• 08/26/2023

The Best 8 Side Hustles for Working Moms

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Raising kids and being employed creates a busy schedule. Working a second job might not seem possible, but side hustles are easier to fit into a fast-paced life. Check out some of the best side hustles for working moms to boost your budget without sacrificing your family time or mental health.

Factors That Make a Great Side Hustle

Anyone can find an extra job that doesn’t require part-time hours, but finding a good fit is more challenging. Watch for these factors as you look for your dream side hustle.

It Doesn’t Erase Your Valuable Free Time

Research shows that moms spend nearly eight hours daily with their kids with another parent in the house. That number only increases when there isn’t a secondary caretaker at home. You may not have much free time to relax with your loved ones or do self-care habits, so your side hustle shouldn’t take the little free time you have.

Resting is a crucial way to recharge your batteries. You’ll feel more energized and in a better mental health space if you protect a portion of your free time when considering side hustle opportunities.

It Doesn’t Ruin Your Mental Health

Side hustles should feel fulfilling, not stressful. If you find that it’s stealing your free time and making you anxious even when you’re not working, prioritizing your mental health could be the best thing you do for yourself. Find another side hustle that’s more enjoyable to create the best experience possible.

It Engages Your Interests

Anyone can plug numbers into a spreadsheet to make extra money, but it might be too tedious for you. Your side hustle should bring joy to your life outside the moments you check your bank account. You’ll enjoy your time more and feel more fulfilled.

Best Side Hustles for Working Moms

Consider some of these great side hustles when you’re ready to make extra money. They can be a great source of income, but remember that you’ll be working as a self-contractor.

You’ll need to contact a tax professional to help you pay your self-contractor tax that doesn’t apply to W2 employment. You won’t get a W2 because you won’t have an employer for your side hustle, so you’ll be responsible for your state and federal tax payments plus your self-contractor tax. An experienced tax professional will pinpoint the right amount for your quarterly tax filings so you don’t get a big bill when you file your annual taxes in April.

1. Tutoring

People will always need help with their schoolwork. Depending on your educational strengths and background, you could tutor kids in grade school or people in college. Check out websites that hire virtual tutors or list your services locally through social media.

2. Flipping Flea Market Treasures

Flea markets and thrift stores are great resources for earning extra cash. See if you can find any name-brand clothes, accessories or vintage technology. You could repair the items so they look like new before selling them for a profit.

3. Posting Stock Photos

Experts estimate the stock photo market will be worth $12.2 billion by 2032 because they’re always in demand. Businesses need high-quality photos for advertising, product listing, blog posts and website design. They may not have a photographer on staff, but your photos could solve their graphic design needs.

Consider using your family camera or your phone to take pictures. As long as they don’t contain any identifying information like street signs or dated materials, you could post them for a profit on stock photo websites. It’s one of the best side hustles for working moms who already own a camera and only want to be a few clicks away from making money.

4. Self-Publishing Short Stories

It can take years for writers to get published by traditional publishing houses, but anyone can self-publish their work. Compare listing sites and upload short stories to make a few extra dollars. You only need to know how to market yourself so readers know your work is ready to enjoy.

5. Doing Local Photography

You could also use your camera to take pictures locally. Let your friends and family know you’re starting photography services by posting on social media. You could charge by the hour for options like:

  • Family portraits
  • Engagement sessions
  • Pet photos
  • Baby pictures
  • Graduation portraits

If you schedule a few photography sessions each week while your kids are in school, you’ll still have plenty of free time left over to boost your energy with a nightly bath or aromatherapy session.

6. Completing Graphic Design Projects

Anyone with an eye for color and alignment could become a graphic designer. Some people attend college for graphic design degrees, but freelancers can always offer their services without undergraduate training. You could make ads, email designs, posters, websites and more. It could be a fun way to spend your time as you hang out at your child’s soccer practices or relax on the back porch in the evening.

7. Streaming Video Games

Once the kids are asleep for the night, you might look forward to playing more Stardew Valley or Hollow Knight on your computer. If you’re into video games, consider streaming while you play. It’s one of the best side hustles for working moms because you can do the hobby you love and never change your schedule.

Since platforms like Twitch average 2.4 million weekly viewers, you’ll have a built-in audience ready to subscribe to your content and give tips. You could even sell merch from print-on-demand companies if your following gets sizable.

8. Walking Local Dogs

You might not have time to hit the gym during your weekly routine, but you can still get some extra exercise if you advertise dog walking freelance services. Many dog lovers work full-time and can’t walk their dogs as often as they’d like. They could pay your hourly fee so you take care of their pup while getting the exercise you already wanted to do.

Find the Best Side Hustle for Your Interests

There are so many great side hustles for working moms. Consider your interests, skills and schedule to find the best option. As long as you have a tax professional ready to assist with your change in tax payments, you’ll love the extra income that comes with less stress than a traditional second job.

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