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7 Successful Tips to Find Your Personal Style

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Fashion is an avenue for self-expression. However, expressing yourself can be challenging when you have a fear of judgment and a lack of fashion guidance. With many trends popping up here and there, discerning what best suits your body type and individuality can confuse you. This list of actionable strategies will finally help you answer the question “how to find my style” once and for all.

What is Personal Style?

This refers to your unique way of expressing yourself. Personal style encompasses how you dress, write, speak and carry yourself. In the fashion industry, it’s about making choices, such as clothing, hairstyle and accessories, to express individuality. It’s not about sticking to trends—it’s a timeless approach. Someone with a personal style may or may not follow what’s trending, but they always stick to their aesthetic. 

Tan France, a fashion designer and TV personality, once shared something that rings true about finding your style. In an interview with Real Simple, he said, “Take the things you believe you’re going to feel good in, things that you feel comfortable in and things that feel like you.” 

How Can You Find Your Style?

You love dressing up, but you don’t know what your unique style is? Here are some tips you can apply to unlock your best, fashionable self. 

1. Look at Your Closet

Do a little inspection in your closet. Pick clothes that don’t spark joy anymore, then set them aside. Now, take a second look inside—what do you see? What are your favorite pieces? Pull them out to see if they have something in common. For instance, you might discover you have pairs of jeans you have often worn lately because they make you look “too basic,” so you’re gravitating toward linen pants. 

2. Define your Style Type

Fashion styles are constantly growing. While you are free to wear as you please, you can draw inspiration and foundation from any of the following top fashion styles:

  • Classic: This style embodies elegance, minimalism and timelessness. Think about neutrals, trench coats, sleek shoes and smart skirts. Kate Middleton and Cameron Diaz both fit the bill for this fashion style.
  • Bohemian: Boho is an artistic expression associated with maxi dresses, ethnic-inspired pieces, fringed bags and feathered jewelry. Some fashion inspirations include Zoe Kravitz and Florence Welch.
  • Streetwear: This movement came from the heart of urban culture. It’s a blend of attitude, comfort and unconventional fashion choices. Streetwear is bold and colorful—think about the likes of Gigi Hadid and Rihanna.
  • Casual: This style feels like a reliable friend accompanying you on quick grocery runs and brunches with the girls. Its allure lies in its simplicity and cleanliness. Wearing a shirt, a pair of jeans, a cardigan and simple flats is enough to make a statement.
  • Punk: You may associate punk with loud and dark rebellion against trends. It’s raw, bold and edgy. Think of it as a fashion counterpart of loud music genres, like punk rock and heavy metal.
  • Preppy: This is a combination of classic items and sporty clothing that adds to its youthful and timeless appeal. Button-ups, argyle sweaters, crewneck sweaters, canvas belts and chinos are vital to achieving this style.

3. Find a Style Inspiration

Style icons don’t necessarily have to be internet personalities and celebrities. You can start with family and closest friends whose fashion tastes you admire. If you like borrowing your sister’s trench coat for a while, it may signal your interest in classic style.

Next, observe how your favorite celebrities and influencers dress up—plus points if you share the same body type with them. That way, you can understand how a specific style will look on you. For instance, if you’re not afraid of colors and maximalism, Alexa Chung’s eclectic choices might inspire you. Defining your style will require you to look at two or three icons that exemplify the vibe you’re going for.

4. Create a Capsule Wardrobe

How to find your style and stick to it? Give your wardrobe a major revamp. Start with giving away the clothes you don’t wear and make space for items you can use all year round. Add the most basic pieces you can think of with your preferred fashion style in mind. For example, if you’re going for a classic, minimalist appeal, keep a little black dress, a couple of plain shirts, a denim jacket, a neutral trench coat, black Chelsea boots and a pair of white sneakers. 

Keep items that make you feel great and help you show off your unique style. When revamping your closet, consider how each piece will play a role in your everyday wear. Prioritize pieces that provide a foundation for bolder, more exciting items.

5. Take Style Risks

After building a capsule wardrobe, the next step is to step out of your comfort zone and try new pieces. You can start small by layering varying textures and trying out trends. After that, you can spice your game up by mixing and matching unexpected pieces, wearing bold accessories and buying those heels you’ve been eyeing for a long time. Remember to have fun determining which clothes make you feel more comfortable and confident.

6. Embrace Your Personality

Your fashion sense should reflect what you are inside. When experimenting with layers and colors, determine what you most love about yourself and think of ways you can translate it to your outfit. For instance, if you’re a sporty gal, you can explore pairing leggings with a tunic tee or a cropped top. Play with your clothes and let them speak of who you are.

7. Be Confident

Sometimes, it’s not what you wear—it’s how you wear it. Owning your outfit is all about embracing yourself. Remember that not all people will appreciate your style. Carry yourself with pride and your confidence will radiate and inspire everyone around you.

How to Find Your Style, Answered

Searching for your unique fashion style is not an overnight quest. You need to invest time, money and effort to achieve it. Remember to have fun in the process and take it as a journey toward self-growth. You got this!

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