• 02/16/2023

5 Work From Home Office Essentials to Maximize Productivity

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For remote employees, appropriate work from home equipment is essential to maximize comfort and productivity. Let’s explore some items you might need for your office and some you cannot live without. 

1. Ergonomic Desk Chair

It can be counterproductive to be in pain while you sit at your desk to work all day. An ergonomic desk chair can help improve your posture and your productivity. A memory foam seat cushion can also relieve pain and allow you to sit more comfortably while you work. A footstool can also save your spine and correct your posture if your feet don’t fit comfortably on the ground while you work. 

2. Dual Monitor Setup

Dual monitors can help you be more productive by having multiple screens you can look at while you work. You can use one for research and the other for writing or whatever you need to do. This extra screen real estate can significantly improve your work life and help you balance your tasks

A monitor arm helps adjust the position of your monitor and helps prevent back pain–a laptop stand can also increase your posture. You can also get a stand for your monitor to position it higher and ease the strain on your neck. 

3. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

A wireless keyboard and mouse are essential, so you don’t have to wrangle with cords all day. A Bluetooth keyboard and mouse can help you take your office anywhere. This especially helps if your wifi connection is out and you need to relocate to finish your work. 

It can be painful to work from a laptop for hours, especially if you do a lot of typing in your job. A wireless keyboard can help you be more mobile and mitigate the adverse effects of working from less-than-ideal spaces. 

4. Mood Boosting Decor 

Surrounding yourself with things you love can boost your creativity and focus and significantly improve your work. Plants are an excellent decor source that provides many health benefits as well. Don’t clutter your desk because that can cause anxiety and might make you feel overwhelmed. If you want to have some framed photos or a few little knick knacks that make you smile, they will fit nicely on your desk. 

If you have a little more flair for your office, consider getting some floating shelves to hang on your office walls for your decor. You can also get mirrors, which add more light to the room and increase productivity. Positioning your mirror opposite a window will allow more light to pass through the room. 

5. Sticky Notes 

Sticky notes or notebooks can come in handy when you need to jot down reminders or ideas to return to later. Post-it notes are excellent in a pinch for little to-dos, and you can stick them anywhere you like to serve as reminders to get stuff done. The bright colors of the sticky notes can cheer you up when you’re feeling a little blue.  

A filing cabinet can also be an excellent tool when you work from home. Having all your paperwork ready and available can boost your productivity since you don’t have to search for things by getting up and going to another area of the room. 

Work From Home Office Essentials 

Setting up your home office may seem tedious, but you’ll thank yourself later. Upgrading your space can have myriad benefits that can boost your performance and improve your creativity and productivity. 

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