• 07/20/2020

8 Great Ways to Stay Inspired While Working from Home

stay inspired while working from home

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Working from home is like a dream come true for most. However, it takes time adjusting, which is not as easy as some people point it out to be. There are lots of distractions, and there are times where you lose inspiration and drive. To help you with this, we are sharing eight things you can do to keep you inspired while working from home:

Wake up early

How you start your day is very important when you’re working from home. We know how tempting it is to stay longer in bed as you no longer have to travel, which can cause tiredness and lack of productivity.By getting up early, you get to put everything in order and prepare your day ahead. If you have a morning ritual, then this is an excellent opportunity to enjoy it. You also get to prepare a healthy breakfast for yourself since you’re not much in a hurry.

Come up with a schedule

Working from home may also mean having a flexible schedule. It can be tempting to do work whenever you feel like it. However, this will not make you more productive. In fact, it may cause you to be lazier.To prevent this, we highly suggest coming up with your schedule. Include your wake-up time, work time, and break time. Make sure to keep everything balanced between your work and personal tasks.

Establish a dedicated office space

The next thing that you should do is to have a dedicated workspace. This should be an area separate from your bedroom or away from your bed. It will help you differentiate work from rest. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Keep things organized
  • Add some plants
  • Soundproof the area
  • Stay away from distractions
  • Personalized the area

In other words, your workspace should be something that will inspire your creative juices to flow. You can put up some quote banners or frames that will inspire you to work harder. But more importantly, your space should make you feel comfortable. If you don’t have time to clean up your space, you can even get an office cleaning service to help you with this.

Practice time blocking

We’ve already mentioned creating your schedule. Now, why don’t you go the extra mile by practicing time blocking? This is when you block-off a particular time to do only this task so you can focus better. Start by creating a list of activities you need to get done in the day. Then, arrange the order of the list based on its priority. Once you’re done, schedule when it’s best to do those tasks. Take into consideration your energy level throughout the day. If your mind is more active in the morning, do the tasks that require more energy in the day, then do the smallest tasks in the afternoon. This would ensure that you get things done.

Eliminate potential distractions

You see, the things listed above are all ways to eliminate potential distractions. However, the best thing that you can do is keep your phone away and clear your desktop of any non-work-related stuff. Keep your desk organized to declutter your mind, too. This helps you better concentrate on the current task at hand.

Reward yourself

Giving out rewards is the usual tactic employers use for their employees to keep them motivated. But nobody said you couldn’t reward yourself, right?You might think this is silly, but a lot of people find this effective. Think about the most challenging task that you need to get done that day, then think of something that you want. Tell yourself that you’ll only be able to get that if you finish the task.

Check-in with your co-workers

One sad thing about working from home is that you don’t have colleagues. Regardless if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, social interactions are pretty essential to keep us inspired. Fortunately, we now have the technology to help us reach our colleagues despite working at home. Here are a few things you can do with technology to keep in check with your workmates:

  • Schedule plenty of zoom calls
  • Take virtual lunch breaks together
  • Have casual chats
  • Celebrate each other’s milestones

Of course, do these all during your break or after work. Keeping in touch is not only good for you but your colleagues too.

Don’t forget about self-care

Some people working remotely tend to forget the difference between work and their personal life. They are those who dedicate more time to working that they even forget to take breaks. Please, don’t do this to yourself. No matter how much you love work, put health as the number one priority. Don’t skip your meals and make sure you get enough sleep. Exhausting yourself may cause you to become more unproductive. You also sacrifice the quality of your work, which will make things worse not only for you but for the company as well.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! The bottom line is, create a boundary between work and your personal life. Working from home should give you convenience and not the other way around. But, only you will be able to take control of this. Hopefully, with the eight things above, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect work-life balance in a work-at-home set-up.

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