• 12/23/2023

How to Take Care of Long Hair

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Long, luscious hair can boost your confidence, especially when it looks and feels just right. Long locks require a bit of upkeep, but the results are worth it and can help you achieve beautiful and healthy hair. Here’s how to take care of long hair:

Trim Regularly

This one might be a head-scratcher. Why do you need to cut your hair when growing it long? As you grow your hair, the oldest part stays at the ends, carrying the most damage. That’s why your ends are prone to breakage and split ends. 

If they’re not addressed properly, split ends can unravel your hair further upward, creating more damage. Cutting off an inch or two regularly can ensure you have healthy hair at all times. Talk to your stylist to figure out a good trim schedule and care regimen.

Use the Right Brush

Using the right hairbrush is crucial to maintaining long hair. You will use your brush to tame and detangle your locks daily, so it should not tug or pull on your hair or create too much friction. Invest in a good quality hairbrush. A boar bristle brush or a wide-toothed comb is ideal for long hair as they are firm enough but not damaging. 

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Use the Right Hair Ties

Hair ties keep things neat, especially when you’re busy with work, chores or childcare. However, not all hair ties are good for your hair. Some can pull at your strands and create damaging friction. When buying hair ties, use ones that are gentler on the hair, like coil-type ties or scrunchies. Avoid rubbery or tight ones that can pull on your roots. You can also switch to claw clips.

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Don’t Over-wash Your Hair

To maintain your long hair, you mustn’t shampoo your hair too often. How often is too often? It depends on your hair type. You may need to wash more often if you have very oily hair. Conversely, you might need to wash less if your hair is dry and damaged.

The signs that you are over-washing are breakage, scalp irritation, and a dry, stripped feeling. If you feel like your scalp is just too oily, you can opt to shampoo only your roots.

Use Conditioner

After every shampoo, use conditioner along the length of your hair down to your ends. Work it into your hair for a few minutes before rinsing off. 

Conditioning helps restore moisture to freshly washed hair. It smoothens hair cuticles and prevents breakage, giving the appearance of fuller, shinier, healthier hair. Thus, using conditioner is an essential step in maintaining long hair.

Give Your Hair a Weekly Treatment

Even if you shampoo and condition a few times a week, your hair is still susceptible to damage from other factors. Sun, pollution, stress, heat styling tools and other factors can affect your hair. Thus, giving your hair a weekly treatment can help you restore its health. 

There are plenty of treatments available in the market — just choose one that corresponds to your hair type. You can also use various hair oils as a deep treatment. Ideally, you should apply oil the night before wash day. Lastly, you can also try homemade hair masks. Ingredients like honey, avocado and yogurt can help nourish your hair naturally.

Apply your hair treatment of choice and let it stay on your hair for at least 10 minutes before washing it off. Use this time to relax and give your scalp a nice massage. Regular scalp massage can help with hair thickness and overall hair health. Plus, it is quite relaxing and can help you unwind.

Maintain a Hair Healthy Diet

Poor diet can show on your hair. An unhealthy diet can slow hair growth, increase hair loss and diminish the overall quality of hair.

Hair maintenance can also come from within. To maintain a full, healthy head of hair, ensure you get the right nutrients. Incorporate biotin, vitamin D, iron, folate and other nutrients into your diet. Some great foods for the hair are spinach, eggs, salmon, avocados, nuts and sweet potatoes.

Be Gentle on Your Hair

Maintaining long hair means you have to be gentle. Don’t brush it harshly or pull on your strands. Otherwise, you’ll create damage and affect the length and thickness of your hair. You should also consider drying your hair with a T-shirt instead of a towel. A towel can create a lot of friction, affecting your hair.

You can also take some extra steps to be more gentle with your hair. For instance, you can use silk pillowcases to reduce friction while you sleep. A sleeping cap is also ideal, especially for those with textured hair.

Another way to be gentle on your hair is to limit your use of hair dyes or bleach. Colored hair is a great way to express your individuality and stand out, but it can do a lot of damage Try not to color your hair too often, and stop when you notice signs of significant damage.

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Be Careful When Applying Heat

For those who love to style their hair, it’s essential to use heat tools carefully. Constant use can contribute to damage, so always protect your hair by using heat-shielding products. These products create a protective barrier that helps minimize heat damage to your hair. 

Apply a heat protectant to the hair before styling. Ensure your hair is evenly covered before using heat tools like straighteners and curling rods. Refrain from using the highest heat setting on your tools, and don’t expose your hair to them for too long.

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Maintaining Long Locks

Knowing how to take care of your long hair can help you maintain beautifully healthy locks at all times. Maintenance involves using the right tools, being gentle with your hair and nourishing it from within. With the right care, you can flaunt your long hair without worrying about damage.

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