• 01/04/2023

What Are the Different Nail Shapes?


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When you walk into a nail salon, there is the luxury of choosing shapes besides round or square. It’s not just about nail color but choosing your designs and shapes too. Trying new nail shapes could keep things fun and reflect your personal style. 

There are so many shapes of nails it can be hard to keep track. You may also be wondering what fits best with your style. Try out a couple of different shapes to see what might be your new favorite. Here is a list of different nail shapes that may be best for you.

Square Nails 

Square nails are a classic shape to get in the salon or do at home on your own. It is easy to file this shape at home on your own. Square nails are exactly how they sound, with a flat top and sharp corners. No matter if you like your nails long or short, this shape can be done. 

This shape is timeless and comes across as clean looking while also being low maintenance. If you have long fingers and narrow nail beds, square nails will complement you well. When paired with bold colors, it is sure to stand out.

Round Nails 

Choosing a round nail is another classic look, especially if you keep your nails shorter. Round nails give a tidy and elegant look while elongating the fingers. This could be a great option if you have a short or narrow nail bed. It provides an illusion of lengthier fingers, especially on longer round nails. Round nails look great with any color or even left with nothing on them.

Almond Nails

Almond nails are a fun new shape you can try. They are filed along the sides and end with a round tip. This shape is achieved with longer nails to give a feminine and slick look. It works well with long or short fingers with long and narrow nail beds. Almond nails pair well with plain or chrome nail looks.

This shape is best when using acrylic nails or a gel add-on. Natural nails may not be able to sustain this shape. Gel nails are cured under a UV light so  wear sunscreen on your hands if you plan on getting this done.  

Coffin Nails 

If you’re looking for a glamorous and high-maintenance nail look, try out the coffin nail shape. It is best for narrow and long nail beds like square nails. It is a beautiful long nail shape with filed sides that angle inward with a squared top. This nail should represent the shape of a coffin or also can be called a ballerina shape nail.

These nails look great with designs and pale-colored polishes. It is best to keep them tidy and unchipped so they look their best. Consider your lifestyle to be sure they will last until your next appointment. 

Stiletto Nails

If you are one for drama, stiletto nails might be your shape. They are an attention-grabbing nail shape that is filed on the sides and ends with a sharp point. It is similar to the almond nails but comes to a finer tip instead of a rounded point. It is a great nail to show off nail art and textures. 

This is a high-maintenance nail to be sure you have the time and money to keep up with them. The stiletto nail is a great option to elongate the hands. With this look, you are sure to make a statement. 

Find Your Favorite

There are so many beautiful nail shapes you can experiment with to find what is best for you. Depending on the nail design or color, you can try each shape to find a favorite. A particular look may work better. Whatever you choose, be sure it suits you and your personality. 

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