• 02/23/2023

What to Eat for Lunch at Home: 4 Wholesome Midday Meals


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With the rising costs of everything, takeout can add up faster than usual. Making lunches at home can minimize your spending and provide healthier options. Look no further if you’re looking for what to eat for lunch at home.

Home-cooked meals are much better for you than fast food or takeout. These recipes are quick and easy to make, so you don’t have to spend your whole break trying to whip something up. 

Taco Salad in a Jar

This taco salad in a jar can include whatever ingredients you want! You can make it the night before you want to eat it for lunch or include it in your meal prep for the week. You can use beans, salsa, tomatoes, lettuce, taco meat, shredded cheese or whatever your heart desires. You can add tortilla strips for some crunch! 

Layer your chosen ingredients into a mason jar so they won’t get squished. Put your salsa or dressing into the jar first to prevent your salad from getting wet and then layer accordingly. Tortilla strips should be the last thing you put in, so they maintain their crunchiness.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap 

Buffalo chicken wraps can take your lunch to another level. You can customize your buffalo chicken wrap however you want to adjust the heat or make it vegan friendly. This recipe takes less than an hour, but you can make it the night before to save time. 

You’ll want to ensure that you have the chicken thawed out either way. Ensure that you clean your microwave before you use it to heat the chicken if you cook it the night before. Whipping up the sauce takes no time and is so delicious it will blow your mind. This buffalo chicken recipe will be excellent on a salad if you’re not a fan of wraps! 

Greek Salad

Greek salad is a healthy and delicious choice for any lunch, whether at the office or home. Greek salads are a popular menu item at many restaurants, but you can create your own at home. If you get the ingredients when you go shopping, you can throw together this salad in less than five minutes, which leaves you plenty of time to relax on your lunch break. 

The traditional ingredients for a greek salad are tomatoes, green bell pepper, feta cheese, olives and cucumbers. Kalamata olives are the best for this recipe and can elevate your greek salad with their salty flavor. You can create your own salad dressing for this delightful salad or use one you have on hand. You can’t go wrong with a greek salad for lunch. 

Garlic Sesame Noodles

If you’re a pasta fan, you will love this garlic sesame noodle recipe. Chickpea noodles with pantry staples you likely already have on hand combine to form this delicious dish. The chickpea noodles cook for about ten minutes and the rest comes together in a flash. 

Stir-fry carrots, broccoli and bell pepper and coat it with various sauces, fresh garlic and voila! The sauces for this recipe are toasted sesame oil, soy sauce and hoisin sauce. This recipe is so easy and perfect when you don’t know what to eat for lunch at home. 

Work From Home Lunch Ideas 

Home lunches give you more control over your options. Lunch is integral to your day because it fuels your brain and body for the rest of your day. Utilize these recipes to maximize your time and make the most of your day so you don’t have to worry about what to eat for lunch when you’re at home.

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