• 03/28/2023

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? 


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Hair wash day can be a dreaded process or a warm, steamy relaxing time. Although it sounds simple to wash, condition and style, some questions arise. When wondering how often should you wash your hair, there are a couple of things to consider that vary from person to person. Most people wash their hair every other day, but certain factors affect how much you should shampoo your hair. 

So, how often should you wash your hair? 

Things that Impact Your Washes

Everyone has different hair, which affects the answer to the question of how often should you wash your hair. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether to shampoo again. 


Oil production is more and less active at certain ages. Younger people typically have more active oil glands since hormone levels are higher. Women, after menopause, will produce less oil. Men will also produce less oil as they age. 


Certain ethnicities have drier hair, so it can become dry and brittle if washed too much. This will lead to breakage and unhealthy hair. If you have this type of hair, it is best to avoid washing it daily. 

Length of Hair

Oil is only present on your scalp and it is hard to reach the ends of your hair. The longer your hair is the chances of it getting dry is higher. You can find other ways to preserve your hair to avoid overwashing and drying it out. 

Activity Level

If you exercise regularly, you might think you need to wash your hair more because of the sweat. Even with daily exercise, you don’t need to wash your hair daily. Keep a standard schedule of washing it one to three times per week, no matter what your activity level. 

Wash Depending On Your Hair Type

If your hair isn’t greasy or dry, it is best to wash your hair two to three times a week. Your hair-washing schedule can change depending on your hair type and the products you use. If you wait too long, your scalp can get clogged with products and oils that affect hair growth. Read on if you are unsure what your schedule should look like depending on your hair type. 

  • Oily hair. If you have extremely oily hair, it is acceptable to wash it every day. It prevents a build-up of oil that can clog your pores. The only exception is if very long, coarse or curly. 
  • Dry/damaged hair. Shampooing is only necessary every five to seven days. You must let time go by so your scalp produces natural moisturizing oils. Overusing shampoos can strip away nutrients that it needs to be healthy. 
  • Wavy/curly hair: Depending on the density of your hair, it is best to wash it every four to five days. Sometimes it seems too long, so it can be shortened by a day or two if your scalp allows it.
  • Fine/thin hair: This hair type requires you to wash it every other day. It helps remove buildup and oils that weigh the hair down while allowing it to get the moisture it needs to grow and stay healthy. 
  • Thick hair. A thicker texture is excellent for holding moisture. You will only have to wash it once per week. 
  • Dandruff: Three to four times a week is good for people suffering from dandruff. It can help lessen it, especially if paired with shampoos made explicitly for dandruff. 
  • Growing Hair: If you are trying to grow your hair, it is best to stick with the recommendation for your hair type.  

Signs Your Wash Too Much

You will want to look out for these signs if you wash your hair too much.

  • Dry, brittle hair
  • Breakage
  • Itchy or irritated scalp

Washing your hair too much can cause your scalp to be dry, stripping it of natural oils that moisturize it. You may start to see an increase in your hair shedding or if you don’t wash it enough, it can lead to a dandruff problem. 

Ways to Shampoo Less

During the days you don’t wash, there are things you can do to preserve it. It will help you put off washing for a couple more days than you usually do. Here are a few tips to put off the washing. 

  • Use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is the best way to put off washes. It absorbs some oils but isn’t as stripping as traditional shampoo. They have powders that absorb hair oils and should be brushed through the hair. 
  • Cut back styling products. Products like gel, hairspray and creams will build on your scalp and lead to irritation and damage. It can also make your hair feel more oily. Clarifying shampoos once a month can help break up the products stuck on the scalp. 
  • Only shampoo your roots. If you use shampoo too much, it will damage your hair. Use it only at the roots to avoid drying out the ends.  

Set Your Shampooing Schudule

After determining your hair type and factors affecting a wash schedule, things should be clear on what to do. Everyone’s hair is different and you can experiment with the best plan for you to have healthy hair.  

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