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Skinny Jeans in 2024: To Buy, Keep or Toss?

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Approaching the dawn of a new year ignites a period of deep reflection and resolution. It’s a juncture for soul-searching and contemplating personal identity, standing and aspirations. During this introspection, the persistent buzz of FOMO (fear of missing out) can be overwhelming. This is especially true when it comes to personal style choices. Revivalists, prepare for the long-awaited answer: Are skinny jeans out of style?

Skinny Jeans Consideration

A Revivalist team member recently attended a business dinner. She seized the opportunity to finally unveil those sleek black heels with a bow top and point-toe. She had snagged them from Zara a few months ago—eagerly waiting for their moment, beckoned with potential. A visit to Pinterest became essential in seeking inspiration to style these captivating shoes as the cornerstone of a dinner outfit.

Let’s face it: comfort wear has dominated after the pandemic and inspiration is out the door. Seeking guidance on styling those Zara bow top point-toe black heels revealed a delightful revelation. Pinterest overflowed with creative ideas. It spotlighted the favored combination: skinny jeans, a chic longline blazer and point-toe black shoes. Who knew skinny jeans were still “in”? The writer embraced the trend. She paired those old, sleek gray Witchery skinny jeans and confidently rocked the ensemble.

But, encountering peers sporting various types of jeans and pants triggered a moment of self-reflection. Was the writer’s style slightly outdated? This spurred an investigative mission to unravel the truth and assuage that persistent FOMO. Whether staying abreast of trends or feeling uncertain about personal style, dive in for insights on the skinny jeans dilemma.

The Origins of Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are often associated with the fashion zeitgeist of the 2010s. But, delving deeper reveals a richer narrative that traces back to the fashion revolution of the 2000s. During this transformative period, skinny jeans became popular. They quickly replaced the once-dominant boot-cut jeans from the ’90s. These snug-fitting jeans epitomized the essence of the time. They were low-rise and form-hugging. The emo culture thrived alongside the experimentation with a vivid array of colors in skinny jeans. 

Hedi Slimane championed this trend during his tenure at Dior Homme as Creative Director and Saint Laurent. He continues this legacy at Celine. His influence contributed to the explosive popularity of skinny jeans in the early 2000s.

Yet, the tale of skinny jeans extends beyond modern times. These sleek garments appeared sporadic in earlier fashion epochs, including the 50s, 60s and 80s. Their lineage dates back even further, to the 17th century, before denim existed. French nobility favored slim-cut trousers.

The Present Standing of Skinny Jeans

Conflicting opinions and declarations herald the end of an era for skinny jeans. But the reality unveils an enduring legacy. Alternative jean styles like wide-leg, mom jeans, flares and cargo jeans emerged as contenders. However, skinny jeans remain an unwavering fashion staple. Despite predictions from major publications, skinny jeans are not out of style or extinct.

If anything, they’re making a triumphant comeback. Like the current revival of fashion trends from the 2010s―Cut-off denim shorts, peplum and normcore? Skinny jeans are riding the same wave. Prominent fashion brands like Diesel boldly feature skinny jeans in its Spring Summer 2024 Runway Show. Luxury houses and retail giants like Balmain, Balenciaga, Levi’s®, Good American and Everlane® still offer many skinny jeans.

Retailers are pivoting their perspective. They now see skinny jeans as a timeless fashion essential. This cements their enduring relevance in the dynamic style landscape.

The Pros and Cons of Skinny Jeans


  • Fashionable: Skinny jeans are currently a fashionable choice among many individuals.
  • Versatility: They can be easily paired with various types of footwear, including sneakers, heels or boots.
  • Accentuate figure: For some body types, skinny jeans can accentuate curves and provide a sleek appearance.
  • Styling Options: They allow various styles, from casual to more dressed-up looks.


  • Discomfort: Many people experience discomfort due to the tightness, especially in the waist and crotch areas.
  • Fit Challenges: Finding the right size and fit can be difficult, causing issues like muffin tops or being too tight.
  • Limited Range of Movement: Skinny jeans can restrict movement compared to looser-fitting styles.
  • Not Universally Flattering: They might not suit all body types and can sometimes emphasize areas some might want to conceal.

Finding the ideal fit for skinny jeans relies heavily on personal preferences and body shapes. Factors like material and size significantly impact finding the perfect fit.

The Pros and Cons of Skinny Jeans

The Array of Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans offer an array of colors and styles from white to black, ripped to cropped. Here are some top picks:

Women’s Picks:

Men’s Picks:

Reflection on Skinny Jeans

“Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”―Billy Baldwin

And be faithful to nature, right? – “Several aspects of the fashion industry negatively affect the environment through pollution and waste.” – The industry pivots towards sustainability amid growing concerns about fashion’s environmental impact. Thrift shops advocate for slow fashion, curating personal style from past innovations.―Skinny jeans are versatile and suit various occasions. They exude elegance for a date night and casual chic for a workday or lunch with friends. Don’t succumb to trend hype that doesn’t align with your style. Trends fade, but personal style endures. 

Skinny Jeans Tip

Stick to what suits you and if you aim to stay updated with fashion trends, consider subtly adjusting your style to incorporate current trends. Create a capsule wardrobe that defines you. Here’s a fantastic checklist to curate your perfect capsule wardrobe—you’re welcome! 😉

G. Bruce Boyer, a renowned journalist and fashion editor, says, “Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.”

In Conclusion

Skinny jeans persist, undeterred by shifting narratives. Look beyond headlines and embrace comfort in your own skin. The Revivalist remains your steadfast companion. It offers insights into adventure, wellness, weddings, home, life and style. It does this irrespective of your choice to wear skinny jeans or not.

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