• 02/19/2023

What to Wear on a Plane to Stay Cozy and Fashionable


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Going to new destinations is one of the best ways to feel alive, but your least favorite part might be getting there. If you struggle to sit still and stay comfortable on a plane full of other people, you might not be wearing the right clothes. If you haven’t ever traveled by air, knowing what to wear on a plane can save you hours of discomfort. However, you shouldn’t feel forced to give up your sense of style to be comfortable. These guidelines will help you make an airport-ready outfit that will keep you cozy and looking put together.

1. Layered Clothing

Always pack your layers on planes. You’ll find out very quickly that the cabin is colder more often than warm. Plane temperatures tend to stay cold to minimize the risk of passengers fainting mid-flight, which can happen in warmer cabins. Having some simple layers, such as a jacket or cardigan, can help you stay warm but can transform your look. Plus, they’re easy to get on and off from your seat in case the temperature changes.

2. Supportive Shoes

It can be challenging to find decent-quality shoes to keep you comfortable and cute enough to project your style. If you can’t find a pair of stylish shoes that are comfortable enough to wear for hours on end, just ensure you clean your comfy shoes and match them to your outfit. That way, you’ll have comfort in style. 

You may also be asked to remove your shoes when going through airport security. In that case, make sure your comfortable shoes can also be slipped on and off easily. Choose what to wear on a plane carefully, as you’ll be wearing these shoes for hours.

3. Spacious Bag

Many people have purses dedicated explicitly to air travel because personal bags are allowed in the cabin with you. With a spacious bag, you can carry as much as you want into the airplane with you. Make sure to include all your chargers and anything you may need during the flight. 

You should also add some moisturizing products in your bag, since higher altitudes can dry your skin out more easily. Make sure you pack unscented moisturizers, so the aroma doesn’t bother anyone around you on the plane.

4. Scarf

Scarves can save you in the cold of an airplane. They’re also easy layers to add if you’re going from somewhere warm to a colder environment. Plus, you can turn them into a makeshift blanket if you want to maximize your coziness factor on the plane ride. A scarf can easily dress up a casual, cozy outfit, adding an effortless layer of style to your looks. You can style it in several different ways to fit you. Knowing what to wear on a plane includes finding the right accessories.

5. Lightweight Fabric

When traveling by plane, you want to ensure your clothing is breathable. Breathable fabrics ensure that air can slip through the clothing and not trap sweat or moisture. Cotton clothing is the best example of a breathable fabric, but most things that are light and airy can circulate air through them, too. Untucked button-up shirts can allow air to circulate as long as yours is a little big on you. Fabrics without these air-circulating properties will make you feel sweatier and nastier after getting off the plane.

6. Functional Pockets

Most people hate when their pockets don’t work, but many fashions include pockets that don’t work. You should always opt for clothing with deep pockets when you travel, just in case you need to store something in a pinch. Pocket space is always welcome, whether it’s a massive hoodie pocket or a secure pants pocket. Make sure your pockets are functional — sometimes, it’s easier to access your items when they’re in your pockets rather than in your bag.

7. Compression Clothing

If you’re anticipating a long flight, you may want to stock up on some compression accessories. Compression clothing can help with soreness after activity, meaning that if you have an old injury acting up from sitting still too long, compression socks or gloves might be able to help you manage the pain on a long flight. Plus, it promotes blood circulation, which is perfect for a long flight you may have difficulty with.

Choose What to Wear on a Plane Before You Leave

Don’t expect to throw on whatever you want right before you leave the house. If you have a long flight ahead of you, you need to pick what to wear on a plane before your trip begins. If you want to live your optimal cozy life while maintaining a sense of style, you’ll have to choose your airport clothing as if it were one of your vacation outfits. Plan early, and you’ll be ready to tackle any sort of flight.

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