• 02/14/2019

Laid-Back Wedding Ideas You Should Steal for Your Next Party

laid-back wedding ideas

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Couples can get extremely creative when it comes to their wedding — even if they keep it casual. From chic backyard events to casual receptions, there are a lot of laid-back wedding ideas that can make your event memorable. Why not incorporate them into your own at-home party? These fun ideas are practically begging you to borrow them. If you’re itching to dress up your next party without too much effort, try one of these laid-back ideas.

Individual Ice Cream Servings in Mason Jars

Summer weddings with outdoor receptions require ways to stay cool, and this one is a tasty and cute way to keep the heat at bay. Mason jars filled with ice cream are an effortless dessert option for weddings and at-home parties alike. For your own event, you can scoop out vanilla, chocolate or strawberry servings into small jars. Then, your guests can easily grab their favorite flavor. Prop them up in a rustic ice bucket for bonus points. Additionally, this keeps them from melting too quickly during a warm-weather party.

Snack Bar in Labeled Barrels

Snack bars are a casual way to keep wedding guests from getting hungry, but they are even better in wooden barrels with handpainted labels. Whether the snack is salty or sweet, guests can fill up on these while they wait for the main course. Flavorful finger food is a laid-back wedding idea guests will enjoy.You can use this idea for popcorn-filled barrels to entertain your family and friends, too — or opt for candy to give off a sweetshop vibe. Snack bars of all shapes and kinds can be transformed for your dinner party.

Flower-Filled Ice Cubes

Edible flowers encased in ice bring blooms full circle in whimsical weddings. Pretty drinks with orchids or pansies suspended in ice are one of many laid-back wedding ideas. At weddings, these are specially served, but at your dinner party, you can put out a container of them for guests. Freeing edible flowers for your drinks takes a little preparation. For peerless cubes, you can boil distilled water for the best effect. Take care not to use chemically treated flowers.

Dispensed Cocktails for Home Bartending

Not all weddings boast an open bar, and some serve cocktails in an alternative but efficient way. You can fill large, clear drink dispensers with cocktail mixtures so guests can serve themselves. If your party is on the larger side or you just don’t want to fix a cocktail for each person, you can nab this idea for your dinner. Your cocktail batches can include unique flavors and fixings. Consider setting out and labeling a stronger and weaker version of the drink to accommodate the range of palates at your event. To complete your drink station, hand-letter the signs on a chalkboard surface or with paint on wooden planks.

Giant Backyard Jenga or Oversized Dice

Massive backyard games are a hit at many weddings, and you can DIY a set of stacking blocks or wooden dice for yourself. You may need to throw in a medium-size basket to hold the dice before someone rolls, too. If you’re all about activities and games, you can reuse these huge game pieces each time you host a party or let friends borrow them for their own events. These laid-back wedding ideas can continue to entertain guests throughout the years. When you organize your next outdoor party, include life-size game options for extra amusement. The stakes are higher with bigger games, so be prepared for healthy competition at your party.

Natural Table Decor

Outdoor weddings have stepped up their decor game, and now they can be some of the dreamiest events you’ll attend. One thing that makes a memorable wedding is skillful table decorations. From overflowing greenery in the centerpieces to wooden place settings, natural accents are breathtaking.You can dress up your dinner table with rustic accents for an at-home gathering, too. Use plenty of leafy accessories, and keep the colors subdued to get an organic ambiance. Garlands and candles can boost the raw but sophisticated setting.

Host a Chic Party With These Wedding Ideas

Wedding ideas aren’t reserved for people exchanging vows, so go ahead and steal these laid-back wedding ideas for your next dinner party. You can get inspiration from these creations to make your event stand out. Plan your next party at your house with these fresh and fun options.

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