• 09/18/2020

How to Get to the Airport – Driving vs. Rideshare

getting to the airport

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One of the challenges many travelers face is the cost of getting to the airport. Reliable transportation that fits your schedule and budget is not always an easy thing to find. Generally, the two main options are either driving yourself or taking a rideshare. Some cities have the option of public transportation, but public transportation isn’t always reliable and it isn’t practical to bring heavy luggage. In this article, we will take a look at the pros and cons of driving to the airport and taking a rideshare.


Parking at the airport and taking a rideshare both offer a level of convenience. The good part about driving yourself is that there is zero waiting time and you don’t have to worry about the availability of rideshares. When you return, you can immediately jump in your car and head home. But the advantage to taking a rideshare is that your ride will drop-off and pick-up at the curbside of the terminal. However, it will usually take longer for pick-ups because the area around the airport is very busy.


Whether you decide to take a rideshare or drive yourself, you’ll have to worry about either availability of rideshare cars or on-site parking spaces. If you are departing or arriving very early in the morning, then there is the possibility that rideshare cars are not available. Most rideshare apps have the ability to reserve a ride in advance. However, be aware that the driver can always choose to cancel the reservation if they feel like it. Also, some cities and airports globally have tried to restrict the use of rideshares in favor of taxi companies.

It’s usually easy enough to find a rideshare to the airport, but the airport’s extra fees and regulations at make it difficult to find a ride home. Check the airport’s restrictions and regulations to confirm that you can get a ride from the airport back home.

If you are driving to the airport, then there’s always a chance that you won’t find an open parking spot. Many airports have a parking status tracker on their website, so you should check that before you leave home. Another option is to reserve a parking spot in advance at an off-site parking lot. This will save you a lot of money and will guarantee a parking spot when you arrive. Use a comparison site, like ParkFellows, to check the prices, read customer reviews, and book easily online. They don’t charge extra reservation fees like some of the other sites.


If you drive to the airport, then your car is parked in an airport lot with top-notch security and parking attendants to keep an eye on your car. When you leave your car at home, there is no one who is keeping an eye on it while you’re gone. If you’re still worried about it, check the parking lot reviews to see if anyone dealt with theft or vandalism. Also, check the airport website to find the security measures of their parking garages.


The cost factor depends on the airport, how far away you live, and the length of your trip. If you live within 5-10 miles of the airport, check out the rideshare apps to compare airport parking costs. If you live over 10 miles away, then more often than not, it’s cheaper to park at the airport. It is usually more cost-effective to drive to the airport for short trips and take a rideshare for longer trips. For example, if you are leaving for 3 days, then a rideshare might cost $20 each way ($40 total) and parking might cost $10 per day ($30 total).

However, if your trip is over 4 days, then it’s cheaper to take a rideshare. But again, you should always do the cost comparison based on your airport and how far away you live. Also, check the price of the off-site parking lots compared to the on-site airport lots. The prices are usually cheaper by at least half. As mentioned earlier, some airports have imposed extra regulations on rideshare apps. Depending on your airport, there might be extra fees for rideshare drop-off and pick-up, which you will pay through the app. We hoped this article has helped you as you research the best ways to get to the airport. It always helps to prepare in advance. Check out our article on other ways you can streamline your travel plans!

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