• 07/31/2023

Make a Splash at Your Wedding with Colored Water Centerpieces

Colored water centerpieces can be any color. This image reflects the still of a water droplet splashing as it is being added to red water.

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If you want something totally unique for your wedding that won’t break the bank, consider adding colored water centerpieces to your reception decor. You can add to these containers of colored water and make them as elegant or whimsical as you like — or you can just leave them plain. If you’re on a budget, these centerpieces are some of the easiest parts of your decor, and you can make them look like you spent a fortune on them.

The Power of Colors

When choosing your wedding colors, you have to be precise and careful. Color combinations can mean more than you think, and if you understand the meanings behind certain colors, you’ll want to choose your palette carefully. Certain colors work well together, while others might not give off the vibe you want on your special day.

Color evokes certain emotions in people, and they assign emotions to certain colors, which can both help and hurt your wedding. For example, black water might make people think of spooky things, which could be great for a Halloween or gothic wedding, but it might not be so lovely for a more traditional or religious wedding. Similarly, shades of purple could indicate royalty or luxury, which could be perfect for any fairytale wedding.

Aside from things like attire and flowers, the best way to incorporate your wedding colors into your special day is through colored water centerpieces. This table decor relies on color to be the focal point, which can help put your guests at ease — and it’s great for a budget-friendly bride as well.

How to Create Colored Water Centerpieces

Making colored water centerpieces is easier than you might think. Three simple steps stand between you and the reception decor of your dreams. You’ll need to figure out what water colors you want before beginning. Get enough containers for every table. You may even want to mix and match shapes to see what looks best in your space!

1. Figure Out the Water to Container Ratio

When you fill a container with too much water, it’s bound to spill at some point. Whether it happens while people are carrying them or when someone bumps into a table, you can expect spilled water if you don’t choose the right ratio. Over 40% of falls come from slipping on wet floors, making it a danger to your guests. 

To minimize fear and injury on your special day, you need to decide how much water is necessary for each shape and size of the containers you use. Once you measure it out, you’ll be able to tell anyone helping to set up on your big day how much to pour into each container. You should also test walking around with the right amount of water to ensure you don’t run into any issues.

2. Add Food Coloring to the Water

The type of food coloring you choose doesn’t matter, but how much you put in the water does. If you want something more pigmented, use more food coloring. However, if you want the light to reflect off the water in a prettier way, use less food coloring so the liquid is still transparent. You can play around with amounts of food dye to find what you like most.

3. Mix It Up

Then, be sure to mix the water and food coloring until it’s all your desired shade. You may want to add more water to dilute the color or more dye to create a stronger hue. The choice is up to you, but practice mixing the colors before your big day, or you might end up with a color you don’t want.

7 Colored Water Centerpieces Ideas for Any Wedding

Colored water centerpieces don’t have to be boring. You can dress them up in fancy containers or create elaborate centerpieces around the colors. As long as you have a bit of creativity, you can make these fabulous and affordable centerpieces work well with any kind of wedding.

1. Just the Water

A more whimsical couple may love to know they can just put colors in the water and be done with it. Pairing up a few colors, such as the palette for your wedding, in differently-sized glasses can create a centerpiece that flows seamlessly with the rest of your decor without stealing the show. You can also invest in fancier containers for the water than just plain ones if you want your centerpieces to look more luxurious.

2. Greenery

Add some greenery to the water for a splash of nature in your wedding! You can submerge it in water beads or stick greenery in the water and let it float around as it wishes. Make sure to choose something that goes with the other bouquets and floral arrangements in your wedding.

3. Floating Candles in Colored Water

Setting floating candles in colored water can be perfect for any elegant wedding. It’s perfect for the couple who doesn’t want to spend too much on flowers but still wants a timeless centerpiece that can add to the atmosphere. When opting for this centerpiece, use tall, clear vases, and you can just drop the candle on top.

4. Flower Petals

If you’re paying the average cost of up to $3,500 for florals, you may ask your florist if they have extra petals. Instead of using them in the aisle during the ceremony, you can put them in your colored water centerpieces. Make sure the petals stand out against the color you want to use in your containers.

5. Whole Flowers

If you have a little wiggle room in your floral budget, consider getting a small bouquet to add to a vase as a centerpiece. Since the water will be a different color, it might be a good idea to stick to white flowers or some complementary color. That way, they can still draw the eye without looking like they clash too much with the rest of your decorations.

6. Shells

Perfect for any beachy wedding, adding shells to your colored water centerpieces can help set the mood. Shells have several different meanings, depending on the culture they originate from. For example, cowrie shells are symbols of wealth and prosperity in many African cultures, making them an excellent option for your wedding. This option, when coupled with color psychology, can be super symbolic and meaningful to you and your future spouse.

7. Water Beads and Pearls

Water beads are unique items that can help you seemingly suspend objects in space. Fill a vase with them, then position something small around them, like pearls. When you add colored water to your container, the water beads seemingly disappear, allowing the objects you put in to look frozen in time. You can use water beads with just about anything — just make sure to use them safely.

Colored Water Centerpieces Bring Joy

People seem to be inherently more joyful when surrounded by an array of colors. Using the right colors can make your wedding light and fun or add to a specific theme you’re going for. Since you can dress up your colored water centerpieces to be as elegant or as fun as you like, you can ensure these beautiful decorations fit your big day — and your guests will marvel at how unique and creative they are.

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