• 07/02/2023

How to Dry Your Hair Without a Blow Dryer


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Most people with long hair could agree that sometimes blow drying your hair is the last thing you want to do. Is it really essential to your morning or evening routine? Check out a few things everyone should know about the process and learn how to dry your hair without a blow dryer.

Benefits of Using a Blow Dryer

Like many other things in life, blow dryers provide numerous benefits that make them staple household items. Check out the incredible reasons why they became so popular.

It Dries Your Hair Quickly

The best advantage of using a blow dryer is how quickly your hair dries. You don’t need to wait hours for thick hair layers to dry and potentially risk leaving home with strands that project a lazy appearance.

It Can Provide Extra Volume

Hair volume symbolized many things throughout history, like economic or marital status. Now it’s a foundational element of everyday hairstyles. Flipping your hair upside down and using a blow dryer gives it automatic volume by styling the roots in the opposite direction they normally lie.

It Can Style Your Hair

Depending on how you use a blow dryer, you can style it without extra heating tools. A rounded brush will lift bangs and provide a blowout look if you twirl it under the close heat of your blow dryer.

Why People Get Tired of Drying Their Hair

It’s normal to get used to a routine and want something different. You may have come across these challenges when looking at your blow dryer and deciding if it was worth the effort.

It Takes Time Out of Your Day

Depending on your hair’s length and thickness, blow drying could take five to fifteen minutes or more. That’s time you could use for other things you’d actually enjoy doing, like eating sesame noodles while catching up on your favorite show.

This is an especially influencing factor if your life is crazy busy. Those fifteen minutes might be impossible to find. You shouldn’t have to feel rushed during your commute to work or stressed while showering before bed just because your hair dryer feels like a permanent fixture in your routine.

It Could Create Heat Damage

If you put the blow dryer too close to your hair and leave it in place, the direct heat can damage it. Heat makes any moisture in your hair evaporate, along with the external water coating it. The dry strands become more at risk of breaking and splitting.

It’s One More Thing to Do

Everyone deserves to take it easy. No one can live with the constant strain of a rushed schedule. It’s what causes things like burnout that injures your mental and physical health. If you’ve noticed yourself feeling more cynical, less productive or more exhausted, you could already be dealing with burnout.

When you’re not feeling like yourself, the little things become bigger. Blow-drying your hair becomes a nuisance because your body needs rest. Slowing down sometimes is healthy, which may even mean air drying your hair.

How to Dry Your Hair Without a Blow Dryer

There are numerous ways to get your hair dry without using a blow dryer. Try a few of these ideas when you’re ready for a change in your routine.

Squeeze With a Microfiber Towel

Towels absorb water through their surface area. If a towel has more fibers, each fiber contains more surface area, which makes the towel much more absorbent.

Microfiber towels provide that extra surface for more water absorbency. Squeezing gently and blotting your wet hair with one will remove more water. No matter where you go when you leave the bathroom, your hair will dry faster without your blow dryer even being in the room.

Sit Near a Fan

Air circulation dries your hair by encouraging the water to evaporate faster. Try being close to a fan while you go about your day with wet hair. Ceiling fans or the air conditioning in your car will create the same result.

Swap Your Brush for a Comb

Brushes with dense bristles part knots, but they also push strands of hair closer together when the knots clear. It turns your hair into a mat that lies over your head. Air can’t get through, so it dries much slower.

Combs can fix that problem. They’re tough enough to detangle the knots you normally attack with a brush. Simultaneously, the wide-tooth teeth part your hair so air can reach the roots. You’ll notice it drying much faster if you style it with a comb after your next shower.

Try a Quick-Dry Spray

You’ll likely see quick-dry sprays if you visit a beauty salon or hair care store. They’re products that use solvents to draw liquid away from surfaces so the surfaces dry faster. The same ingredients help nail polishes dry quickly, but people also use them to avoid using a hair dryer.

Consider trying a quick-dry spray from a brand you prefer. You’ll only need to gently squeeze your hair dry and spray it or rub the product into your hair. Run it down the length of each section and go about your day. You should notice the water evaporating more quickly without any side effects like matting or stickiness.

Avoid Humid Areas

It’s more challenging for wet surfaces to dry if there’s high humidity. Dry air holds water when it evaporates and transports it through the water cycle. Getting ready in a humid bathroom means your hair will remain wet longer. If possible, complete your morning routine in front of a mirror in your bedroom or another bathroom. Your hair will dry a bit faster, especially if those areas also have fans rotating nearby.

Get Ready However You Want

You don’t need to spend time every day with your hair dryer. Heat damage and wasted time are a thing of the past. Use these tips to dry your hair without a blow dryer. You’ll get to do more of what you want, when you want. Your hair might thank you too, since it’ll have less risk of heat damage.

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