• 05/14/2024

Live Your Best Cottagecore Life With This Guide to Cottage Decor

A cottage kitchen decorated with flowers and plaid patterns.

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Cottagecore posts are nearly impossible to resist. They’re all over TikTok and Pinterest, but how can you transform your home into the warm, romantic aesthetic if you don’t have interior design skills? Read this guide to learn everything you need to know and discover some perfect cottage decor to get yourself started.

Why Did Cottagecore Get So Popular Anyway?

People have loved the cozy cottagecore aesthetic for a long time. It’s become more than an interior design style — it’s a way of life. You might have already tried it if you’ve ever cared for a sourdough starter, tended to an indoor garden, completed a paint-by-number or arranged flowers in your kitchen.

The aesthetic merges farming motifs with modern comforts to create a grounded style that inspires and relaxes. The vibes are exactly what people needed during the chaos of the last few years, lending to the explosion of cottagecore posts across all social media platforms.

Essential Cottage Interior Design Elements

You don’t need to move to an actual cottage to bring this interior design style into your home. It all comes down to the cottage decor you use throughout your kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. As long as the pieces evoke these crucial design elements, you’ll be on your way to a quaint cottage vibe:

  • Soft neutral tones or pastel earthy colors
  • Textured pillows and fabrics
  • Cheerful or nature-themed art
  • Rustic wood or worn paint
  • Natural fibers like woven wicker or natural wood
  • Vintage or homemade touches like embroidery

These elements lend to the cottagecore vibe, but you only need a few of them to create a cottage for yourself. Escape to a getaway among floral fields and rustling trees whenever you open your front door by starting your journey with small decor pieces.

The Ultimate Cottage Decor for Any Home

No matter your home’s size or architecture, you can use these cottage decor selections to make it a dreamy getaway. Once you get started, you’ll get a feel for the aesthetic and confidently find other pieces that match your vibe.

Sage Green Corduroy Throw Pillow Covers

Unless you have a couch from a big-name designer, it likely doesn’t have much personality. Throw pillows add character to any couch and visually tie your home’s interior design together. Start your cottagecore journey with corduroy throw pillows. They embrace the style’s texture-centric appeal with a fabric other than cotton for your couch.

Pillows aren’t just a visual decoration either. They lend comfort and style to a living room. You can also use them for other purposes, like manifesting your dreams or showing guests where to sit.

$9.99 from Amazon

Vintage Glass Pendant Light Fixture

If you live in a house, lighting is a versatile decor option. Change the overhead lighting above your dining table or kitchen sink with cottage decor like this flower-inspired light fixture. The textured glass combines visual depth and nature motifs, while the bass finishing nods to your interior design style’s vintage heart.

Anyone living in an apartment with an existing overhead light fixture may still be able to use this decor option. Contact your landlord or management team to discuss having the maintenance team swap the fixtures. You’ll just have to arrange for them to swap the fixtures back before your lease ends.

$58.99 from Amazon

Mushroom Flower Vase Set

Nature couldn’t have rolling flower fields thriving with butterflies and bees without mushrooms. They’re a core part of the ecosystem and an essential form of cottage decor. Blend them into your home with these clear mushroom-shaped vases. If you love how they look on your bookshelf or kitchen counter, you can always add more mushroom decor to carry your theme through your home.

$11.99 from Amazon

Vintage Picture Frame Collage Kit

Older homes didn’t have smart TVs filling their walls. Instead, they covered every bit of free wall space with frames full of their favorite memories. Weave this aspect of cottagecore into your home with this picture frame collage kit featuring an earthy light brown wood. You’ll easily fill that big empty wall in your home by copying the collage arrangement options included in the packaging.

$16.99 from Amazon

Retro Sage Floral Curtains

Sage green is about more than an herb. It’s the color of spring’s first blooms. Use it in your interior design style with these sheer sage curtains. Their subtle flower patterns are a nod to wildflowers surrounding cottages. You could even select similar-looking flowers to fill your mushroom vases.

$24.99 from Amazon

Dried Eucalyptus Bundles

You’ve likely seen cottagecore influencers post pictures of their bathroom decor. Many hang eucalyptus bundles in their showers to reduce cellular inflammation and fill their bathrooms with a pleasant scent. You can do the same with dried eucalyptus bundles like these. They’re quick and easy cottage decor for any bathroom because you can hang them in your shower, on the wall or from the ceiling. It all depends on your personal preferences.

$12.99 from Amazon

Silk Eucalyptus Front Door Wreath

The best part about using greenery as decor is adding it to multiple places around your home without too much hassle. This silk eucalyptus wreath holds up well in fluctuating outdoor temperatures and even weather exposure. It’ll showcase your interior design before your loved ones step through your front door and find eucalyptus arrangements in flower vases or hanging in your bathroom.

$21.99 from Amazon

Rustic White Kitchen Counter Riser

There’s never a seemingly good way to organize spices. If you’re tired of having a messy spice cabinet, use this cute rustic riser to arrange them with cottagecore style. It displays everything on a vintage stand with a candle holder in the middle. You’ll have a designated space to organize the herbs you use to cleanse your system and make your favorite meals, creating a professionally designed look for your kitchen.

$28.95 from Amazon

Decorate Your Home With Confidence

Get inspired by these cottage decor collections to start your next interior design adventure. You’ll quickly capture the aesthetic that calls to you and have a relaxing, nature-inspired escape from the world ready overnight.

What Do You Love Most About the Cottagecore Aesthetic?

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