• 05/02/2022

5 Things You Should Know About Staying in a Tourist House


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When you travel somewhere, especially abroad, finding the proper lodging can be challenging. Instead of shelling out for a nice hotel wherever you go, consider opting for a tourist house that can give you all the comforts of a hotel with only a fraction of the price. These houses can prove particularly handy, but they may not be the best option for everyone because they may have more rules than the average hotel room.

What Is a Tourist House?

A tourist house, also called a tourist home, is simple — it houses tourists for anywhere from one night to the duration of their stay, which could be weeks or longer. Typically, other folks live in the house and rent out the rooms. Some tourist houses double ad bed and breakfasts. During short-term stays, travelers may have the same experience as if they stayed at a bed and breakfast. Many travelers prefer the personal touch of these types of visits, as it allows them almost to live a day in the life of someone who lives in the destination.

To find a tourist house, you can look online. Travelers who scour the Internet are sure to find a place that suits their needs with rooms for rent. You might be able to find a home with maximum interaction with the family who lives there if you want to practice the language, or if you would rather not be bothered, you can find some houses where the hosts are relatively hands-off.

What to Keep in Mind When Staying in a Tourist House

Tourist houses are all over the place. Families willingly open their homes to give tourists a place to stay while enjoying the city or visiting for business. Though you may be paying to stay there, you should have a certain degree of etiquette when interacting with the tourist house and its inhabitants.

1. It’s Still a House

While it might be a place you temporarily stay, the house is home to a family every day. Remember that it isn’t a hotel — it’s a house, and people live there while you’re staying there. You should respect the people in whose place you’re visiting, which means respecting their rules while enjoying your vacation.

You may also reach out to the family and ask them questions about their town. They may be able to tell you the best attractions and restaurants to try. They may also appreciate you asking for guidance. At the same time, you’ll receive advice from locals who know things that travel websites couldn’t tell you.

2. Know the Rules

Make sure you know the rules of the house before your stay. For example, most homes don’t support smoking indoors, so if you smoke, that’s something you need to know before you choose to stay there. You should also learn what they expect in terms of fridge and pantry space, as well as if you can use their streaming platforms or if you need to stream on your own devices with your account.

As a general rule, you should avoid intruding on others’ privacy, which entails staying out of rooms that you aren’t staying in or don’t need access to. Also, you could contact the host and ask for their phone number or the number of someone they can call if there is an emergency at the tourist house while you’re there, but they are not home.

3. Clean Up Your Messes

You shouldn’t leave your messes behind for your host to find after you’ve left. Doing so might get you bad reviews if you booked them through a specific platform. Instead, have empathy and clean up any messes that you may leave behind. Once you arrive, you might ask your host where they keep the cleaning supplies and what you’re allowed to use if a mess happens. You may ask for disinfectant wipes or access to the vacuum, but make sure you ask for an extra garbage bag for your room if you end up with a lot of waste.

4. Mind Your Manners

Just because your hosts opened their tourist house to you doesn’t mean they consented to your guests. Even though your hosts aren’t your guardians, you should ask their permission before inviting someone they don’t know over to their home. Even if this person is one of your close friends, your hosts will still appreciate the heads up and will be grateful to know who exactly is in their home.

5. Observe Quiet Hours

Who has a curfew on vacation? Your host likely won’t give you a curfew while staying in the tourist house, but you should still observe quiet hours. Try not to come into the house loudly past a particular time. Quiet hours typically depend on the person in charge, but as a rule, try to avoid making excess noise past ten in the evening. You want your host family to get their rest, and they should respect you in turn by being quieter in the morning when you’re trying to rest.

Making a Tourist House Feel Like Home

While more people than just you may occupy a tourist house, you can still make yourself at home. Bring enough things with you to utilize the furniture in the bedroom. For however long you’re staying, that room is yours, and you can decorate it with your items as you see fit. If you’re the only one using a certain bathroom, you can leave your things in there and make it look lived in, all while respecting the rules of your host family. Above all, as long as you respect the people you’re paying to stay there, you’ll be sure to have an excellent time on vacation.

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