• 07/19/2023

The Best Kitchen Wall Colors for Your Home


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Your kitchen is the heart of your home. From meals to homework and other projects, this room likely gets the highest foot traffic in the house. Your wall colors can make a significant difference in the overall feel of your kitchen. The best kitchen wall colors depend on various factors, including how much space you have to work with. 

You’ll want to consider every aspect of the room from wall decor to appliances to the cabinets to choose the correct color. You can start with one wall if you’re in between color choices and see how it feels before you fully decide on the rest of the room. Here are some of the best ideas for kitchen wall colors for your home. 

Popular Kitchen Wall Colors

You want your kitchen to feel welcoming and inviting to your family and friends. However, you also want it to feel like it matches your style and personality. From your cabinets to your decor, the colors in your kitchen should complement one another. While choosing the perfect wall colors for your kitchen may be challenging, here are some of the most popular colors this year. 


White is a timeless wall color for any room in your home and remains in the top spot as the most popular kitchen color. Painting your kitchen walls white can help the space appear larger and brighten up the room. There are various shades of white that you can choose from for your kitchen area. 

Warm whites that almost seem tan or beige can evoke a warm and inviting feeling, while cooler shades of white can give off a lighter and more airy feel. Shades are important to consider when planning your decor and cabinetry. 


Green is one of the most versatile colors because it can match anything. Kitchens decorated in green hues have become one of this year’s biggest trends, with around 74,000 average monthly searches on Google. 

Many people prefer green interiors due to their neutral properties that go with most other decor. From mint and sage shades to vibrant and deep shades, green is popular regardless of its place on the color wheel. Bright green is energizing and invigorating, while pastel shades evoke calmness. 


Black is another timeless color for a kitchen. However, black walls can make a space appear smaller. So, you wouldn’t want to paint a small kitchen black. Black is a sleek and sophisticated color that would look excellent on an accent wall or with white cabinets and decor. 

Splashes of color can work wonders with black walls. Hanging plants like a low-maintenance spider plant in front of your kitchen window can purify your air and liven up the space while adding a splash of color to the room. If you have plenty of natural light in your kitchen, black can make an excellent choice for the kitchen wall color. 


Gray has been a popular kitchen color for decades with its sleek and versatile design. It’s a classic color that pairs with many other colors from pastels to stark whites. Gray walls with white cabinetry were a huge hit a few years ago in the design market. 

Combining shades of gray like dove gray, charcoal gray, and silvery gray can add depth and dimension to a room. Subtle contrast can draw your eye and make the space appear much larger and more inviting—gray undertones in a kitchen work great for a relaxed and calm atmosphere. 


With its sunny disposition, the color yellow is transcendent in any kitchen. Yellow has such a warm aura that can really liven up any space. How light reflects yellow in your kitchen can make or break the shade you choose. 

You’ll likely want a soft hue like Goldfiled by Benjamin Moore that matches most other shades you’ll put beside it. Soft, buttery yellows are perfect for the vibes of a kitchen since they can appear creamy with white undertones rather than orange or mustard-looking. 


Earthy tones like creams and browns have made a huge comeback in the interior design world in recent years. Browns may not seem like a go-to color when planning your kitchen but think about the warm wooden and golden hues in your home.

 From creamy light browns to rich, warm shades to deep mahogany, brown has a vast shade range. Colors like navy blue and crisp, bright white accentuate rich, warm browns beautifully. Using the right hues strategically can give you a gorgeous kitchen with brown walls. 


Red walls make a statement and can seem intense if used in the wrong room or with the wrong type of decor. The color red can raise your blood pressure and cause your appetite to increase, which makes it the perfect color for your kitchen walls. 

Focus on choosing a shade of red that complements your appliances and decor. Earthy tones are trending this year, so choose shades that pair well with shades of brown and greens like burgundy and terracotta. 


Pink may not seem like the greatest idea for kitchen walls, but we aren’t talking about bright Barbie pink. Soft shades of pink and other pastel shades like mint green are perfect for a soft and calming atmosphere in a kitchen. 

Candy pink can look almost coral and can give off bright and cheery vibes within a space. Dusky pastel pink has a warmer undertone that can transform your kitchen. Pair a creamy soft pink with warm copper or aged brass for the perfect complementary look in any kitchen. 


Blue is another one of the most versatile colors that can go with most other decor. Teal blue is rising in the design market this year. Teal blue matches the earthy vibes that are increasingly popular with its cool undertones that give off beachy vibes. 

Cool blues can enhance any room with soft hues that are perfect for a coastal look. Richer shades of blue are great for pairing with warm and light woodsy tones that can highlight gold or brass metalwork on cabinetry or appliances. 

The Best Kitchen Wall Colors of the Season 

Choosing the right wall colors can be challenging, especially if you want them to match the rest of your home’s aesthetic. When designing your dream kitchen, choosing the right wall colors can change the entire look and feel of the room. Finding the best wall color for your kitchen can make your house feel like a home. 

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