• 03/22/2024

9 Fun Girls’ Night Ideas for 2024

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Weekend get-togethers and wine nights are fun yet common ways girls spend the night together. This year, looking for more exciting activities can be challenging, especially when everyone’s juggling a busy schedule. Make your gatherings more memorable and unique this 2024 with these nine girls’ night ideas.

1. Dance Together

Gather you girls for an evening of dancing and sweating. This activity is a fun way to work out, which helps boost heart health, build core strength and promote flexibility.

Hit the room with your favorite songs and dance your heart out. You can also shake things up by learning a dance performance together to make the night more productive. Show off some moves and make the night memorable. 

You and your friends can pull this off at home or in a dance class with an instructor.

2. Host an Outdoor Movie Night

You can never go wrong with great movies and good company. When the weather’s nice outside, set up your projector, white screen and tasty snacks for an outdoor movie night. If you have a spacious backyard, spruce up the space with lawn chairs, blankets, pillows and fairy lights. For a smaller outdoor space, you can still create a cozy theater-like experience with the same materials.

Whether you grew up watching Barbie movies, chick flicks or horror movies, relive your childhood with your best girls. Have each of your friends pick out their favorite and assemble your queue. Movie ideas that never fail to impress include 13 Going on 30 and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

3. Create a Vision Board

Are you and your girlfriends into manifestation and the law of attraction? Gather your friends and create vision boards together. Each of you will develop a board with your goals and ambitions for the year.

A vision board is a collage of magazine clippings, printed images and other photos that manifest your goals. The intention is to create something you can see every day to help you stay focused on achieving your goals.

As the hostess, you can provide all the supplies needed. However, it’s also great to ask your friends to bring extra magazines, scissors, glue and other items if they need them. Remember also to prepare some snacks and drinks.

Set a time limit for creating your boards. Be in charge of the clock, so give gentle reminders as you go along. Allot around 30 minutes to an hour for everyone to share their creations.

4. Enjoy a PowerPoint Party

Do you want to host a party with people you haven’t seen in a while? Consider kicking off the night with a PowerPoint party. This entails creating presentations and discussing them with each other. At your party, everyone should prepare slides containing all the life updates and milestones they had since the last time you saw each other.

You and your friends can also pick funny prompts to get guests interacting with each other. Here are some theme ideas:

  • Celebrity look-alikes: Everyone will present everyone’s look-alikes along with pictures and rationales.
  • Favorite memories: Each will discuss their favorite memories with your clique.
  • Guess the memory: Everyone will make a presentation about a core memory, but without mentioning essential details about it. Others will try to guess the people involved, and when and where the event occurred.

5. DIY a Paint & Sip Session

There are sip & paint businesses offering private parties, but if you love planning events, a DIY paint party session could become one of the best girls’ night ideas you will ever have at home.

Getting ready for this party is easy. Decide what you want to paint, gather supplies and assemble sip options for your guests. For beginners, you can try a paint-by-number template. Don’t hesitate to ask for a helping hand if you need more options. 

All you need is canvases, paint, brushes and some inspiration. Serve delicious wine, cocktails and light bites to keep the creative juices flowing.

6. Play Board Games 

There’s nothing quite like a night full of fun and games with your best gals. Spruce up your moments with snacks to satisfy your taste buds and board games to tickle your mind. You can set up board game options or ask everyone to bring their favorite game.

Fun games include Taboo, Uno, Monopoly and Cards Against Humanity. As for the food, prepare finger foods, such as chips and dips, frozen appetizers and pizza. If you want to avoid doing dishes, opt for paper plates and paper napkins. However, if you serve wine or alcohol, use authentic glasses for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

7. Do Yoga Together

Staying fit shouldn’t be boring if your friends are at your side. If attending a yoga class sounds expensive, access the free videos on YouTube and practice together. This combination of exercise and meditation helps develop a sharper memory, reduces stress and helps slow aging.

All you need is multiple yoga mats and your cute workout outfits. As the hostess, you can encourage light snacks and sharing of thoughts after your yoga session. One of the most important benefits of yoga is it helps quiet the mind. You learn to pay attention, so a sharing session after the practice would be fitting. 

8. Host a Bake-Off Competition 

If you have friends who enjoy and want to learn more about baking, a bake-off competition could be the perfect girls’ night idea. Bond over a friendly competition and see who can whip up the best-tasting pastry. You can team up in groups, pairs or individually. 

If you want to add a challenge, consider introducing a “mystery ingredient.” Consider something slightly unexpected but easy to incorporate, like mangoes or coconut. Prepare a small reward for the winning team to liven up everyone’s competitive spirits.

9. Have a Karaoke Night

Belt out your favorite songs with your friends at a karaoke session. Enjoy YouTube’s instrumental versions and host a karaoke party in your living room. Ensure to prepare beer or wine to help everyone muster the courage to pick up the microphone. Release your inhibitions — do a little dancing and sing along with your squad to make the night more enjoyable.

Ready to Plan These Girls’ Night Ideas?

Get-togethers don’t have to be boring and repetitive. Armed with these girls’ night ideas, you will make every gathering more enjoyable and memorable for everyone.

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