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What Is a Third Eye? 9 Simple Ways to Open It

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You’ve likely heard about the third eye, even if you’re not a Buddhist or Hindu and don’t engage in spiritual practices like yoga and meditation. It’s an interesting topic, compelling neuroscientists around the world to study it. Learn more about the third eye in this article and the different ways to unblock it.

What Is a Third Eye?

The third eye concept has roots in Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. It’s also called by many terms, such as inner eye, mind’s eye, pineal gland, eye of the truth or insight and several others. Based on spiritual explanations, it’s an invisible eye located in the forehead, slightly above the brows and holds the symbol of enlightenment or full awakening — the highest state Buddhists and Hindus can achieve. 

Early traditions of Hinduism mention chakra, with the mind’s eye being one of them. The chakra system has seven points from the root chakra — which is the base of the spine column — to the head or the crown chakra. The third eye chakra is found below the crown chakra.

An open spiritual eye has various representations in religious practices. It symbolizes the gate that leads to higher consciousness, while others believe it can grant the awakened special abilities, like clairvoyance, visions and out-of-body experiences. 

Is the Third Eye Real?

There’s no scientific confirmation of the third eye being real, but the idea has existed for thousands of years in major world religions — like Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism —  including some indirect passages from the bible. 

Although lacking in scientific proof, many believe it exists as it’s woven into religion and spiritual practices since ancient times. The subject of the third eye became popular as early Indian beliefs reached the West. Americans who are receptive to yoga or meditation showed interest in the divine eye, leading people in the media to create films and documentaries about it based on its religious roots — not science. 

The closest scientific explanation about the third eye is its association with the pineal gland, a secretory neuroendocrine organ located deep at the brain’s center and considered “mysterious.” This gland helps regulate the circadian circle that dictates many body processes, such as body temperature, appetite, alertness and sleepiness, with the help of environmental cues, such as light. It also secretes melatonin — a hormone that plays a role in sleep. Due to the pineal gland’s link with the sleep-wake cycle and connection to light, people believe it holds the key to connecting the physical and spiritual worlds. 

What Does the Third Eye Do?

The divine eye has several annotations relating to spirituality. It’s linked with higher consciousness, exceptional intuitive power and other psychic abilities.

Activating the third eye is the greatest goal of Hindus and Buddhists, as it implies enlightenment. Based on religious texts, an open third eye can:

  • Help you obtain an infinite amount of knowledge
  • Harness the power of intuition and make decisions based on it
  • Help you access planes of higher consciousness
  • Increase your awareness of the field of energy
  • Make you realize love, joy and peace are found within
  • Give you the ability to observe auras and chakras
  • Make you a clairvoyant
  • Potentially lead you to experience out-of-body experiences

Generally, opening the third eye can provide life-changing experiences, but it’s a rare feat. Some people may unblock their third eye briefly, but it closes again. 

Most information about the third eye will mention its benefits, but there are associated risks with activating it. Side effects can include: 

  • Vivid dreams
  • Nightmares
  • Sleeping troubles
  • Fatigue
  • Tension headaches
  • Overwhelming feeling caused by heightened perceptions

How Do You Open the Third Eye?

There are several means developed to unlock the third eye. If you’ve been practicing some of them or are genuinely curious about how to do it, check out these nine methods. 

1. Healing Stones and Jewelry

Each point in the chakra system is associated with unique colors, and the psychic eye’s key color is purple. It’s believed stones or pieces of jewelry with purple color can help remove the block on the third eye chakra. Some of the best stones you can consider are:

  • Purple fluorite: It’s a semi-precious gem known to boost intuition and help you cut through distractions.
  • Amethyst: As a precious stone, it embodies wisdom and healing. 
  • Black obsidian: This crystal helps you balance your emotions with logic.

2. Meditation and Yoga Techniques

Meditation is the widely used route to open the spiritual eye. It’s a tad different from the standard form of meditation people do today, as it involves visualization. 

Instead of focusing on the breath, you divert your attention to the space in your forehead where the third eye sits. Then, imagine a purple sphere of energy getting bigger and warmer and slowly absorbing that energy.

Yoga is also a popular way to balance chakras. The child pose and eagle pose are forms affiliated with the third chakra unblocking. 

3. Foods and Diet

Some foods are believed to help clear out blockages in the third chakra. Some examples are dark chocolate, foods with purple color and those loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. 

4. Affirmations

Affirmations can turn around limiting principles and instill positive beliefs in your life. There’s no standard for these, but you can create your own affirmations based on your spirituality and sense of purpose. 

5. EFT Tapping

Due to the therapeutic and healing benefits of EFT tapping, you may also use it for chakra healing. 

6. Breathwork

Holotropic breathwork and conscious energy breathing promote relaxation, making them excellent tools for recovering and opening up chakras. 

7. Sound Healing

Like breathwork, listening to music, songs or singing bowls slows down brain activities to reach a theta state. When the brain is calm, it’s easier to influence it subconsciously and work with your chakras. 

8. Essential Oils

Scents have powerful healing effects and are used in aromatherapy. Lavender, sandalwood and pine have these beneficial properties and stimulate the pineal and pituitary glands. 

9. Dream Journal

The subconscious mind sometimes uses dreams to relay a message from the third eye. Keep a journal beside your bed so you can write the details of your dream before you forget them. Every week, examine your notes and look for themes or signs of what the third eye is potentially telling you. 

You Can Harness the Power of the Third Eye

People have inherent abilities — like intuition and wisdom — they can hone to improve their lives. Whether you believe in the third eye or not, you may have experienced a situation where you’re about to nod to a decision, but your gut instincts tell you otherwise. Many refer to this power as the sixth sense or third eye, natural to everyone. 

Science may be unable to confirm the existence of the third eye. However, intuition — which is linked with the third eye — is true. By harnessing your intuitive skills using methods you know, you can gain abilities similar to what an open third eye will give. 

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