• 09/23/2021

Tent Camping Essentials: Everything You Need for Your Next Trip

Tent Camping Essentials

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You might be excited to try out your new camping tent, but what should you bring for your next trip? You’ll need to pack a bit differently than you would if you were driving an RV, so check out these tent camping essentials to figure out everything you’ll need. Throw these supplies into the back of your car alongside basics like food and extra socks.

1. Extra Water Bottles

Most tent camping sites will have public bathrooms you can use for brushing your teeth and showering, so you won’t have to worry about bringing water for those activities. However, you’ll need to bring plenty of water bottles. Adults need 11.5-15.5 cups per day, but you’ll need more while getting dehydrated during camping activities. Bring at least two packs of water bottles if you’ll camp with a friend and more if you go with your family.

2. Outdoor Activity Supplies

After setting up your tent, you’ll need to pass the time. An RV would have a TV and a gaming system, but tent camping is all about spending time in nature. Try taking a nature walk or going fishing. You could also bring bikes to make your trip more romantic when you get tired of hiking or canoeing. Hammocks, books and a Frisbee will also make your trip more fun. 

3. Propane Fire Pit

You don’t have to worry about starting a campfire and potentially leaving embers burning through the night if you bring a propane fire pit. They’re lightweight and easy to use, so they’re perfect for leveling up your camping gear and making your trip less stressful. Use it to make your favorite foods and roast marshmallows before flipping a switch to turn the flames off.

4. Lighting for Your Tent

RVs have built-in light fixtures, unlike tents. Don’t forget to pack lighting while you’re reviewing tent camping essentials. A battery-powered lantern will fit your campsite vibe and it’s always wise to bring a few flashlights. You can also set the mood by packing a string of fairy lights and hanging them around your tent. You could plug them into a portable battery that also has charging ports for your phone.

5. Air Mattresses

Curling up in a sleeping bag inside your tent may seem cozy, but sleeping on the ground can lead to back problems and muscle soreness. Make your camping trip more comfortable by bringing an air mattress for everyone who will be with you. You can fill it up with a hand pump or by connecting the built-in fan to your portable battery. You’ll enjoy your vacation much more when your body isn’t sore every morning.

6. First Aid Kit

No one should go camping without a first aid kit. You could buy one at a pharmacy store, but it might not have everything you’ll need. Besides the typical emergency kit supplies like bandaids, antibiotic ointment, painkillers and eye drops, you’ll also need to pack:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tweezers
  • Duct tape
  • Sunscreen
  • Anti-itch cream

Keep everything in a weatherproof container so you don’t lose your supplies if it rains or you drop the kit in a puddle. You never know what might happen while camping, so it’s best to prepare for anything.

Find Your Tent Camping Essentials

These are a few tent camping essentials that everyone should think about bringing for their next trip. Whether you’re traveling with family, a partner or by yourself, these supplies will keep you comfortable and make your next adventure more enjoyable.

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