• 09/06/2023

13 Travel Essentials for Women Who Adventure Solo

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Who said guys have a monopoly on wanderlust? It’s empowering to travel alone as a woman. Of course, reality dictates you take additional precautions to stay safe. The right travel essentials for women protect you from danger or make getting yourself out of a jam easier.  

What should you be sure to pack in your carry-on or trunk? Here are 13 travel essentials for women who adventure solo. 

1. A Reinforcing Door Lock 

You know you should use your deadbolt when in your room. However, even that isn’t enough protection at some establishments. Why? Hotel personnel carry master keys. Someone intent on harming you could follow you, feign misplacing their key and ask a passing associate to help you with “their” lock — admitting them into your room. Furthermore, how much control do you have over their employee screening process, especially if traveling abroad where laws differ? 

A reinforcing door lock is a must-have travel essential for women. Here are several of your best bets: 

2. A Doorstop Alarm

A portable door lock is half the battle, keeping out unwanted visitors who manage to get a key. However, what if you sleep like the dead? Although it’s highly unlikely in today’s world with cameras nearly everywhere, someone could try to pick your lock in the wee hours — are you sure you’ll wake up? You will with a doorstop alarm that alerts you to a break-in. Consider one of these models:

3. An Anti-Theft Backpack

Backpacks are the way to go. These travel essentials for women are far more comfortable to carry than a suitcase, and most models fit into overhead bins. You keep your hands free, which increases your safety by leaving you less encumbered if you must fight or flee. Additionally, anti-theft models protect your important documents, like your passport, from pickpockets. Here are several models to consider: 

  • Mosiso 30L Tactical Backpack: This puppy doubles as a nice bug-out bag. Its Molle compatibility means you can add additional compartments, including specialty holsters for bear spray, as needed. It has a hidden anti-theft pocket to secure your documents and a side pocket for your water bottle. Plus, it makes you look tough — and your appearance can attract or deter theft. 
  • Matein Travel Laptop Backpack: This travel backpack features a safe pocket for your laptop and an external USB port for keeping your phone juiced without opening your bag at the airport. It also comes in multiple colors and patterns to match your every mood, and its affordable price lets you buy one to match various outfits. 

4. A Personal Alarm 

You don’t need to speak French to get the attention of passersby when visiting Paris solo if you have the right personal alarm. These devices emit a screech well above 100 decibels, enough to alert the authorities. Most models also come with lights to match the siren, shedding light on the suspect or guiding you as you search your purse for your room key in a darkened restaurant. Here are some to consider:

  • She’s Birdie: This original personal alarm for women features 130 decibels, a strobe light and a keychain. 
  • BlingSting Personal Safety Alarm for Women: The adorable heart shape and rhinestones make this a darling accessory even if you never use it. 
  • SRTKBEU Personal Alarm: These absolutely enchanting bear-shaped alarms come in six packs — if you’re the type of person who loses one of everything. 

5. A GPS With 2-Way Messaging 

If you go where cellphone connectivity doesn’t reach, a GPS with 2-way messaging is a travel essential you can’t do without. Carrying one is necessary if attempting a solo trek of the Pacific Coast, Continental Divide or Appalachian Trail. Add one of these to your Triple Crown training must-haves list: 

  • Garmin 67i with InReach Technology: While this bad boy will set you back, it’s the best of the best in off-grid navigation. It features 2-way messaging to communicate with rescue personnel, location tracking and an interactive SOS with a 24/7 monitored emergency response system. You can also access live weather reports and geocaching. 
  • Garmin InReach Messenger: Although it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, it costs less and still allows 2-way satellite communications with rescue personnel. 

6. Cup Condoms 

As a savvy solo woman traveler, you know better than to leave your drink unattended. However, shifty creeps can slip a substance into your beverage in a fraction of a second. 

Your solution? Cup condoms. These latex covers shield your drink from roofies and make walking easier without spilling that overflowing martini. 

7. A Tile or Two

Where in the world is your luggage? You would know if you had a Tile attached to it and the right app downloaded to your phone. These little tracking devices are musts for items you frequently misplace, like your car keys and wallet, but they can also protect your possessions on the road. 

8. A Portable Lock Box 

Did you think your grandmother’s prize broach you carry home from her funeral is safe in the hotel safe? Think again. One travel essential all solo women travelers need is a portable lock box for their most valuable possessions. Your best bet is to leave them at home, but when you can’t, a personal travel safe provides another level of protection. 

9. A Hidden Pocket 

One good thing about wearing a bra is the extra hanging space it gives you for travel essentials like this undercover travel pouch. The Yoyi Yoyi features RFID-blocking technology to protect your credit and debit cards. Keep your passport, ID and extra cash safely tucked against your body without offending cashiers with sweaty bills. 

10. A First Aid Kit 

What’s as much of a travel essential as a first aid kit? Knowing how to use what’s inside. Order this 1st Aid model a week before departure to acquaint yourself with the contents and add any extras you may need, like copies of prescriptions. 

11. A Portable Power Bank 

Your phone dying is an inconvenience at the office. It can mean life or death in an emergency when far from home. This GOODaaa portable power bank can run up to seven devices and has five ways of recharging, including solar power and a hand crank. It’s a must-have for preppers, too. 

12. Pepper Spray 

What do you do when you have to defend yourself, and no one is around to help? Solo women adventurers can empower themselves by taking self-defense classes and carrying pepper spray. Although you must check the laws in your destination, you can take up to one container in your checked luggage. Try one of these: 

  • Sabre Red Pepper Spray Self-Defense Kit: This convenient kit has a carrying case you can strap to your upper arm or wrist. It contains 25 bursts of police-strength pepper spray with a marking agent and a 130-decibel alarm. It’s a must if you love to run in strange locations. 
  • Vexor Pepper Spray: The original law enforcement strength spray featuring a 365-degree flip top and 20 feet of spraying power. 
  • Eliminatory Lipstick Pepper Spray: If someone making you uncomfortable gets too close, feign a touch-up by grabbing this from your bag to have it the ready. 

13. A Multitool 

You don’t have to be a MacGuyver wannabe to recognize the value of a multitool. This travel essential for women is a must for road trips to perform minor repairs in case of a breakdown. Hikers and campers need them, too. Here are some of the best and most affordable: 

  • RoverTool Camping Survival Multitool: This model is best for backpackers, with a hammer, axe, pliers, saw, hammer, wrenches, screwdriver, bottle opener, file and fish descaler. 
  • Dewalt MT16 Multitool: Compact and features pliers, wire cutters, two knife blades, scissors, a file, screwdrivers, a carabiner, a ruler and a bottle opener. 

Travel Essentials for Women

Women can empower themselves through solo adventuring. The right travel essentials for women keep you safer on your trek. 

Stock up on these travel essentials for women before you hit the trail or earn your next passport stamp. Hopefully, you won’t need any of the items on this list — but you’ll be grateful for them if you do. 

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