• 09/19/2023

How To Make Moon Water in 5 Easy Steps

The moon above a mountain range.

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Since ancient times, the moon has been used in many rituals. The moon’s power has been a fascinating topic for people involved in spirituality — and now in wellness. Some people believe water charged by the magic of the moon can be an elixir or energizer to promote healing and improve wellness.

Find out about moon water, how to make it and how to use it in different ways. 

What Is Moon Water?

Many people believe moonlight has a power that can be harnessed through different mediums, including water. Moon water is water infused with the energy of the moon. While it’s common to make it when the moon is full, it’s also possible to do it under any lunar phase. People believe moon water created during a full or new moon is more potent. 

What Are Lunar Phases and Their Meaning

The moon generally has four phases. You can create moon water and set different intentions in every phase. 

  • The new moon: It signifies new beginnings. It’s ideal to collect moon water during this phase if you have started a job or a new stage in any life areas.
  • The full moon: It symbolizes freedom from things that no longer serve you. This phase is best if you want to clean a negative aura or help release bad habits.
  • The waxing moon: It’s when you want motivation to take action and move forward. If there’s an area you want to grow or aspirations to fulfill, collect moon water during the first quarter moon. 
  • The waning moon: It indicates gratitude and moving on. If you wish to thank someone or move on from hard feelings, moon water created during the last quarter moon is excellent for this intention. 

What Does Science Tell About the Moon?

The moon affects humans in ways. It’s established that the moon influences high and low ocean tides. Since the body is made up of 70% water, this influence could somewhat extend to humans. 

A study on patients with bipolar disorder revealed that shifts in mood happen during one of two moon cycles — either the “declination cycle” or the 14.8-day spring–neap cycle. It’s also noted that mood swings were likely to coincide with supermoons when the moon is full and closest to the Earth. 

Another study found that participants took five minutes longer to fall asleep and slept 20 minutes shorter during the full moon. Experts didn’t have any clue as to what caused this.

A different study cited that sleep efficiency was reduced during the full moon compared to other moon phases.

Overall, the moon’s effect relates to environmental factors that could impact some human behaviors. Other studies revolve around the moon’s effect on mental health and the gender of babies. Experts need to research more to solidify the moon’s influence on humans.

What Are the Benefits of Moon Water?

The moon is an element often mentioned in spiritual books and documents. For this reason, people use moon water for several purposes, such as: 

  • Spiritual benefits: You can use it to cleanse your life and physical body by adding it to your bath.
  • Healing: Similarly, you can include it in your bath or boil it and drink it in your tea to recover from negative emotions or trauma. 
  • Manifestation: You charge it with your wishes and drink it. 
  • Cleansing: Use it as a spray to cleanse your home of negative aura.

How To Make Moon Water: 5 Steps

You’ll need the following materials:

  • One glass container
  • Water of any type, like a tap, spring or distilled
  • Optional: herbs, flowers or crystals to infuse with the water

1. Fill your glass container with water. If you plan to drink it, ensure you use potable water. 

2. Find a nonobstructed, preferably a roof-less open area, where you can place your jar of water and let it absorb the moon’s energy. 

3. Before you leave it, set your intention by meditating on it for a few minutes or proclaiming its purpose. You can say, “This moon water will help me make my manifestations come true.”

4. Infuse it with crystals or herbs to magnify its power. For example, you can add chamomile flowers to make a relaxant moon water. If you plan to drink moon water, don’t soak any crystals in it unless they’re cleared for consumption. 

5. Leave the water under the moon for the entire night. You can use a lid or cup to cover it and prevent insects or debris from getting into the container. You can drink it or use it any way you want in the morning. 

What Are Common Myths About Moon Water?

Some people believe certain myths about moon water. 

1. You Can’t Drink Moon Water.

You definitely can drink moon water provided you used potable water and didn’t infuse a crystal into it. Some crystals can be toxic, making the moon water unsafe to consume. By drinking, you can purify your body. 

2. You Can’t Let Sunlight Touch It.

It’s all a matter of personal preference. Once the water has absorbed the moon’s energy, it won’t release it even if it’s touched by sunlight. However, some people may want their moon water to avoid sun exposure.

3. You Can Only Use Water Collected From Natural Resources

You can use any water, such as tap or distilled. The source doesn’t matter — whether from a lake, ocean or the faucet from your home — as long as it’s clear water. 

How To Use Moon Water

Moon water is often a tool for spiritual rituals, but you can also use it for personal use. 

1. Drink It

The moon’s energy is known to have healing effects. You can drink the water directly or brew your favorite tea on it. 

2. Add It to Bathwater

Some people use moon water as part of their meditative practice. They bathe in it to boost calmness and re-align themselves.

3. Clean With It

The moon’s power through the water can drive away negative auras and give your home an energetic atmosphere. It’s a better alternative to incense if you or someone at home has allergies to smoke cleansing.

4. Water Plants

Plants can also enjoy this energy and magic from moon water to revive or grow. You can use non-drinkable moon water to spritz indoor plants.

5. Make Oils or Perfumes

If you love making oils or perfumes, moon water is the best ingredient, as it can also refresh the spirit. 

Harness the Power of the Moon To Make Powerful Moon Water

Many people believe moon water works, yet science can’t explain how. There’s no harm in trying to make moon water as it’s practically free and easy to do. You won’t be spending a dime on the materials. You can experiment and see if it’s effective for you.

Each phase of the moon has different energy that you can exploit to make moon water. Ensure to check that the moon phase matches your intention. You can also ask an astrologer or an energy expert if you need advice about making moon water. 

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