• 08/30/2023

13 Small Entryway Ideas to Make a Big First Impression 

small entryway ideas

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Does your pad welcome you home with open arms, making you feel better the minute you pull up? The right small entryway ideas transform getting in from work into a homecoming. 

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your home’s entrance is the first thing guests see. It can make or break your chances of selling if in the market. 

What should you do to make yourself and your guests feel more welcome? Here are 13 small entryway ideas to help you make a big first impression. 

1. Under the Sea 

Something about the sound of running water soothes the soul. That’s not a subjective observation — it’s science. The results of several studies show its calming effect on blood pressure and heart rate, important biometric indicators of stress. 

Adding a fountain to your small entryway puts you in a spa-like mood the instant you step foot in the door. You can also find outdoor models for your patio. Those with truly tiny places can find wall-mounted models that are only an inch or so thick but still create a soothing soundscape. 

2. Ivy League 

Is your home’s architecture best described as Mediterranean, Tuscan, Victorian or Tudor? If so, trellises of ivy bring the beauty of nature to your front door. There are many ways you can use climbing vines to enhance your small entryway with these ideas: 

  • Extend the entry: Add an arched trellis to your front porch, letting the ivy trail over the surrounding railings. 
  • A little sun cover: Criss-crossing top beams let you make a living porch roof. 
  • Let it climb: You can also let ivy climb over your home’s facade. Just be aware that this living decor has roots and provides habitats for critters, so remain alert to signs of insect damage or cracks. 

3. Cottage Chic 

Even the most unassuming home exterior comes alive with vibrant color when you add a few planter boxes. This small entryway idea is perfect for people with equally tiny budgets, as you can pickup the materials for free. How? Look for free pallets at hardware stores and follow a few DIY steps to transform them, adding them to any front-facing windows. 

Then, hit your local dollar store for an inexpensive wreath base and perhaps some blooms and ribbons to adorn it if you don’t have fresh. Create a matching wreath to hang on your front door. Even the most boring external facade can look cute with this approach. 

4. Enter the Colosseum 

Columns might be staples of ancient Greek and Roman architectural styles. However, you can update them, making them modern and freshening your home’s facade. 

For example, homes with an industrial design might repurpose steel beams instead of wooden supports to hold up their porch roof. Replacing a traditional door frame with a larger border can transform your exterior, especially when paired with a shiny new coat of paint on your door and shutters.

5. Shut the Barn Door 

Another small entryway idea that stands out is to replace your traditional door with a quirkier model. For example, a barn door with a dual opening looks fabulous on rustic-style homes. It’s also fun for the kiddos when they play “drive thru” — open the top half to create a makeshift “service window.” 

Where to find such inspiration? Look for places that sell reclaimed wood and check with your local scrap yard. You might find anything from industrial iron grates to 18th-century oak. 

6. Crystal Magic 

Are you a feng shui fan? If so, you probably know you shouldn’t put a mirror facing the door, as it will reflect any happy energy right back outside.

However, one small entryway idea to enlarge your space is to hang them on either side. Doing so makes the area appear larger and spreads light throughout. You can also hang crystals for the same purpose, acting as prisms to create a welcoming rainbow to cross as you enter. 

7. Home, Furry Home 

Do most of your home’s residents have four legs and fur? If so, your entryway can declare, “dogs definitely allowed.” 

What do you need for a puppy-proof entry? The following features please you and Fido: 

  • Hooks for hanging leases
  • Semi-gloss paint that easily wipes clean of mud splatter 
  • Washable indoor and outdoor “Wipe Your Paws” mats with an appropriate surface for painlessly removing debris from your pup’s feet. 
  • Storage for old towels to let you wipe your pup down before they go further into the house. 

8. Garden Seating 

Do you want a front porch inviting neighbors to swing by and sit a spell? Add some planter garden benches to your entryway. You can place them parallel outside your door to create a cozy, enclosed feeling or fan them out on a diagonal from the entrance to make the space seem larger. Add extra planters to show off your green thumb. 

Pro-tip: Plant your garden benches and surrounding urns with fragrant herbs. Why? They’re easy to propagate from cuttings, and you can offer those who stop and chat a bit to take home for their garden or simply add flavor to their dinner. 

9. It’s a Family Affair 

You might not think of a gallery wall as a fabulous small entryway idea, but it all depends on your design choices. While a flurry of smaller frames can make the space look cluttered, a single large one or a pair creates a roomier feel. 

Go through your family photo collection. Can you have your favorite one enlarged or combine several pictures into a mural showing your happy memories to all who enter? 

10. A Fragrant Welcoming

Imagine having a servant whose only job was to spritz rosewater to create an atmosphere as you entered your home. Guess what? The advent of motion-detecting diffusers makes it possible — without forcing you to adopt harsh labor practices. 

You can find wall-mounted and tabletop versions, allowing you to choose the ideal model for your entryway. Every time you come home, a whiff of your favorite aroma greets you, instantly lifting your mood. 

11. The Minimalist Approach

Are you a fan of the KonMari Method? You need clean, crisp, small entryway ideas that reflect your simple yet elegant tastes. 

Give everything a fresh coat of paint in a light shade and add only simple coat hooks and a shoe rack to your entryway. A basic welcome mat is the only other touch you need. 

12. The Red Carpet Treatment 

You might associate awnings with storefronts and hotels, but there’s no law saying private citizens can’t use them. Doing so creates additional shade and makes a striking entryway when coupled with the right mat or runner. 

Your awning and runner combo can be big, small, rectangular or curved — whatever best fits your space. It also works well paired with a fresh coat of paint. For example, make a gray facade cheerier with an emerald green door and mat and a white-and-green striped awning, perhaps adorned by a hanging plant or two.

13. The Host With the Most 

Are you known for hosting the best dinner parties? If entertainment is at the heart of your home, incorporate your passion into your small entryway ideas. 

For example, add a small table with a tea service set. A fruit bowl filled with abundance from your garden and trees also works, as does a bar caddy if you and your friends indulge in adult beverages. 

Small Entryway Ideas That Wow 

How does your house welcome you home? The right small entryway ideas wow your guests and make you feel better whenever you pull into your driveway. 

Get creative with these small entryway ideas, mixing and matching elements to create your perfect homecoming. Even a tiny space can reflect your home’s signature style. 

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