• 08/23/2021

10 Simple Work From Home Tips


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Working in an office used to be an expected part of having a career. As technology advanced in recent decades, working from home is easier and more widely accepted than ever before. Switching to a home-based lifestyle sounds great, but it might be more of a struggle than you expected. This guide will explain 10 simple work-from-home tips that anyone can use to thrive without a traditional office space.

1. Set Long-Term Ground Rules

You might live with people who will also be home during the day. They could sit next to you for a chat or be loud during video conferences. It’s best to set ground rules for everyone to follow during work hours so your family members, roommates or partner don’t make you lose focus. Something as simple as creating quiet hours can keep the peace during the day.

A woman works on a laptop.

2. Put Your Phone Away

Your phone is always in your pocket, but it’s more of a distraction for people who work from home. Put it in a desk drawer or turn it off so social media doesn’t tempt you away from your to-do list.

3. Establish a Morning Routine

Morning routines help people up and create a sense of normalcy that might disappear without a daily commute. Think about how your mornings typically go and put a helpful routine together that’s productive and healthy, like making your bed and showering after breakfast.

4. Create a Work Space

It’s difficult to relax and go to sleep at night when you just spent the whole day working from your bed. Create a space dedicated to your work hours so it’s easy to switch your mind off after clocking out. Put office furniture in a spare room or section off a corner of your living room that you’ll only use for your job.

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5. Schedule Daily Exercise Breaks

Sometimes people sit all day while working from home because there’s nothing to pull them away from their work. Schedule daily exercise breaks to remind yourself to get moving. Something as simple as taking a nature walk will reduce any lingering stress and improve your health while getting you out of the house for some fresh air.

6. Learn to Encourage Yourself

There won’t be a cubicle partner to encourage you while you’re stressed if you don’t go to an office, so learn to be your biggest cheerleader. Encourage yourself by lifting your spirits with positive affirmations when things get tough. You’ll get rid of any feelings of isolation after reminding yourself how you’re doing so well with your responsibilities.

7. Watch for Burnout Symptoms

What happens if you opt not to use work-from-home tips like these? You might experience burnout. Burnout occurs when someone pushes themselves too far with anxiety-inducing activities. You might unknowingly do it by ignoring helpful tips that relieve stress and anxiety.

As you figure out your new routine, watch for common symptoms that could harm your mental health, like:

  • Constant exhaustion
  • Body aches
  • Weight gain or loss

If you notice these symptoms or others disrupting your health or lifestyle, reflect on your work routine and try new habits to minimize whatever’s causing you extreme stress.

8. Remember to Clock Out

There’s no one locking up the office to keep you from working late, but you should still clock out at the same time every day. Working past dinner or right up until you go to sleep will keep your mind in work mode and feed your stress. Your anxiety could keep you up or caffeine could make you miss out on sleep and miss out on benefits like an improved immune system or better decision making.

9. Eat a Healthy Diet

Take advantage of the full kitchen just outside of your office door by eating a healthier diet. Without a commute, you’ll have more time to prepare meals ahead of time or throw a salad together between meetings. The nutritious food will fuel your mind and restore your sense of optimism about conquering your goals. 

10. Speak Up With Your Team

Your boss and coworkers won’t be there to read your body language or tone of voice. Remind yourself to speak up whenever you need something. Working from home makes communication more crucial than ever. If you need more explanation about a project, more time for an assignment or a change in your schedule, send the right person a quick email or instant message and be your own advocate.

Work From Home With Ease

Leaving a traditional office setting behind can be freeing but intimidating. Use these work-from-home tips to form a routine that’s great for your mental health and work performance. Simple things like getting sleep, going for walks or even utilizing positive affirmations could make all the difference in this new chapter of your career.

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