• 11/17/2023

Try These 5 Best Shoulder-Length Haircuts 

shoulder length haircuts

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Many women are apprehensive about taking too much off the length. Others have embraced the #ShortHairDontCare movement, shedding their luscious locks for a shorter mane. However, those not ready for something as drastic as a short bob or pixie cut could opt for shoulder-length haircuts instead. 

You might feel liberated by taking your hair to the chopping block. The real question is, how would you like to cut it? Here are a few reasons to consider cutting your hair to the shoulder and five styles to play with.

Should I Cut My Hair?

When was the last time you got a haircut? If it’s been a while, you could be overdue. Getting a haircut now and then can stimulate stronger hair growth and promote good hygiene for your scalp. 

Contrary to belief, the occasional trim does little to make your hair grow faster — but it is beneficial for repairing damaged strands. Think of the stress you put on your hair, from styling with heat, treating with chemicals, sunlight exposure or other damaging effects.

Most importantly, cutting your hair demonstrates empowerment and could boost your confidence. Did you ever get a haircut during a crisis or major life transition? Did you feel a sense of “letting go”? A good haircut can instill self-assurance when we need it most. 

5 Shoulder-Length Haircuts for Every Woman

Shoulder-length haircuts look great on just about everyone, regardless of face shape or texture. There are also many ways you can cut it. Do you want to make straight and flat hair fuller, or perhaps you don’t know what to do with tight curls? Here are five of the best shoulder-length styles you should try.

1. Sleek and Straight

If you have straight, long hair now, a shoulder-length trim could be a less drastic style for you. Some women aren’t keen on cutting off too much of their locks. Others are unsure how to style their hair any other way. 

A sleek and straight “lob” — a longer version of the classic bob — is a chic style for the modern girl boss. Many revere it as refined and versatile — a beautiful style for any face. 

Like any shorter cut, you can’t really put it in an updo — meaning, if your lifestyle includes working out, you’ll need to find an alternative to tying it up. 

2. Choppy Lob

A choppy lob is a longer, timeless bob with textured ends for softer-looking strands. You might get a choppy lob if you have wavy or fine hair, as you can add volume easily whether you leave it straight or create more defined waves.

Use a sea salt spray for a relaxed surfer girl style, or make waves the old-fashioned way with a curling iron. A curler with a 1.5-inch barrel is best for creating soft-textured waves.

3. Collarbone Inverted

The collarbone inverted shoulder-length haircut gradually gets longer from the back to the front. Some refer to it as an A-line or tapered bob but with stacked layers.

This style works for all textures. However, discussing with your hairstylist how many layers are appropriate for your hair density would be best. They can also help you frame this look to your face if it is rounder or square-shaped.  

4. Layered and Angled

Speaking of layers, 27% of women think layered bobs look great on everyone. It’s a girls-next-door style that’s easy to maintain. Yet, it’s essential to know layers aren’t the same as angles.

Layers are stacked, while angles taper downward from your jawline or chin. Many people opt for angles to frame their faces and create balance. You can absolutely do both at the same time, though.

Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus have all tried this style at some point — and looked fabulous doing so.

5. Lob With Bangs

Of course, you can always go bold by adding bangs to a shoulder-length bob. Bangs aren’t for every face and have become a bit of a meme for needing therapy in recent years. However, some people can truly rock this dramatic haircut. 

Of course, you should consult your hairstylist about what bangs are best for your face. About 30.37% of women prefer side-swept bangs, while 22% opt for feathered. Another 13.79% and 11.87% like straight and blunt and curtain bangs, respectively.

How to Get Healthier Strands

The American Academy of Dermatology Association provides helpful tips for achieving strong and healthy hair, starting with frequency. 

How often you wash your hair ultimately depends on how oily it gets — once daily is sufficient for an oily scalp. However, you produce less oil as you age. Likewise, chemically treating your hair could make your scalp drier. Unless you see dandruff, you can probably get away with washing your hair less. 

When you shower, focus on shampooing your scalp rather than all of your hair — otherwise, you could make your hair dull and coarse. It would also help to use a quality conditioner to repair hair damage and reduce static. However, stick to the ends of your hair. Conditioners weigh everything down and can make your hair look flat.

Additionally, you should select the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type as follows:

  • Fine: Volumizing and strengthening shampoos will make your hair look fuller.
  • Thick: Moisturizing shampoos give you sleek, shiny strands. 
  • Straight: Look for smoothing shampoos enriched with smoothing properties.
  • Curly: Buy curl-specific products with moisturizing ingredients to tame frizziness.
  • Wavy: Opt for a well-balanced shampoo and conditioner between hydrating and volumizing.
  • Color-treated or damaged: Strengthening shampoos and products for color-treated hair improve your strands’ condition.
  • Dry and flaky: Look for scalp-treatment shampoos for dryness and dandruff.

If you have an oily scalp, you’ll want to avoid highly moisturizing and smoothing products and look for ones that volumize. Conversely, dry hair benefits most from hydrating shampoos. Avoid volumizing or strengthening products since these could further strip your scalp of moisture. 

Refresh Your Look With a Shoulder-Length Haircut

A new ‘do’ can do wonders for your confidence. If you’ve been rocking the same look for a while, it could be time to freshen things up. Shoulder-length haircuts look great on everyone and could be just the change you’re after.

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