• 02/22/2023

How to Have a Minimalist Wardrobe While Staying Stylish

If you're learning how to have a minimalist wardrobe, the first step is to reduce how much you own.

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In today’s fashion scene, waste is utterly out of vogue. Updating your closet when you need to is perfectly fine, but constantly getting rid of clothes to make space for the next new collection is utterly unnecessary. Instead, more and more are opting for minimalism when it comes to what they wear. But fewer options may make you wonder how to have a minimalist wardrobe without getting bored of your clothing or feeling drab.

However, keeping your closet minimalist by no means has to be boring. It just requires having versatile pieces you can mix and match for a greater number of outfits to choose from with fewer items. Here is how to have a minimalist wardrobe while staying stylish.

1. Get Rid of What You Do Not Need

The first step to any minimalist closet is reducing the amount of clothes you never wear. Still have an old Halloween costume you keep thinking you might wear again but never do? Time to donate it. Do you fill your hangers with fancy blouses and dresses you love to look at but have nowhere to wear them to? You should probably consider asking a few friends if they’d wear them more.

At its core, minimalism means utilizing simple design elements to create a maximum effect. Practicing this lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to throw out everything but the bare bones, but it does ask you to challenge the hold particular objects have on you. Keep everything useful, but consider starting your minimalism journey by giving away some of the clothes you don’t really wear.

2. Buy Clothing You Can Wear Year-Round

You’ll naturally have some clothes that only work for summer and winter, but could you have more multi-season pieces? When learning how to have a minimalist wardrobe, try buying more clothes fitting your personal style rather than what you can wear in the future. Perhaps you could buy some shirts that work as their own outfits and layers for the colder months.

Having stackable garments means you’ll have fewer distracting elements in your closet or drawers. Does getting dressed sometimes feel like a dreaded chore because you have “nothing” to wear? More mix-and-match options might help you reduce the pre-work or party panic.

3. Shop Secondhand So You Can Spend on Bigger Pieces

The way you keep a minimalist wardrobe stylish is by saving your money for more expensive yet multi-purpose items. It’s essential to remember to prioritize quality over quantity, so try to visit more thrift stores for your basic pieces. Giving pre-loved items a new home helps minimalize your carbon footprint while saving you money for larger purchases.

When you buy pricier staple pieces, try to shop from ethical brands to continue helping the Earth with your shopping decisions. If you worry about not having the proper for a black-tie event, you could always save up to rent something from an online designer rental store. These sites allow you to stay fashionable while keeping minimalism in mind.

4. Take Care of Your Clothes

Accidents are bound to happen — your apparel will probably get a stain or a tear at some point. Does that mean you should toss it in the trash and go out to find a replacement? Of course not! Find a way to mend the damage so you can keep your items looking as fresh as possible. However, that also comes down to how you care for them.

Rember to follow the proper cleaning instructions for each piece of clothing you have. Doing so can help them last much longer than throwing them all in a warm-water washing machine. It may require some ironing or even hand washing if you want to use less water, but it’s all worth it to extend the life of everything in your closet.

Combine Basics and Flair by Having a Minimalist Wardrobe

Focusing on minimalism in your closet doesn’t mean wearing the same five neutral shirts each week. Instead, imagine how you can create a year-long personal style while finding sustainable shopping options and caring for the items you own. Try following these quick tips on how to have a minimalist wardrobe to keep your closet — and mind — clear.

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