• 06/01/2022

7 Ways the Best Wedding Planning Books Reduce Stress


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Although planning for your wedding should be fun, many brides experience high levels of stress during the months before their wedding. There’s a lot of pressure to know what you want, to get everything right, and to make everyone happy – all while staying within your budget. That’s where wedding planning books come in.

There are many tools you can use to reduce your stress so you can enjoy this season before marriage. Finding a resourceful wedding planning book is one of the most cost-effective ways to help yourself out. Here are seven ways that a good wedding planning book can reduce stress and help you prepare for your big day. 

Benefits of Wedding Planning Books

1. Include Event Checklists

A wedding is just a big party – one with a large guest list, a timeline of scheduled events, and you and your significant other as the guests of honor. Because you’ll be so busy during the event, it’s essential that you plan out everything ahead of time. This is where having an event checklist comes in handy. 

Wedding checklists can help you pick and choose the details you really care about having on your wedding day. They also ensure that you remember every step you need to take to pull off this event, from ordering your dress to sending out invitations. It’s a good idea to look at several checklists and create an optimal version of your own for your planning book. 

2. Organize Your Calendar

Planning a wedding can take months, depending on how long it takes to order your gown, secure a venue, and coordinate with guests. For example, most wedding experts suggest allowing six months for your dress to come in and then planning more time for alterations. 

Wedding planning books often include calendars for the months before your wedding so that you can keep track of what tasks you need to do each month to be ready by your save-the-date. The more you accomplish early on, the less stressful the month of your wedding will be. 

3. Keep Information Together

Without an organizational plan, you can easily lose checklists, documents, and other important information during the planning process for your wedding. A structured wedding planner is incredibly helpful for keeping all of your event information in one place. 

If you use a planning book, you can take it with you to meet vendors and quickly flip through the pages to locate any information you need. Instead of carrying loose papers or checking Google Docs on your phone, you’ll have a physical copy of your guest list, vendor information, and budgeting details. 

4. Record Guest List 

A wedding planning book is also incredibly useful for keeping track of any guest information. Managing the guestlist for your wedding can be incredibly stressful because you don’t want to leave anyone important out on accident. Having a comprehensive list can also help you decide who to cut if your numbers are too high. 

In the guest address section, some wedding planners also include spots to mark off invitations, RSVPs, and thank you letters. Many planners also have space for figuring out your seating chart so that your guests are positioned to have as much fun as possible. 

5. Contain Budgeting Tools

Choosing and maintaining your wedding budget can be one of the biggest stressors during your planning process. Wedding planning books can help with this because they put your numbers on paper and help you make realistic goals for what you want to spend. They can also help you keep track of when and if you’ve paid vendors. 

If you end up deciding to go over budget, you can keep track of these extra expenses in your planner so that you know how much your wedding actually costs versus how much you budgeted for it. Knowledge is power, and writing down your numbers may be enough to keep you on track with your budgeting goals. 

6. Inspire You to Dream

In addition to having beautiful colors and fonts, many wedding planning books include space inside for mood boards, sketches of your dress, and inspirational images. These creative sections can help you stay inspired and renew your zest for taking the next step in your calendar.

Some wedding planning books also include blank journal pages so you can document your thoughts and experiences during the planning process. Working out your emotions on paper can reduce stress while you plan, and these notes can be really fun to come back to later.

7. Meet Your Needs

There are hundreds of different wedding planning books in the market because there are hundreds of different brides looking for them. Although many planners are more general, others have been designed to suit specific types of events, such as outdoor or destination weddings. 

Before you look for a planner, think about your goals and the way you work best. How do you usually like to organize things? What do you already have under control, and what could you use help with? Regardless of your answers, there’s a planner out there that’s been designed to meet your needs

Here Comes the Bride

Investing in a wedding planning book can save you a significant amount of stress during your planning process. This essential resource helps you keep track of what you need to do and when you need to do it, so you can focus on enjoying this season and anticipate walking down the aisle stress-free.

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