• 12/17/2023

Imaginative Hair Color Ideas You Need to Ask Your Stylist For

A hair stylist dying a client's hair.

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Everybody needs a change once in a while. Going to the salon and experimenting with dye is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to switch things up. Here are the trendiest, most imaginative hair color ideas around.

Dark Ash and Platinum Blend

Where dark ash brown is neutral and moody, platinum blonde is dramatic and intense. They work perfectly together because the subtle transformation of dark to light reads as a grayscale transition. This is one of those hair color ideas that will stick around for decades.

A dark ash and platinum look works for all textures. Since it adds a drastic amount of depth, you can get the best of both worlds whether you have wavy, curly or coily hair. As a bonus, its simplicity makes it a great match for most hairstyles. With a balayage dye, you might even be able to go up to eight months without getting a touch-up at your stylist.

Light Chunky Highlights

Believe it or not, Y2K styles have made a comeback. Generation Z brought light, chunky highlights back in style and are more beautiful than ever. They’re high contrast, blunt and extremely thick. Many people dye two to four evenly-thick chunks of hair.

Whether the strands are subtle or bold, their natural shade adds dimension to any hairstyle. Their simple ribbon-like appearance can give your hairstyle depth and variety. Still, they look particularly good on straight bobs or wavy lobs. 

Bold and Colorful Two-Tone

If one color isn’t enough, you can always go with two. This split-dye look may be uncommon, but it’s quickly growing in popularity. Its intensity and vibrance are unmatched, making it the perfect choice for people who want to show off their creative side.

This look is incredibly flexible since you can choose any two colors that come to mind. You’ll find a palette that fits your aesthetic and complexion, whether you want to pair warm and cool colors or monochromatic shades.

A Colorful Peekaboo

If you’re a fan of how color looks but don’t want to commit to a drastic change, consider this cute peekaboo style. The fun, colorful shade you choose will only peek out when you put your hair up or tuck it behind your ear. 

Out of all the hair color ideas on this list, this style is one of the best. After all, you can choose any color from pale pink to neon yellow. While most people decide to dye the entire underside beneath their top layer of hair, you can pick just one section if you prefer. 

Wispy Face-Framing Highlights

One of the trendiest hair color ideas of 2023 is colorful, wispy face-framing highlights. The thin, bright strands frame your face shape and can complement your bone structure. It’s a very modern look, even though it takes heavy inspiration from Y2K.

While they’re immediately noticeable when you’re facing someone, it’s not as easy to see them from all other angles. If you want something even more subtle, coloring the chunks of hair directly behind your ears gives you a pop of color without being too eye-catching.

Colored Bangs and Face-Framing Strands

This wispy style frames the face and accentuates the jawline. Instead of being chunky, it has a smooth, gradual gradient. Think of colorful bangs and face-framing layers like a sideways balayage. The color starts in the front and fades into natural shades by the time it reaches the back of your head.

This hair color looks best on shaggy, wavy or curly hair because the natural transition blends more seamlessly. However, you can definitely still pull it off if you have straight hair.

A Rainbow Peekaboo and Curtain Bangs

Rainbow can never go out of style. It’s fun, flirty and makes you stand out from the crowd. A colorful peekaboo and curtain bangs are the modern take on this iconic style. It lets you show off your imaginative aesthetic and makes every hairstyle more exciting.

This look is one of the more timeless hair color ideas because it looks absolutely stunning no matter how often you see it. Even though this look is high-maintenance, it’ll outlive most other trends.

Subtle Colorful Balayage

A subtle, colorful balayage gives your hair a natural, sweeping depth and shows off your fun side. Whether you’re a blonde who wants a peachy pink or a brunette who’s craving a brown burgundy, it’s a fantastic look.

This hair color is super low-maintenance. Since it only adds color to your ends, you don’t need to return to your stylist every few weeks to touch up your roots. It’s the perfect option for someone who wants a change but isn’t sure what to settle on.

Full Platinum Blonde

A full platinum blonde look is perfect for any season. It’s bright and bold but not too loud, making it a perfect statement piece. Best of all, it’ll match anyone’s aesthetic or complexion because white goes with everything.

Platinum is one of the more high-maintenance hair color ideas, but the end result is worth the extra effort. The cold, icy white goes great with everything and radiates class. After all, achieving this look takes a lot of time and care.

Natural Split Color

With this look, you keep one side of your hair untouched and dye the other a natural color. For instance, redheads could go for a deep auburn, while brunettes choose a lovely burgundy. It’s a fun style and will probably draw a lot of compliments. 

A natural split color isn’t as eye-catching as the bold two-tone, but that’s the point. Where its counterpart is loud and intense, it’s more mellow and professional. If you don’t want to make a dramatic change, but you want an imaginative color choice, this should be your go-to pick.

Trendy Colorful Ombre

A trendy, colorful ombre is one of the classic hair color ideas that’ll stay in style for decades. This fun alternative look works with any color you could think of. Best of all, it will add personality to your everyday appearance.

A colorful ombre is slightly more high-maintenance than other looks. Then again, so are most big dye jobs. However, changing up your look is as easy as getting two new colors when the originals eventually wash out. It’s a fast way to keep the same fun style you’re familiar with.

Bold, Natural Underlayer

A bold, natural underlayer is subtle yet intense. It adds significant depth to updos and elevates plain hairstyles. Even simple braids look complex and intricate with this hair color. Whenever you move, your color will peek out from underneath the top layers of your hair.

Since bold colors like burgundy, bright auburn, icy blonde, black and ash brown are all-natural, they won’t look out of place on anyone’s head. What’s more, their intensity complements most natural hair colors exceptionally well.

The Beauty of Hair Color Ideas

Trying out new hair color ideas is a fun, low-risk way to experiment with your style and find a look you love. Besides, switching up your look when the seasons change to feel fresh is always a good idea.

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