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13 Morning Affirmations to Start Your Day Right 

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The way you start your day colors the next 24 hours. A dose of positivity from the right morning affirmations adjusts your mood and mindset, reminding you of the capable human being you are. 

These little sayings can serve as valuable sources of connection with the higher, better self you hope to become. You can recite them, write them in your journal or planner and post them on your mirror — any method that works best for you. 

What should you chant to make the most of each new 24 hours? Here are 13 morning affirmations to start your day right. 

Why Affirmations Are So Useful in the Morning  

Many people use the words “affirmation” and “intention” interchangeably. Although the two words express similar concepts, remain mindful of the following differences:

  • An intention expresses an energy you wish to increase and manifest throughout your day. For example, “I am content in my place in the Universe,” can be an intention if you have anxiety and hope to increase a feeling of certainty amid a chaotic outer environment. 
  • An affirmation is an expression of an inherent trait, what is. Therefore, “I am content in my place in the Universe,” can also be an affirmation, a statement of truth as you understand it. 

When you consider the same words can form both an intention and an affirmation, you see the intricate connection between the two concepts more clearly. In order to amplify the energy you hope to see in the world, it must first exist within you. Speaking morning affirmations reconfirms your best and highest beliefs in yourself while also serving as an intention to invite more of that energy or spirit into your day. 

13 Morning Affirmations to Start Your Day Right 

What if you wake up with your brain foggy and affirmations don’t spring naturally to mind? That’s okay. You can select any one of these 13 morning affirmations the night before. Write it down in a bedside journal or place it on a sticky note on your nightstand. If you’re tech-savvy, you might even create a recording of your favorite morning affirmations to rouse you as your alarm clock. 

1. Never Let the Things You Want Distract You From the Things You Have 

Here’s a great reminder to practice gratitude upon awakening. It’s easy to wake up and have your mind fly immediately to your to-do list, but why? It’s because you have goals you want to achieve — even if they only consist of maintaining the roof over your head. 

Duty will come soon enough. Instead, use this affirmation to raise your vibration by shifting your attention to all you already have. Perhaps spend a few minutes writing in your gratitude journal to start your day with a smile. Your spouse and kids will appreciate the extra affection you show them after focusing on how lucky you are to have them in your life. 

2. I Will Achieve Great Things Through Small Steps 

Huge tasks — like starting a business with zero know-how or capital or finishing a novel — can seem overwhelming. It’s easy to let the enormity of the task paralyze you, thinking it’s way too much and there’s no way you finish. However, as the old Chinese proverb goes, that thousand-mile journey begins with a single step. Use this affirmation to remind you to focus only on what you can do that day, letting the rest of the future take care of itself. 

3. My Body Is a Treasure, Which I Care for With Love 

Are you guilty of neglecting yourself in your race to accomplish your goals or fulfill your duties? You can’t pour from an empty pitcher, and self-care isn’t selfish — it’s necessary so that you can perform at your best when going about your other responsibilities. 

Use this affirmation to remind you to put your wellness needs first, as it’s hard to do anything else with an unhealthy body. As you make your mental to-do list for the day, prioritize:

  • Brushing and flossing your teeth, complete with rinse
  • Getting a little mild exercise, perhaps beginning your day with a brief yoga flow. 
  • Eating nourishing meals throughout the day consisting of whole foods that resemble their natural forms. 

4. I Am Worthy of Love and Respect Just as I Am

Do you struggle with low self-esteem or imposter syndrome? Do you feel like if you don’t perform at your best, everyone in your life will abandon you? Combat that fear with this morning affirmation that reminds you that every living creature deserves basic respect and dignity and that people care about you simply for being you. 

5. I Am Bigger Than My Current Challenges

Sometimes, life can make you wave the white flag. It’s okay to decide that something is temporarily out of reach, but it’s not okay to give up. There’s always a solution you haven’t considered, even if it is radical and outside of your comfort zone. This morning affirmation reminds you that you can find a way to solve seemingly impossible situations. 

6. I Am Not in Control of Anyone or Anything Besides Myself 

Then again, there is a time for radical acceptance. You can’t change some things, including other people. This morning affirmation comes in handy if you struggle with toxic people in your life. It reminds you that their attitudes and behavior belong to them, not you, and while you may need to interact with them, you don’t need to let them dim your shine. 

7. I Am a Work in Progress

What would happen if you reached “perfection?” You’d have no reason to do anything else. The real goal is homeostasis — controlled, peaceful shifts that don’t disrupt your nervous system too much and lead to lasting improvements without unforeseen consequences. Use this affirmation to remind yourself that progress is gradual and focus on becoming 1% better each day.

8. I Am on My Own Path

Sometimes, life can pull you in a million different directions. This saying centers you, reminding you that while you may explore side trails, your choice of destination is ultimately up to you. 

9. I Have the Power to Make Someone Happy Today

Sometimes, life can leave you feeling powerless. You might not have the money to do what you desire or even meet your basic needs. However, you can always bring a smile to someone else’s face. The best part? Your random act of kindness increases the level of feel-good chemicals in your body, helping the rest of your day seem brighter, too. 

10. I Am Centered and at Peace

The outer world can seem chaotic. However, you can find within yourself an unshakeable core. Use this morning affirmation to gather your strength to weather any storms the day may bring. 

11. I Support Others and Ask for Help When Needed 

This saying reminds you that life is a give and take. You help out others when they need it and in exchange, they return the favor. Remind yourself of the goodness that comes out of cooperation with this affirmation. 

12. I See the Good in Others and Myself

It’s easy to fall into a blame trap. However, situations are rarely entirely one-sided. Choosing to see the good in others lets you negotiate in better faith, mitigating the suspicion that they only want to do you wrong. It’s another great morning affirmation to use if your day ahead involves dealing with difficult people. 

13. Today, I Will Stop Worrying and Start Doing 

How often do you hold yourself back out of fear? Perhaps you dream of becoming an influencer, but the thought of actually appearing on video turns you inside out with self-doubt. What if people make fun of you? What if no one responds at all? 

The fact is, there are no guarantees. However, when you put good energy out into the world, it tends to come back to you. Use this knowledge and morning affirmation to overcome this fear and pursue your dreams, even if they give you stomach butterflies. 

Begin Your Day With These Morning Affirmations 

The first few minutes of your day color your mood and mindset for the next 24 hours. Begin yours right with one of these morning affirmations to adjust your attitude to the positive. 

Write them down, keep them near your bed, anywhere you’ll see them when you first open your eyes. These morning affirmations remind you of who you are and that you have the power to rock the day ahead. 

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