• 07/04/2023

Aura Color Meanings and How to Read Your Aura

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Reading an aura is special, and not everyone can do it. You shouldn’t feel bad if you can’t see the “invisible color” around your person, but you should know which color you give off. The aura color meanings can tell you much about yourself and others, as well as encourage you to improve yourself in all ways. Once you know how to interpret an aura, you may feel addicted to giving people readings or checking your own.

What Does It Mean to Read an Aura?

Everyone has an aura. Sometimes, people have a mix of colors as their aura. Every living thing can have an aura, an electromagnetic field that surrounds you and vibrates at a certain frequency, which results in a color unique to you. Aura color meanings might differ depending on the person, so you can’t rely on aura as a whole to determine someone’s personality or values.

Those who can read auras can use it as a guide to help you learn more about yourself. Then, you may be able to undergo energy therapy, which can help you heal spiritually and unblock your chi so you feel more like yourself. Aura reading may also be able to detect illness, but you should always rely on a doctor to help you with certain treatments and diagnoses.

10 Aura Color Meanings

Auras come in many different colors and can coexist at once. Aura color meanings can give you a better understanding of what your aura indicates and what values you hold close, whether consciously or unconsciously. Here’s your guide to the colors you might see in your own aura.

1. Red

People with red auras are typically passionate. These people tend to be courageous and risk-takers who love a challenge. They’re dynamic people who can often lead a group well and bring out the best in others by encouraging them safely out of their comfort zone. They might also have a flair for drama.

2. Pink

Pink aura color meanings typically revolve around how sweet and romantic they are. Those with a soft pink aura typically pursue peace above all else, wanting to connect and empathize with everyone. These people typically have a calming presence that makes you feel comfortable to be around them.

A hot pink aura features the same values, but they’re more outgoing and popular. You might have several thousand followers on social media or are just a likable person. Those with hot pink auras are also easy to get along with. You might view them as a more outgoing subset of the pink aura.

3. Orange

Orange aura holders are the epitome of energy. They’re seemingly tireless, and they are full of good humor and cheer that can make people smile. They might be one of the first people to invite you into a friend group or include you in some fun plans. These people make and execute plans well, similar to folks with a red aura. 

They might be physically active people who encourage you to dive into activity with them. Physical activity can help reduce blood pressure and improve your mental state, making it a worthwhile pastime you can join in with your friends. Folks with an orange aura can encourage you to set goals and actually achieve them.

4. Yellow

Those with yellow auras are optimistic and intelligent. They’re creatives at heart who might come up with innovative ways of thinking. They’re typically confident in themselves, but they have enough emotional intelligence to know not to brag about it. They might be just as good of a leader as someone with a red aura.

5. Green

When you think of green, you may think of nature. People with green auras embody nature in that they can encourage themselves and others to grow. They openly share their love with others but can be strongly affected by their environment — so it’s important for them to get outside often and remember who they truly are. Doing meditation for root chakra can help alleviate anxiety and cultivate happiness and passion. People with green auras typically love people and animals deeply and are very empathetic.

6. Blue

You can always trust a person with a blue aura, as they typically value honesty and peace. Blue may also coincide with spirituality, meaning that a person is in touch with themselves or with religion. They might feel balanced and have a peace within them that others want to seek out. Simply being around them might make you feel better and want to set more goals for yourself.

7. Purple

Purple auras indicate a connection to the spiritual and almost psychic abilities. You might have great intuition if you have a purple aura. These people tend to be introverted and observant, and they’re often curious about the world around them. Purple is often thought of as the most mysterious color, and introverted folks with purple auras typically keep to themselves and make you want to get to know them a little more. You might want to trust their gut feelings more often.

8. Brown

People with brown auras tend to use their left brain often. They make logical, practical decisions and always seem to analyze the best solution to a problem. They might also be the group “parent” of a group of friends. Because they’re so good at taking care of situations, they can often take care of others as well. You want to be near these people and their exceptional energy.

9. Black

A black aura could mean several things. If your aura is typically another color, it could signify that you’re not feeling much like yourself or are experiencing a negative period in your life. You could be suppressing who you really are to appease others. It could just mean that your electromagnetic field isn’t vibrating at the frequency it should. 

Around 10% of Americans have depression, which can be improved through accessible therapy and medication. You can use your black aura as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and restore who you once were. It might just wake you up to understand you need to start prioritizing yourself and fighting back against depression.

10. White

This aura is so rare that you may never encounter it. These people are compassionate and selfless, similar to people with a purple aura. It often means that your crown chakra is open, which leads to spiritual awakening and a greater sense of intuition. You’re totally in tune with yourself and can help lead others toward the same path.

How to Read Your Own Aura

Most aura readings happen on other people, but you can also read your own aura. Now that you know aura color meanings, you can use this knowledge to your advantage to understand your own aura. Stand in front of a mirror and focus on yourself. If it helps, you might focus on a smaller part of your body, like your hands. Try to read your aura in a space that isn’t too busy with other colors.

If you can’t sense a color right away, don’t fret. You can create friction and see if a color emerges from that movement. If you’re still unsuccessful, you may need to get someone else to read your aura for you. Remember, auras can change over time, so if you’re unhappy with your result, you may be able to change it by getting more in tune with yourself. You can work on things like setting boundaries to make your aura a healthier color.

Use Aura Color Meanings to Your Advantage

If you can read auras, you’ll understand more about the people you talk to and get along with. Aura color meanings serve as a beacon to understanding a person as a generalized whole. People are more nuanced than a single color can describe them, so don’t let someone’s aura deter you from getting to know them. However, if you can understand the meaning of your own aura, you can use it to better yourself and become the person you want to be.

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