• 02/25/2023

How To Clean Hair Brushes the Right Way


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To maintain shiny and healthy hair, you must keep your hair brush clean. Your hair brush can accumulate debris from hair products, dandruff and oils from your scalp. The bristles on your hair brush can become clogged or not work as efficiently if you don’t clean it regularly. So, to ensure your brush works at its best, here are some tips on how to clean hair brushes.

How To Clean Hair Brushes

There are no one size fits all ways to clean your hair brush. When learning how to clean your hair brushes, you can choose which option suits your particular brush style best. For example, some hair brushes retain water. 

When you soak them, you might wash them with antibacterial shampoo instead of giving them a good soak. You should clean your hairbrushes at least once a month to maintain those healthy locks. Here are the general steps of how to clean hair brushes. 

Remove Hair and Buildup 

You can use scissors or a pointed object to remove hair and buildup from your hairbrushes.  You can use your fingers to extract the hair from the brush, but you might need a tool, like tweezers to get the rest. Don’t worry if there’s residual buildup–you can get it later. 

Scrub Them

A toothbrush is an excellent tool for cleaning your hair brushes. You can get between the bristles with most toothbrushes or scrub the debris with your hands. If stubborn gunk is in your brush and you cannot soak them, use some dry baking soda on a toothbrush to wash it out of there. 

Let Them Air Dry 

You want to ensure that you don’t use any drying methods on your hair brushes so you don’t damage them. Set them on a towel and let them dry naturally for the best results. Rubbing alcohol can dry out your bristles, so try to avoid using that to clean them. 

Deep Cleaning Methods

You can perform a deep clean if your brushes aren’t to your liking. There are various methods to effectively deep clean your hair brush. You can clean it with a toothbrush, shampoo, vinegar and water, or hot water. You can use Elmer’s glue, which is a recent Tiktok hack or combine apple cider vinegar and baking soda. 

A deep clean allows the hair brush to soak and remove residue that you can’t remove with a scrubbing brush without damaging your hair brush. You want to be gentle, so you don’t ruin your brush style and affect how it performs on your hair. You should never soak a wooden hair brush because you can damage the handle and the bristles. 

Effects of a Dirty Hairbrush 

Haircare products like hair oil can be game-changers in your beauty routine. However, they can accumulate on your brush if you don’t efficiently rinse them out of your hair when you wash. A dirty hairbrush can cause your hair to look greasy. The buildup of products can transfer to your hair from the brush, so it’s almost like drying off with a dirty towel after you shower. 

You want to ensure that your brush is clean when you brush your hair, so it does its job correctly. If you see lint in your brush, it’s likely from the collection of dead skin skills and oil that appear as little fuzzies. Your hairbrush also collects dust as it sets out, making these little fuzzies appear larger and more like lint. 

Learning How To Clean Hair Brushes

If the bristles on your hair brush are broken or worn down, it might be time for a replacement. A good hair brush can last for years—we understand if you’re sentimentally attached. However, there are some excellent hair brush options to choose from. However, utilize these tips on cleaning your hair brushes before you opt for a new one. You might be surprised by how clean they can get!  

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