• 11/02/2022

6 Home Coffee Station Ideas for Any Space

assorted coffee tools on a table for your coffee station ideas

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There’s nothing quite like the taste of a fresh cup of coffee in the morning to get you going. However, your coffee shop habit could be costing you big time — the average woman spends a whopping $2,327 on coffee each year. 

You don’t have to ditch your favorite drink to Setting up an at-home coffee bar can save you some serious cash. The upfront costs are definitely higher than a venti latte, but your bar will have paid for itself in under a year. No matter the space you have available, one of these coffee station ideas will work for your home and needs.  

1. Corner Counter Coffee

When you don’t have any extra floor or wall space to work with, you might think a coffee bar is out of your reach. However, some coffee station ideas are ideal for tight spaces — you just need to get creative. 

For this first option, all you need is a small section of the counter. The corner butting up against the fridge is typically an underutilized space, perfect for a coffee pot or espresso machine. You can store a few of your favorite syrups and coffee blends in the cabinet above or drawer below.  

A coffee machine and other appliances sit on a kitchen counter.

2. Rolling or Stationary Cart

Many of us have those awkward corners we don’t quite know what to do with. They’re too small to ignore, but you can’t think of anything you want to put there either. Why not use it for a cute coffee station? You can repurpose a piece of furniture you already have, like an end table or a short bookshelf. 

If you don’t have any unused furniture, take yourself shopping for the perfect thing. Look for something that looks nice but has good, functional storage as well. Display your pretty items on top and put the rest away inside the cart. 

3. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are certainly having their moment in interior design. This design feature is an ideal setup for all of your coffee-making things. Set a coffee maker on the counter below or on the shelf itself if you have an outlet available. Then add all your favorite coffee accouterments.

Coffee cups and a pour over glass sit on a floating shelf.

4. Coffee Nook

Older homes often have small nooks, adding to their unique charm. You could take one over and turn it into a caffeinated getaway. Tuck a small cart inside or have someone create a built-in specifically for your space. Add some lighting and shelving or artwork above for a decorative and functional new area, repurposing unused square footage. 

If you don’t have a nook to use, you can remove the door from a small closet you can live without and use the same method to set up a coffee station. 

5. Coffee Cabinet

Do you love a more minimal aesthetic? Hiding your coffee-making gear away in a cabinet may be more your style. Install a pull-out tray for your coffee maker and tuck your other supplies on the shelves above. This way, you can play barista to your heart’s content but put everything out of sight to enjoy your delicious treat. 

A mug reading "life begins after coffee"

6. Luxurious Coffee Bar

Last on our list is the ultimate coffee bar. There are many possible coffee station ideas if you have lots of space to work with. Dedicate a whole section of counter and cabinetry to a full-on coffee bar decked out with syrups, spices, coffee blends, teas, tools and anything else you might need. Splurge on the coffee maker and espresso machine. For some people, coffee is more than a habit — it’s a hobby. If that rings true for you, this setup might be just the ticket. 

Will You Try One of These Coffee Station Ideas?

You don’t need much space to make your coffee bar dreams come true. You can repurpose a  small section of the counter or an awkward empty corner. These coffee station ideas can help you achieve the setup of your dreams, saving you countless dollars over the course of a year. Stock it with your favorite beans, syrups and tools, so you don’t even miss those expensive coffee house concoctions.

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