one something incredible. They’re helpful presents that make life easier. Your loved one will have more time to bond with their baby and less stress while figuring out their new daily routine together.

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