• 01/05/2022

8 Tips to Recharge Your Social Battery as a New Mom


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As a new mom, you’ve likely had many people come and go to check in on you and your baby. While the social aspect can be helpful for some moms, it can be overwhelming trying to manage various family members and friends visiting. You might feel like you need to recharge your social battery sooner than before.

To be the best parent you can be, you need time to rest. You’ve gone through a lot recently, between being pregnant for the past nine months and giving birth to your first child. Every parent needs time to recharge and take care of themselves and recognize that, although the baby may be your world right now, being a parent isn’t your only purpose in life. 

You can still thrive as a new mom as long as you take some time for yourself. Here are eight tips for recharging your social battery as a new mom.

1. Make Time for Quiet Time

Even though you may love the company of friends and family and spending every moment with your newborn, you need some peace and quiet. Set aside some “me-time” between visits and while your baby is asleep. Use the quiet time for some meditation or reading or doing whatever else you need to do. There’s something about silence that allows you to recharge and feel fresh. 

2. Become a Morning Person

You need rest during the first few months after giving birth to your new baby. However, don’t use that time to sleep in and stay up late. Try to wake up with the sun and enjoy the early hours of the morning. Watching the sunrise while drinking your favorite cup of tea can help get you ready for the day. It’s a time of renewal and recharge that your body needs. You don’t have to wake up early every morning, but it does help in finding that quiet time during the day.

3. Talk to Your Family About Your Sensitivities

Your partner, close family and friends should know about your sensitivities at this time. Your sensitivities are likely heightened since you’ve just had a baby, so it’s essential to communicate with those around you what sets you off or makes you feel too suffocated. Maybe too much noise doesn’t make you feel good, so any loud conversations should be moved elsewhere. Having a stress-free environment can help you recharge. 

4. Know Your Limits

Learn what your limits and boundaries are as a new mom. Keep those boundaries, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you begin to feel overwhelmed while having company or going out somewhere, know that it’s okay to retreat so you can recharge. Learn to say no to visitors, and when to tell them it’s time to go home. Learning these early on in motherhood can help you know when to recharge your social batteries throughout parenthood. 

5. Start a Journal

An excellent way to recharge your social batteries is to journal. Journaling provides a private outlet for all of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. The more often you release those emotions, the less anxious you’ll feel socially. You can cope and soothe yourself through writing in ways that you can’t when you have conversations with others. You’ll feel recharged in no time and will have something to look back on after you get through the newborn stage. 

6. Do Some Light Exercise

Exercise is one of the best ways to recharge your social batteries. Social interaction can be draining for new moms. You may even feel forced to let your friends and family see your little one and bring you food and gifts. When you need to unwind for the day, do some light exercise. Make sure to check with your doctor on what types of exercise are good for you since you’ve just given birth. 

7. Connect with a Close Friend or Your Significant Other

You don’t need a bunch of friends! Create a few intimate relationships with those who you deeply love and care about. When you have people to lean on, you can recharge your social batteries. They’re the ones that will listen to your struggles and understand you best. Sometimes, to recharge your social batteries as a new mom, you need to be social with your best friends or significant other. An uplifting conversation can do wonders for you! 

8. Sleep

Finally, get some rest. Sleep is extremely important as a new mom, and you might have learned that already. Getting in a good nap and a good night’s sleep recharges your body, mind and emotions. Try to sleep when your baby sleeps, or ask your significant other to care for your baby while you rest. When you wake up, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to be the best parent you can be. 

It’s Time to Recharge Your Social Battery, Mom

Use these tips as a stepping point to get back into your life after becoming a new mom. Take time for yourself and recharge your batteries when needed.

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