• 08/30/2022

The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Checklist


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A capsule wardrobe is a limited wardrobe with interchangeable pieces you can mix and match to make a variety of outfits. The clothes stay within a color palette, so no piece clashes with the others. 

There are various reasons why a capsule wardrobe might be right for you. These wardrobes are great for people who stress over what to wear or get overwhelmed by a volume of clothes they don’t love to wear. Having pieces that all go together will save you time picking out clothes for the day. It also saves money, since you won’t need as many unique items. 

A capsule wardrobe is more sustainable than a typical one since you’ll buy fewer clothes and keep the ones you have for years. 

How to Begin Your Capsule Wardrobe

There are no strict rules regarding what you choose for your wardrobe, but it’s essential to eliminate anything that doesn’t bring you joy.

You’ll also want to ensure you get rid of clothes that aren’t your size or anything that doesn’t fit your desired color palette. 

Then, use your remaining clothing to begin your capsule wardrobe. 

The Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

Though you’ll need fewer clothes than a usual wardrobe, your capsule wardrobe will still need various items. 

Here is the ultimate capsule wardrobe checklist. 


Let’s first look at the tops you’ll want in your capsule wardrobe. From tank tops and t-shirts to sweaters and cardigans, here’s what to put in your closet. 

  • A Solid Color T-Shirt – A solid t-shirt will form an excellent base for various outfits. The shirt can be dressed up or down and used as a layering piece. 
  • A Solid Tank Top – Similar to the t-shirt, a tank top serves as an excellent layering piece and can be worn on its own on hot days. 
  • A Patterned T-Shirt – A piece of clothing doesn’t have to be a solid color to coordinate with other pieces. A striped or dotted shirt can add dimension to an outfit, worn on its own or as a layer. 
  • A Couple Button-Downs – Button-Down shirts are incredibly versatile and you can style them in several ways. A plain white button-down is always a classic choice. Pair it with another solid or patterned shirt from your color palette.
  • A Cardigan – Nothing’s cozier than wrapping up in your favorite cardigan on a chilly day. This sweater can go over any of your tops, and you can wear it open or closed. 
  • A Jacket – Whether you choose a denim or leather jacket, having a sturdier source of warmth is good on those cold and rainy days. 
  • A Crew-Neck Sweater – You can’t go wrong with this staple, whether you wear it on its own or with a layer underneath. 
  • A Mock-Neck Sweater – Less bulky than a crew neck, this sweater is great as a more formal alternative. 
  • A Blazer – Blazers are a great way to dress up an outfit for a professional setting. 
  • An Everyday Dress – Whether running errands or attending a parent-teacher conference, you can dress it up or down. 
  • A Formal Dress – This is the dress you’ll want to wear at formal events, like a wedding or night at the theatre. 
  • A Vest – Vests are a great layering piece that adds interest over any top. 
  • A Winter Coat – If you live in an area with freezing temperatures, a winter coat is a must-have to stay warm when out and about. 


Though you’ll need fewer bottom pieces, each has its purpose in completing your outfit. Here’s what you’ll need. 

  • Casual Jeans – This can be any blue jeans you love wearing in an everyday setting. They can go with any top in your wardrobe. 
  • Dress Jeans – You’ll want a pair of nicer jeans that you can wear in a professional setting if your casual jeans have holes or acid wash. 
  • Two Pairs of Dress Pants – You’ll likely want a black and khaki pair of dress pants to go with your tops to formal events. One of these pants could also match your blazer to make a suit. 
  • Denim Shorts – Denim shorts are another staple great for warm days.
  • Khaki Shorts- These shorts can work for slightly more formal occasions. 
  • A Skirt – A solid-color skirt can be an excellent addition that you can combine with any top.
  • Leggings – A good pair of leggings for running errands or putting under a dress are a great way to stay comfortable. 


You only need a handful of shoes that fit your outfit’s color scheme to have a successful capsule wardrobe. 

One pair each of casual boots, dress boots, tennis shoes, work shoes, flat dress shoes, heels, flip-flops and sandals. 

Using a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a great way to make a variety of outfits with fewer pieces than a typical wardrobe. 

Thanks to their interchangeable nature, the clothes in your capsule wardrobe ready you for any day. 

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