• 02/25/2024

How to Create a Self-Care Night Regimen — Because You Deserve It

Self-Care Nighttime Routine

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After a long day, it’s important to give back to yourself. What does your self-care night regimen look like? If you’re not nurturing yourself and creating time and space to unwind, you should definitely begin doing so. 

Let’s explore why self-care is so vital for your well-being and how to establish the perfect self-care nighttime routine. 

Why Should You Practice Self-Care

Society expects you to work hard for long periods. Some people forgo vacations and much-needed breaks because they feel the need to be productive at all costs. However, being “on” all the time takes away from opportunities to care for yourself.

For instance, many people believe practicing self-care is selfish — they may not feel they deserve to prioritize their needs and wants. Others complain there isn’t enough time to do nice things for themselves. Yet, a self-care routine is essential for coping with stress and feelings of depression, which could eventually impact your physical health and sleep.

As your mental health declines, you might find yourself with lost wages from getting sick and missing work and spending more money on doctor and therapist appointments. Those you usually show up for — especially if you’re a caregiver — might also not get the best version of you. 

Not caring for yourself may lead to burnout, resentment, excessive worrying, fatigue and other negative feelings. This is why a self-care routine is crucial — specifically at the end of the day.

Self-care is all about building life satisfaction and well-being. Research even shows it can reduce the onset of disease and mortality while lowering health care costs. You can improve your health, reduce stress and boost your energy when you engage in self-care activities.

7 Ideas for the Ultimate Self-Care Night

So, you understand why self-care is so important — now it’s a matter of figuring out what your self-care regimen looks like. Self-care isn’t rocket science. It’s finding moments of bliss and relaxation — a time to recharge your batteries and embrace calmness. 

Think of your self-care night routine as a warm and loving hug. What things make you feel your very best and at ease? Here are seven ways to add some tender loving care to your life. 

1. Order Takeout

Who has the energy to cook after working all day and taking care of other household responsibilities? You know cooking means you’ll also have to contend with dirty dishes and messy countertops. Once in a while, it’s a good idea to order in — let someone else cook dinner for you. 

Has it been a while since you had a slice of pizza? Maybe your all-time favorite comfort food is egg drop soup and lo mein. Whatever you crave, enjoy your evening in the comfort of your home with dinner you didn’t have to make yourself. 

2. Use Candles and Aromatherapy

Set the right ambiance for your self-care regimen with candles and aromatherapy. Candles with a natural wax and wood or cotton wick will limit air pollutants when lit. Likewise, you can use a diffuser to fill the room with essential oils.

Promote better sleep with lavender and chamomile essential oils, or opt for lemon and eucalyptus to clear your sinuses and breathe easier. Citrus aromatherapy can also help brighten your mood and pull you out of a funk.

3. Take a Warm Bubble Bath

You might prefer showers, but when did you last make time for a warm bubble bath? That’s right — a long soak in the bathtub with your favorite aromas, candlelight and soothing music. 

Baths promote blood flow and induce relaxation, making it an important part of your nighttime self-care regimen.

If you don’t have a bath, make your shower extra special. Buy a new soap bar and loofah sponge, throw some eucalyptus shower steamers on the floor and take a moment to breathe and lather yourself. 

4. Wrap Yourself in Cozy Textiles

Put on your most comfortable sweatpants, hoodie and fuzzy socks and sit on the couch wrapped in a blanket. Especially in the winter, a cozy blanket will make you feel good from the inside out.

You might just want to lay in a sea of blankets on your bed, surrounded by pillows. Even something as simple as knitted blankets, comfy pillows and warm sweats is a form of self-care.

5. Listen to Relaxing Music

Relaxing music has incredible healing capabilities for your mind and body. Studies show it’s even a beneficial intervention for chronic pain, depression and anxiety.

Classical music, film and cinematic scores, slow jazz, acoustic instrumentals, R&B and pop ballads are excellent choices for a self-care nighttime playlist. Even nature sounds — like ocean waves, a crackling fire and birds chirping in a forest — can be soothing.

6. Engage in Quiet Activities

Do you have a favorite hobby or craft you enjoy doing? Quiet activities like watercolor painting, drawing and reading a good book are excellent ways to bring your day to a close. 

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our busy lives — there are work deadlines to meet, the kids’ afterschool activities and sports, and whatever else is on the schedule. Sometimes, it’s hard to carve out time for things we love.

Perhaps your self-care night routine looks like getting back into your hobbies. You’ll feel much more satisfied when you can fill your evening with things you’re passionate about.

7. Repeat Bedtime Affirmations

Obviously, a good night’s sleep will make you feel refreshed in the morning — something many people struggle to achieve. However, repeating affirmations before bedtime is equally important for feeling better at sunrise.

Affirmations can change negative thoughts into positive ones, giving you less to worry and think about right before bed. Even during your darkest seasons, affirmations train your mind to see the bigger picture.

Speak them quietly in your mind or out loud. You might even keep a notebook at your bedside to write them down. Regardless, this practice is powerful in giving you a more positive outlook.

You Have Permission to Put Yourself First

Yes, even you deserve care and nurturing. Spend time working enjoyable activities and soothing practices into your self-care nighttime ritual and reap the benefits of better mental and physical well-being.

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