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Unlock Your Best Self With Skin Care Vitamins That Nourish Your Body


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Drinking water and avoiding sunburns aren’t the only ways to care for your skin. Sometimes, people need to get vitamins in addition to their daily diet. Once you know which skin care vitamins nourish your cells, you can adjust your routine. Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about skin care and your health.

What Are Skin Care Vitamins?

Vitamins generally benefit your health, but you’ll optimize your improved wellness by targeting specific types. These are a few vitamins that help your skin directly.

Vitamin C

When your body absorbs vitamin C, it produces collagen more effectively. Collagen makes your skin cells more elastic, allowing for more volume due to retained moisture. It could be what you need if you feel like you’re applying moisturizing products throughout the day and never seeing results.

Rough, dry or wrinkled skin may benefit most from more vitamin C. After a few days or weeks of continual use, vitamin C products will start showing a significant difference in your skin’s quality.

Vitamin E

The isomers in vitamin E give it anti-inflammatory properties that benefit skin cells. You may deal with thick patches of skin and rednesses if your cells have dealt with inflammation for a long time. Dryness can also occur after the inflammation deteriorates your skin cells’ barriers.

Remember, the key to any nutrient boost is time. Although you may feel like you see overnight changes, long-term improvements will stick around once your skin cells have time to absorb and retain whatever nutrients you add to your routine.

Vitamin D

Sunscreen is an optimal way to protect yourself from sun damage, but vitamin D is another useful skin care tool. It regulates photoprotective functions in your skin cells to prevent DNA damage after the most minor sunburns. The same research shows DNA damage can result in malignant growths, so every vitamin to prevent them is an excellent addition to your routine.

Best Sources of Skin Care Vitamins

You can always get skin care vitamins from your diet, but you don’t need a nutritionist’s advice to improve your nutrient intake. Consider these vitamin sources to nourish your skin without overhauling your routine.

1. Olly Flawless Complexion Gummies

The next time you take your morning probiotics or vitamins, add an Olly gummy to the mix. The Flawless Complexion supplements combine a berry flavor with supportive nutrients like vitamins E, A and zinc. If you need to recover from flakiness, zinc will regenerate your cells faster by supporting their growth cycles.

2. Emy Vitamin C Serum

When you’re not using petroleum jelly to moisturize dry skin cells, apply a vitamin C serum before bed. Emy’s serum combines the collagen-boosting power of vitamin C with hyaluronic acid to make your skin more elastic overnight. You won’t have to deal with tight, dry skin after washing your face or stepping out into dry air during the day.

Apply a few small drops on your face and smooth into your skin with wet fingers to dilute the strong serum. As your skin adjusts to it, you may apply more as needed, repeating the process a few times each week.

3. Dermaxgen Turmeric + Vitamin C Cream

A vitamin C cream can provide the same results if serums are too potent and you don’t prefer gummies. It soothes your skin cells with slightly more diluted formulas. Dermaxgen also adds turmeric to its blend.

Turmeric isn’t a vitamin, but it still improves the feel and appearance of skin. The natural spice has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin disease symptoms like psoriasis patches and eczema itchiness. Applying a cream with turmeric and skin care vitamins could soothe your cells with a natural, gentle product designed for daily use.

4. Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum With Hyaluronic Acid

You may enjoy using a vitamin A serum if aging resulted in more dead skin cells accumulating on your face. The resulting discoloration and dryness don’t have to last forever. Vitamin A stops tissue atrophy by preventing peroxidation of skin lipids, which results in skin cell and collagen loss.

Mad Hippie’s serum combines vitamin A’s healing properties with hyaluronic acid’s water-retaining abilities, solving anti-aging and dryness challenges. Apply the vegan product with wet fingers to avoid applying the concentrated solution on your skin before it gets used to the formula.

5. Nuva Botanicals Glycolic Acid Resurfacing Pads

Try something new when you’re ready to explore skin care vitamins by looking into resurfacing pads. Nuva Botanicals’ pads feature vitamins C, E and B5. Vitamin B5 is notable because it triggers cytokine releases that slow aging symptoms in your skin.

If you have a busy schedule or you’re on the go, vitamin-infused pads could be the best skin care solution for your needs. Swipe them over your freshly washed skin and let the formula soak into your face for a minute or two.

Follow the pads with a moisturizer of your choice to see improved results in just a week or two. They’re gentle enough to help irritated or sensitive skin, which may help you transition into a new skin care routine more easily.

6. Neutrogena Vitamin C Serum Capsules

As one of the world’s leading beauty brands, Neutrogena has something for everyone. The brand offers serum capsules for anyone hoping to revitalize their cellular health with vitamins without disrupting their routine.

Each capsule contains pure vitamin C, which travels to your skin cells and begins reducing the appearance of dark spots when consumed daily. It’s a natural way to ease signs of discoloration after years of sunburns and aging. You can always talk with your doctor if you’re unsure what’s best to add to your diet.

Nourish Your Skin Cells

Skin care vitamins don’t have to feel like a mystery. Learn what each nutrient could do for your health and wellness before exploring your options. Whether you prefer serums, creams, pads or supplements, getting a targeted vitamin boost could be exactly what your skin needs to thrive.

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