• 02/18/2024

6 Protective Crystals to Add to Your Collection

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Crystals are more than decorative pieces. For some people, gems are protective talismans, helping block negativity that may come their way.

Whether you’re curious about how stones can shield you from toxic energy or if you’re looking to start a collection, learn more about the six best crystals for protection.

What Can Protective Crystals Do for You?

People use spiritual gems as an alternative therapy that may provide physical and mental health benefits. These stones have distinct physical characteristics that affect electrical charge, light refraction and more. Many believe that crystals interact with the energy field and raise the vibrational energy, which helps you feel better.

While almost no evidence verifies the healing properties of crystals, many still believe these stones help support their mental well-being, providing feelings of positivity, focus and tranquility. In the case of protective crystals, they help ward off negative energies from your life.

Why Use Crystals for Protection

The world can sometimes be a scary place to live in. As you navigate life, you’ll need a guardian to repel bad vibes and negativity away from you. Protection stones help instill safety and calmness every time you use them.

Spiritual crystals can carry different meanings and serve several purposes. When you need protection from your negative thoughts or a shield from toxic energy from other people, a protective crystal can help clear your mind.

6 Protective Crystals You Must Have

Whether you’re seeking spiritual growth, dealing with negative energy or feeling worried about your well-being, these crystals for protection can help you gain the confidence you need to face every day.

1. Black Tourmaline

This protective stone eliminates the negative energy surrounding you, making it a must-have, especially if you’re new to the world of crystals. This semi-precious gemstone also helps reduce anxiety. 

It has many uses, including:

  • Cleansing energy at home: Place a black tourmaline near your front door. It blocks the negative energy from entering and spreading in the house.
  • Protecting your home: Hold multiple black tourmalines and clear your mind of negativity. Set an intention with every piece. You could say, “I deflect all ill intentions directed to this household.” When done, place a stone in every corner of your house to create an invisible barrier of protection.
  • Keeping your peace: Wear a black tourmaline necklace, bracelet or ring when going outside.

2. Obsidian

This naturally occurring volcanic glass is a powerful energy absorber, protecting you against toxic thought patterns, unhealthy vibrations and other forms of bad energy.

Obsidian is another black crystal in the list that can gather negativity that’s weighing you down, much like how this dark color absorbs all colors. Due to its energy-absorbing properties, this gem needs cleansing regularly. 

Aside from its protective powers, obsidian is touted as the stone of clarity, enabling you to release tension and stress. It’s the perfect addition if you’re after protection and self-growth at the same time.

To use this stone, place one gem at every entry of your home. If you have a specific place you believe is a breeding ground for negativity, put more than one obsidian there.

3. Blue Lace Agate

The blue lace agate is a beautiful crystal with equally beautiful healing properties. Its calming influence helps block negative energy that can cause mental and physical exhaustion. This stone comes in various shades, but the light color and smooth surface of blue lace agate encourage relaxation.

Also known as the stone of communication, the blue lace agate helps you make it easier to talk with others. For this reason, consider wearing this stone or carrying one in your pocket during significant client meetings, job interviews or when you’re required to speak in public. 

To use this, place one stone in your bedroom to encourage a sense of calm before going to sleep. You can also carry a stone when working for your daily dose of positive vibes. It’s the perfect antidote when life gets too hectic.

4. Amethyst

This gem is popular among many because it provides many positive benefits. For one, it helps with digestion and body aches. But many don’t know that it helps promote serenity, blocking all energies that might overwhelm you. This stone can also protect you from negative thought patterns and move you to a state of calmness.

You can use amethyst to protect yourself at home or outside. If you’re out in public, wear a small piece of amethyst jewelry, such as a ring or pair of earrings. Place this stone under your pillow at home to ward off bad dreams and quiet a racing mind.

5. Pyrite

This gem is also known as “Fool’s Gold” because it helps protect your energy and attract money. Like blue lace agate, pyrite can help boost confidence. Its golden color reminds you of the success and wealth that can come into your life.

Feel free to place pyrite anywhere. Keep one in your pocket when you need a boost of confidence throughout the day. Place one in your living room to block off any negativity from outside. You can also put one in your workplace to remind you of the abundance coming your way.

6. Smoky Quartz

When bad vibes weigh you down, smoky quartz will help you rise on your feet once again. This gem has transformative properties that can ward off negativity, enhance stability and boost spiritual growth. It also has a long history of letting people connect with earth gods.

It brings harmony through channeling positive energy, helping alleviate anxiety and balance chakras. To make the most out of this stone, set your intention. Once done, it’ll do its work in dispelling any bad energy that may interfere with your life. 

Like other protective crystals, you can place smoky quartz in your house — like the front door, home office and dining area — to encourage positive discussions.

Use a Protective Crystal Today

When choosing crystals, it’s essential to listen to your intuition. Don’t entirely rely on its beauty — pick gems you feel drawn towards. After choosing your protective spiritual rock, remember to set an intention to get the most benefits.

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