• 03/28/2024

The Key to Writing Thoughtful Wedding Messages to a Couple

A pen and a wedding message to a couple with cursive writing, accompanied by purple flowers

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A pen and a wedding message to a couple with cursive writing, accompanied by purple flowers

Wedding messages to a married couple can be one of the greatest gifts you can share with the newlyweds. It can impart so much emotion, from joy to hopefulness and much more, especially when you finally read it on a microphone in front of everybody at a reception.

But before getting on stage, it’s crucial to write the wedding message first.

What Is a Wedding Message?

A wedding message is a speech that the guests of honor give to the newly married couple. Some people may write theirs from a religious standpoint, but others typically take a more personal approach to crafting their wedding message. It is possible to write a mix of both.

Parents are typically the first speakers to give their message, followed by the maid of honor or best man. The newly wedded couple may pick other people like their siblings or best friends to share a wedding message at the reception too.

The Essence of Wedding Messages to a Couple

The key to writing a thoughtful wedding message is to be as genuine as possible throughout the whole writing process. Many people tend to shower very nonspecific statements into their speech, making it seem like anybody could share them with any couple.

Try personalizing the wedding wishes you write. By adding that level of authenticity, you get your message across much better. Consequently, guests at the reception will listen more to your storytelling and the happy couple will be more thankful.

Advice on Wedding Messages to a Couple

Aside from the core tip of being more authentic in your wedding messages, there are a few more ways to ensure you write an excellent and thoughtful speech. 

1. Account for the Wedding Types and Guests

What kind of wedding you’re attending should let you know how you want to write a message. For instance, being too colloquial at a fancy wedding would be improper. For more informal and intimate weddings, you can certainly speak a little more casually to the audience.

Aside from the wedding type, try to consider the type of guests the newly wedded couple has at the place. If there are coworkers at the reception, try not to share about when you went to a concert on their sick day off.

2. Write the Wedding Wishes to the Couple Yourself

Some people try to delegate their wedding message writing to another person instead of doing it by themselves. There’s also the matter of having AI write it too. While they are all possible routes of coming up with a speech, try doing it yourself.

Making your own speech keeps the authenticity necessary for thoughtful wedding messages to couples. It can be good to have someone assist you with the brainstorming and writing, but it’s best if the words come from you directly.

3. Choose an Approach

There are several approaches to writing a wedding message and they can influence the direction of your speech. For instance, if you want to be more poetic, keep that tone throughout your wedding message. You can even read out a piece as a part of your speech.

It’s also possible to be more rude, but it’s not recommended for bigger weddings where the humor might not translate. After all, being a little insulting on the couple’s special day is a gray area with being offensive.

4. Insert Memorable Anecdote

No matter the approach, a nice little anecdote is a vital piece of a wedding message. It can be fun to recall those moments, especially when you make the freshly married couple laugh. Plus, people at the wedding may want to know more about the love story of the newlyweds. Sharing your entry gives the audience a peek into their relationship.

5. State Your Congratulations

While it is good to share your stories, remember to explicitly congratulate the couple on your marriage before you jump into those spiels. Express your joy at them tying the knot. Compliment them on planning the day. On top of that, thank them for letting you share a speech on their special day.

A rustic wedding reception area with white tables and chandeliers, ready for wedding messages to a couple

6. Simplify the Wording

Some people may want to sound a little more pretentious with the way that they have their wedding message, but it’s important to simplify things. You’re not trying to write an academic essay, so you can swap out bigger words like “matrimony” for the easier-to-understand versions like “marriage.”

7. Share Words of Wisdom

Brides and grooms often seek advice on navigating a marriage, even before the ceremony begins. A wedding message is an excellent way to share a piece of advice that you want the newlyweds to keep in mind as they face trials together. Just remember to be respectful of the way you impart those words of wisdom.

8. Wish The Newlyweds a Good Future

Remember to include your hopes that the happy couple has a promising future together. Wish a time of everlasting love and happiness as they start and explore their marriage. Also, if you’re closer to one person of the two, you can leave a request that they take care of that person no matter what happens.

9. Keep Wedding Speeches for a Couple Brief

While there may be endless good things to say in your wedding wishes, know when to draw the line. It’s best to keep your speech under five minutes or shorter to give other people time to share their own messages with the newly married couple. Plus, end it with one final congratulations and a toast if you feel confident.

10. Proofread and Edit

Before dubbing your wedding message ready for the stage, try to give it one last read-through out loud. Look at any grammatical mistakes that you may want to correct. Listen for any awkward pieces you may want to rephrase or add so that it’s a little more comprehensive to go through when it’s time to deliver it.

Create Meaningful Wedding Messages to a Couple

Wedding messages are very emotional, as they are words meant to celebrate the love of a couple near and dear to you. Writing this speech with care and respect is crucial, so keep the tips above in mind as you put your thoughts to paper.

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