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14 Questions to Fall in Love With Your Partner Again

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When you and your partner first got together, you didn’t know how close you’d get. Somehow, all those talks changed the way you looked at one another until finally, you two fell in love. Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel that way all over again? Here are 14 questions to fall in love like you’re kids again.

Fostering a Relationship Full Of Love

It’s a given to talk to your partner — it comes out of an innate desire for affection. Some couples believe it’s OK if they don’t talk daily, while some want to have a conversation almost every other hour. The levels of communication are up to the wants and needs of the two people in the relationship.

No matter how little or how often you talk, it’s apparent that the quality of the time spent and questions to fall in love can influence the health of your relationship. It’s imperative to take the time to speak and check in with each other regularly.

14 Questions to Fall in Love Again

At the beginning of your partnership, you’re bursting with excitement to get to know your partner. They probably have a lot of curiosity and intrigue as well, resulting in late-night talks and uncontrollable laughter.

Now that you’re in a long-term relationship or marriage with that person, it’s still important to initiate some of these fun conversations even if you already know them. A person changes over time, so think of it as getting to know a more recent version of your significant other. Try out these 14 questions when you want to reconnect.

1. How Did We Fall In Love?

Yes, you and your partner were there when sparks flew. But how did things seem from their perspective? Were they incredibly nervous or did they feel a surprising sense of calmness from both of you getting together? It’s interesting to see your love story from that point of view and if they remind you of things you forgot.

2. What’s Your Favorite Achievement?

You and your partner may live very different lives, with aspects that don’t overlap. Asking them about a favorite achievement might lead them to open up about an amazing project they’re proud of working on at their job or a contribution they made to the community they’d never brought up before.

3. What’s Your Current Aspiration?

It’s common to ask about each other’s desires at the beginning of a relationship, but dreams change when fulfilled or forgotten. Asking them about this can make them remember a previous goal you adore them for or encourage them to think up a new aspiration they will work towards during your relationship.

4. What’s Your Favorite Memory of Us?

Apart from the confession and first date that might have been mentioned when you asked about falling in love, ask about their favorite memory. Reminiscing on these tender moments with your partner as they share their favorite parts of those memories feels comforting. Maybe they love the dress you wore or the perfume you had on that night.

5. What’s a Recent Food Opinion You Have?

Food is always fantastic to talk about, as people have never-ending opinions the matter. It’s also a love language in many cultures since providing and receiving food is a way of extending care to a loved one. Take note of new dishes they love or move away from.

6. What’s the Secret to Cheering Me Up?

Knowing your partner knows you well enough to understand what calms you down when you’re sad or stressed is such a unique experience. If they have a spot-on answer, it feels utterly reassuring. Just remember that they’ll throw the question back at you to see whether you can also hit the mark. If they don’t know, this is a great opportunity to discuss your mutual needs.

7. What’s Something You Discovered Because of Me?

Over the course of your relationship, you get to introduce your partner to new things based on their interests and hobbies, and vice versa. Ask them what they’ve discovered and enjoyed because of you. Maybe they’ve been listening to your favorite music non-stop or picked up crocheting because of you, and you would’ve never known.

8. What Do You Notice About Our Relationship?

Is there anything different about how your relationship looked in the beginning and how it looks now? A thoughtful answer from your partner can help you feel more secure, especially if you’re both on the same wavelength regarding satisfaction.

9. How Can I Make You Feel More Loved Today?

It’s essential to make your partner feel appreciated. Knowing the answer to how you can make them feel more loved can give you hints on how you can show that appreciation better. If they tell you to keep doing what you’re doing, pat yourself on the back.

10. What’s Something You’re Looking Forward to?

Whether it’s something regarding your relationship or your personal life, it can be good to see what future event your significant other has on their mind. It gives you a look into what they’re prioritizing and where you can support them.

11. What’s a Memory You Want Us to Make?

Talking about your favorite memories can help you recall things you haven’t done together yet. See what kind of dates they want to have in the future. Maybe they want to have a picnic in the park or go horseback riding but don’t know how to bring it up. Ask about those potential outings and plan with them.

12. What Does an Ideal Day Look Like for You?

If your partner had to do something over and over again, what would it be? Knowing their ideal routine shows you what they value in life. If you’re a part of that, it’s reassuring, since they see you as a constant in their life.

13. If You Could Wish for Something Right Now, What Would It Be?

Aside from priorities and values, knowing your partner’s immediate desires can give you a look into what’s in their headspace. If they decide to wish for something for someone else, you get to see an empathetic side of your partner.

14. How Are You?

When asking, “How are you?” people tend to answer regarding how their life is going through events that’ve happened recently. But as a partner, try to know their mental and emotional state. Allowing them to be vulnerable with you is a critical aspect of love.

Ask Questions to Fall in Love Again Every Day

This mix of small talk and deeper conversations with your partner is a great way to feel your love for one another. Pick a couple of these questions and sit down together for some quality heart-to-heart exchanges.

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