• 02/18/2022

5 Ways to DIY Past Life Regression Meditation


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Meditating to figure out the details of your past lives might sound wild if you’ve never done it before. Although not everybody believes in past lives, there are varying levels of belief that go into past life regression meditation. You don’t need to be sold on the entire concept in order to give past life meditation a try. Instead, you can try a DIY past life regression meditation to get started.

You can also use meditation on its own in order to explore the subject of your own past lives. Whether you’re familiar with this subject already or you are just diving in, here are a few ways that you can get started on exploring your past lives.

1. Use Tarot Cards

Tarot cards or other forms of divination are often involved in the process. Tarot cards can give an accurate read on the questions you might want to explore in your past life. You can use familiar tarot spreads or even find examples online that are specific to past life regression readings. Once you find a tarot spread and reading that resonates with you, you can meditate on it for more clarity.

2. Read Your Tea Leaves

Tea leaf reading is another great divination tool. It can be translated easily into past life readings and past life meditations. Reading your tea leaves involves setting an intention, asking a question and utilizing the patterns of leaves on the cup. It is similar to the way people read runes and tarot cards. You can use this as a step before you actually begin the meditation to have some direction. 

3. Use Meditation Music

When the time comes to get into the past life regression meditation, it can help to be as chilled out as possible. This means setting the mood up right with the appropriate soundscape. Using meditation music can actually be extremely helpful in achieving focus.

You can even find meditation music that is geared at specific chakras you want to focus on. You can pick one that feels the most relevant to your focus in your past life meditation. If you feel like one of your past lives has a heavy focus on love, you might want to choose a heart chakra meditation music track. On the other hand, if you feel like you want to expand on your past life’s religious experience, you might instead choose a third eye meditation track.

4. Try a Hypnotherapy Track

Another great way to get centered into your meditation practice, specifically with a pointed focus on a specific subject like past lives, is by using guided meditation tracks, or even hypnotherapy tracks to guide you deeper into your practice. There are plenty of options for hypnotherapy out there. It can be best to find a track that focuses on something specific in your past life exploration.

5. Try It Multiple Times

This is something that can be extremely beneficial when exploring any subject of meditation, but especially past lives. Meditation is a practice above all else, so it makes sense that repeating it can help you dive deeper. Past lives are a vast well of knowledge, and you likely will not be able to glean all of the information from one meditation. Instead, looking at it as a process will be the best way to learn and grow through exploring your past lives.

Past Life Meditations

Even though some people love getting readings and going to a professional, you can absolutely do the internal work to explore your past lives on your own. By using tools of divination and trying different meditation techniques, you can look inside yourself and grow from there. Follow this guide to DIY a past life regression meditation.

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