• 02/10/2023

Ways To Make Paper Airplane Centerpieces


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Paper airplanes aren’t just for the kids anymore. Remember learning how to fold them in grade school? Now, you can use them in many different ways, such as a paper airplane centerpiece for multiple occasions. 

You can make paper airplane garland to use as decoration or you could incorporate your paper folding skills into making some origami for various uses. Origami is used in cherry blossom wedding decorations and centerpiece ideas. Using paper crafts for your decorations and centerpieces cuts down on cost since you can get them by simply using your hands and paper. 

A paper airplane centerpiece is the perfect item to wow guests and have fun.

Paper Airplane Centerpiece

Travel-themed parties or weddings are great opportunities to use paper planes as centerpieces. You can use any kind of paper to create your aesthetic with paper airplanes. You can also use tissue paper, although they are better for origami projects. Wrapping paper, maps and different colors of construction paper are all great to use when making paper airplanes. 

To make a centerpiece out of your paper airplanes, you will need some sort of vase, cup or votive. Take some kind of skewer or use branches or fake flowers to make the paper airplanes stand up in the vase. You will need wire and wire cutters and some beads or something to put in the bottom of your cup or vase. A paper curler is optional but will add extra flair. 

You will also need a hot glue gun. Hot glue the paper airplane to the top of whatever stick you choose to use. Cut a wire to wrap around the skewer. Use a paper curler to curl the wire and glue your mini airplanes to the cables to look like they are floating. 

Different Types of Paper Airplanes

Paper planes can be made in many different shapes and sizes. You can choose other paper plane designs to fit your occasion’s theme or aesthetic of your event. 

There are multiple ways to fold paper into a paper airplane. Different styles of paper airplanes have their names now. The most basic paper airplane is The Dart. Then, there’s The Bullnose, The Hunter and The Bumble, among others. 

How To Make and Use Origami 

Origami is another fun way to incorporate paper crafts into your wedding or party supplies and decor. They are also fun to make. Origami is perfect for Japanese cherry blossom weddings and decorations. Cherry blossom centerpieces can be easily made with tissue paper, branches, a vase and some pebbles to keep the stems in place. You will need a hole punch to cut holes in the paper. Then, you simply stack and scrunch the paper to resemble cherry blossoms. Glue it on top of the branches when you’re done. This looks especially pretty when combined with an LED light branch. 

Many other origami ideas are perfect for weddings as well. Origami garland is time-consuming but can turn out better than store-bought ones. Origami napkins or place card holders are trendy and helpful on numerous occasions. You can make multiple flowers out of paper that look stunning and are excellent keepsakes. 

Paper Airplane Centerpieces

Paper crafts can be used as inspiration and in many different ways for various themes. It can be fun to get crafty and make your decor for parties, showers and weddings. Try paper airplane centerpieces for your next party to wow your guests!

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