• 04/18/2022

The Step-by-Step Guide to Canceling Your Wedding

The Step-by-Step Guide to Canceling Your Wedding

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There are many reasons why couples cancel their weddings every year. You might need more time to save for your dream ceremony or your relationship might not work out. No matter why your wedding plans have to change, this guide will help you understand everything you should know about canceling your wedding. You may be able to get your money back and experience less stress.

1. Send Announcement Cards

Whether you’ve sent invitations or not, your guests still expect to attend a ceremony. They know you’re engaged and may be requesting time off at work or booking plane tickets for your big day. Send announcement cards as soon as possible to save everyone time and money.

You don’t need to explain why you’re canceling your wedding if it makes you uncomfortable. Just let people know that the ceremony isn’t happening anymore. If you’re canceling your ceremony but moving it to a future date, your announcement cards are the perfect place to include that information.

2. Discuss Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring might complicate your cancelation plans. Typically, the partner who bought it will return it for a refund. If you’ve already resized or repaired it, the company may not take it back.

Brides sometimes keep their engagement rings if they can’t talk with their former partner anymore or their ex doesn’t want it. Given that the average engagement ring costs $3,756, selling it may cover any monetary losses if you’ve put down deposits with vendors. You can keep or sell it, depending on how you feel about the ring.

3. Contact Your Vendors

Even if you wanted to have a dreamy ceremony at home, you’ve likely reserved dates with vendors. Caterers, florists and even your wedding planner will all need to know that your wedding is no longer happening. Depending on the contract you signed with each company, you may or may not get your deposits back. Let them know immediately after you decide to cancel your wedding to improve your chances of getting refunds.

4. Return Your Gifts

It’s always a good idea to return any gifts you’ve received. People may have given you things for your bridal shower or wedding already, so send them back with a thank you note. They’ll appreciate getting a refund and you won’t have anything hanging around the house that reminds you of sad memories.

5. Consider a Dress Ceremony

Most wedding dresses aren’t refundable because they’re custom-made. You can cancel your order if it hasn’t arrived, but a ceremony to get rid of your dress is the best thing to do if you already have it. Look into a photoshoot where you can playfully destroy the dress. Give it away if you know someone who needs one. Getting rid of it should help your heart heal, so go with whatever idea feels right.

6. Cancel Your Travel Arrangements

Some brides plan their honeymoon early. They look up dream destinations that match their bucket list goals and book travel arrangements early. Add those cancelations to your to-do list. You could get your money back for tickets, hotel rooms and other travel activities if the cancelation happens within the right time frame.

You may also want to take advantage of the arrangements if you can’t get your complete purchase back. Take the trip by yourself as a form of self-care or invite friends to go with you if you still want to experience the travel opportunity.

7. Check Your Wedding Insurance

Many couples get wedding insurance to guarantee a financial cushion in case they have to cancel due to a weather event or health concern. If those are the reasons for your cancelation, contact your insurance provider to get your money back. Otherwise, you still have to end the policy. You won’t get a refund if your relationship doesn’t work out, but the provider still needs to know that you no longer require wedding coverage.

8. Remember Your Other Wedding Plans

Many other parts of your wedding will need attention besides what would have happened on your big day. You likely planned a rehearsal dinner, put together a post-wedding brunch or scheduled a bridal shower. Make sure all guests and vendors know those are no longer happening as well. 

9. Think About Rescheduling

If you’re staying with your partner, you can cancel your current wedding plans while rescheduling them. Think about a future date that works for your relationship and reserve it with your preferred vendors. It’s an excellent opportunity for couples who aren’t breaking up but can’t get their refunds back. Your money will still go toward your eventual ceremony, so it won’t be a total financial loss.

10. Sell Your Decor

Many budget-savvy brides find used decor online to minimize their spending. You can use those same sites to sell any decorations you’ve already purchased. You’ll likely get a better price than if you return the items. If that’s too much for you to handle right now, donate the items to local thrift stores to get them off your hands right away

Learn About Canceling Your Wedding

Canceling your wedding may be a difficult, heartbreaking process, but it doesn’t have to be confusing too. Use these steps to cover all of your bases and get money back wherever possible. After making a few quick phone calls and sending a couple of emails, you can begin to move on with your life.

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