• 10/16/2023

Styling Curly Hair: 8 Trendy Looks

Woman with dark curly hair

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Curly hair’s unique texture and playful spirals can be a blessing and a challenge. With the right techniques and styles, you can transform your curly locks into a stunning masterpiece. Here are eight ways of styling curly hair to ensure you look fabulous every day.

1. The Classic Diffuser Method

This one stands out as a favorite among curly-haired individuals. Using a diffuser attachment with your hairdryer works by distributing the heat evenly, ensuring your curls set without becoming frizzy. The diffuser’s design cradles your curls, allowing them to maintain their natural shape as they dry.

    If you’re not a fan of heat styling or want to give your hair a break, let your strands air dry. This method is not only gentle on your hair but also environmentally friendly. When you dry your hair without a blower, the curls settle into their natural pattern, giving you an effortless and vibrant look.

    Air drying reduces the risk of heat damage, ensuring your curls remain healthy and bouncy. Whether you’re in a hurry and need the quick action of a diffuser or enjoying a leisurely day where your curls can dry on their own, both methods champion the beauty of your natural curl pattern while minimizing frizz.

    2. Pineapple Updo

    Originating from how it mimics a pineapple’s shape, this style has gained popularity among those with curly hair for its simplicity and effectiveness. On sweltering summer days or during intense workout sessions, the Pineapple Updo becomes the go-to choice for many. Moreover, this playful look serves as a conversation starter, often leading to compliments and inquiries about how to achieve it.

    By gathering all your curls atop your head and securing them with a hair tie, you keep your hair off your face, and prevent potential breakage and tangling. The loose gathering ensures the curls aren’t pulled too tight, preserving their natural form. Whether heading to the gym, running errands or enjoying a casual day out, styling curly hair with the Pineapple Updo ensures you do so with style and ease.

    3. Half-Up, Half-Down

    The allure of the half-up, half-down hairstyle lies in its ability to strike a balance between relaxed and refined. For those with curly hair, this style accentuates the volume and texture of your curls, allowing them to cascade down your back while the top half is gracefully pulled away from your face.

    This style transitions effortlessly, whether heading to a laid-back brunch or a sophisticated evening event. Adding accessories like pins or a delicate hairpiece can elevate the look further. The beauty of this style is it showcases the natural charm of curly hair while offering a practical solution for those days when you want a bit of structure.

    4. Curly Bob

    The curly bob is not just a haircut — it’s a statement. It exudes confidence, modernity and a touch of classic elegance. When styled right, it frames the face, highlighting your features and adding a bounce that’s hard to resist.

    The secret to styling curly hair in a bob isn’t just in the cut — it’s in the care. Incorporating a dedicated hair-care routine is paramount. This means regular trims to keep the shape, deep conditioning treatments to maintain moisture and products that enhance curl definition.

    With the right care, your curly bob won’t just be a hairstyle but a testament to your commitment to looking and feeling your best. The best part is this look is timeless, ensuring you’re always in vogue.

    5. Braided Crown

    A braided crown on curly hair accentuates your hair’s natural volume and bounce, and exudes a regal charm. The intertwining of curls in a braid showcases curly hair’s intricate texture and depth, making it stand out even more.

    Moreover, you can adorn your braided crown with tiny flowers or decorative pins, adding a touch of elegance. It’s a versatile style that’s perfect for a casual day out or a grand event, ensuring you turn heads wherever you go.

    6. Side-Swept Curls

    Curly hair has a personality of its own. Sometimes, letting it flow freely is the best way to style it. For those days when you want a change, consider the side-swept look.

    Gather your curls to one side, letting a few tendrils playfully frame your face. Secure the bulk of your hair with bobby pins, ensuring they’re hidden beneath the curls. This style creates an asymmetrical silhouette that’s both sophisticated and edgy.

    The beauty of side-swept curls lies in their adaptability — they can be as messy or as polished as you want. If you’re wondering which side to sweep them to, consider the best hairstyle for your face shape. Some angles might complement a left sweep, while others might favor the right. The important thing is to highlight your best features and let your curls do the talking.

    7. Accessorize

    Styling curly hair with accessories can elevate your look from simple to stunning in seconds. Consider using headbands to add a bohemian touch to your outfit. They look stylish and keep those rebellious curls away from your face.

    Scarves are another versatile accessory you can tie around your head or weave into a braid for a more intricate look. If you’re heading to a formal event, barrettes with gems or pearls can add a touch of elegance to your curls. The key is to choose accessories that complement your outfit and personal style. Experiment with different accessories and let your curls be the canvas for your creativity.

    8. 70s-Inspired Curls

    When styling curly hair, taking inspiration from the past can offer a fresh perspective. The 1970s were a golden era for big, voluminous curls. These retro styles are making a huge comeback.

    If you want to add some drama to your curls, why not try a 70s-inspired afro or disco curls? You can achieve this look using larger rollers or a wide-barreled curling iron to create bigger, looser curls. Don’t forget to fluff them out to get that iconic 70’s volume.

    You can even incorporate some 70s fashion elements like bell bottoms or platform shoes for extra authenticity. If you’re interested in exploring more styles from this era, there are a plethora of hairstyles you can try. Embrace the volume, let your curls run wild and channel your inner 70s diva.

    Styling Curly Hair to Embrace Its Beauty

    Styling curly hair often feels overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. You can craft a new, stunning hairstyle each day by mastering a few techniques and allowing your creativity to flow. The beauty of curly hair lies in its unique texture and versatility.

    Instead of seeing it as a challenge, view it as an opportunity to showcase your individuality. Embrace your natural curls and wear them confidently. With some practice and patience, you’ll find the world loves your curls just as much as you do.

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