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What Is Visualization Meditation and Four Techniques To Do It

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If you’ve been in the mindfulness or law of attraction sphere, you most likely heard about how visualization can bring what you want to manifest into the real world quickly. By visualizing success, you change your energy vibrations into a receiving state. People learn several manifestation techniques and visualization meditation is just one of them. Learn how envisioning your future can help roll in success and the different ways to do it. 

What Is Visualization Meditation?

Children use their imaginations actively all the time. They imagine eating their favorite dessert or being an outstanding student. This ability declines as people age. Due to busy work schedules and responsibilities, people rarely have the time to exercise their imaginative skills. However, the law of attraction has revived the use of imagination at some level with visualization. 

Visualization is a mindfulness technique that leverages imagery and is used by many successful people, including athletes, entrepreneurs and people in the entertainment industry. The root of the practice is simply creating a picture in your mind’s eye of yourself achieving your dreams, whether it’s financial freedom or being healthy. 

What’s the Science Behind Visualization?

Some people may consider visualization meditation a woo-woo, but there’s a proven neuroscience principle behind it. According to a neuroscientist, looking at a vision board regularly — a popular tool for visualization — will activate a brain process called “value-tagging,” which prioritizes what you see and disregards unnecessary information. 

Between a written to-do list and a vision board, the mind will place more importance on the images, which forces your brain to pay attention to them. When these images dominate your brain and are embedded in your psyche, you can visually direct the brain to filter out irrelevant data. As a result, you develop a laser focus on the things in your vision board. 

What Should You Imagine While Meditating?

Naturally, you should imagine the things or circumstances you want to bring into your life. For instance, you can visualize working at a company you always wanted to be part of or the nomadic lifestyle you dream of while traveling the globe.

Visualization meditation is partly a mindfulness and manifestation practice. It can effectively direct the brain’s energy on matters essential to you — and prevent it from operating on auto-pilot.

What Are the Benefits of Visualization Meditation?

Visualization has many benefits. 

1. Reduce Overwhelm 

Success can feel overwhelming as not many people can handle the responsibilities attached to it. But imagining your future running a business you love, managing people and making an impact on the world can make a successful life less daunting. 

2. Encourage Actions

Creating a mental picture of yourself with a toned, fit and healthy body will motivate you to act and go to the gym to make it a reality.

3. Boost Confidence

Embodying the qualities and characteristics of a successful version of yourself through visualization can increase your self-confidence in tackling your goals and the challenges that come along the way.

What Are Four Visualization Techniques?

Visualization becomes easier and more effective by using different techniques. Here are some methods you can try. 

1. Visualize Yourself Achieving a Goal

Simply create a mental image of your success, like becoming a CEO of your company, having a lot of money in your bank or being healthy and traveling around the world. Hold the picture in your mind’s eye for as long as you can to convince the brain they’re the most important things to deal with at the current moment. 

2. Create a Vision Board

A popular manifestation technique is a vision board, which is a collage of images representing your future desires. Seeing photos of your dream lifestyle will strengthen the connection between your mind, body and emotions so you can easily support these goals with actions. You’ll also feel more associated with them if you look at them regularly. 

3. Use Visual Triggers

Have you experienced an instance where you heard a happy summer song and then started to imagine yourself on the beach enjoying the weather while sipping your favorite wine? If you find it challenging to visualize in a quiet environment, a visual trigger — like a song or an image — may help you imagine your goals with precision. 

4. Write Yourself a Check

If you aim to have $1 million in savings next year, writing yourself a check can help you slip into that emotional state of abundance. Because there’s physical proof of receiving a check, it’s easier to visualize that amount of money in your bank. 

How To Make Visualization Effective? 

Not everyone who practices visualization has realized their goals, as they lack in other equally important areas of manifestation, like taking action or embodying the emotional resonance that identifies success. Your imagination is just one piece of manifestation. Below are some tips to increase your chances of finding success using imagery.

1. Align It With Action

Visualization alone can’t help make your grand dreams real. You must combine it with a solid plan and action. For example, if you want financial freedom, start by budgeting your salary and putting more savings into your account. 

2. Resonate It With Emotions

Feeling is an important manifestation currency. That’s why people use affirmations to get into an emotional state of abundance, positivity and success. At first, visualization can feel like you’re faking your emotions —  you can’t feel financial prosperity inside your head when your reality reflects a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. In this case, positive affirmations can help you embody gratitude, making you ready to receive incoming blessings.

3. Let Go of Expectations

Manifestation gurus always mention not to worry about the “how” part of the manifestation, referring to the methods you’ve shaped up to realize your goals. Sometimes, success finds you most unexpectedly, so letting go of expectations helps make room for the Higher Being or Universe to cast magic to bring you closer to your desires. 

4. Journal to Track Your Progress

It’s easy to be obsessed about the future and overlook your progress. A journal can be an effective tool to remind you of your accomplishments, from building better money habits to saving enough contingency funds and achieving financial security. Use a journal to track your progress and empower you to move forward. 

Visualization Paired With Action Will Manifest Your Desires Quickly

Many gurus say success first happens in the mind before it reaches the physical world. Like other manifestation tools, spending your entire day envisioning a luxurious lifestyle won’t make your desires come into reality. You should take complementary actions that align with your goals. Introduce success in your psychology first through a vision board, visualization or visual triggers. Then, create actionable plans and do things that move the needle to realize your dreams. Visualization is essential, but so is action. 

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