• 04/04/2022

The Most Essential Glamping Gear for Beginners

A group of women sit around a campfire.

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If you’ve ever wanted to experience the joys of camping without sleeping on the ground, glamping might be your new favorite kind of adventure. It’s how people camp in style without leaving any of life’s luxuries behind. Use this list to find essential glamping gear for beginners. You’ll have everything you need to have an incredible trip and enjoy the great outdoors.

1. An Expansive Luxury Tent

Some people dread the idea of camping because they don’t want to get stuck in a tiny tent. Find one with enough room for whoever you want to camp with, plus supplies like an air mattress and folding table. You’ll have space to decorate with a comforter, pillows and even dinnerware so your tent feels like home.

2. Lightweight Propane Fire Pit

Most campsites have a fire pit ready for charcoal or logs. It’s challenging to get a fire started if that space is wet from rain or if you don’t have experience arranging the kindling. Bring a propane fire pit to skip these problems. It’s easy to turn on and off whenever you want to make coffee over the open fire or roast marshmallows.

3. Portable Stove or Grill

Think about what you’d like to eat during your trip. A portable grill or stove will make meals much more manageable and delicious. Your family won’t have to eat cold beans out of a can if you can make stew on a burner or grill fresh burgers after a day on the lake.

4. Your Tablet or Laptop

You might want to go camping to unplug, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your electronics at home. Download your favorite shows before leaving for your vacation. You can watch something to make you laugh while cuddling with your partner or lounging with your friends without requiring Wi-Fi.

5. A High-Capacity Portable Battery

There are many portable power stations available for glampers. Find one that has the right outlets for your electronics or campsite accessories. You could plug in a string of fairy lights to decorate your tent while charging your phone after a long day of being outside.

6. Battery-Powered Scented Candles

Candles can be a camping hazard. People light them and fall asleep, letting the candle burn until the flame reaches the floor of their tent or flammable leaves on the ground. Battery-powered candles are much safer and even come with pleasant scents. Aromatherapy is part of a healthy self-care routine, which will make any vacation more relaxing.

7. The Latest Sneakers

Glamping sites typically have paved, natural trails or gravel pathways. They’re perfect for the latest fashionable sneakers that you want to wear in your pictures for Instagram. Bringing your favorite shoes for nature walks will make them more fun while the extra exercise improves your stress levels and eases symptoms of depression. You might not think of footwear as glamping gear, but it won’t be an authentic glamping experience if you don’t do it in style.

8. A Tankless Shower System

If you want to set up a glamping site without an established shower facility, a tankless shower system will help you bathe anywhere with fresh water. It will even heat the water for additional comfort. Just find a private place to shower, like a privacy tent, and you can get clean before a big day of camping activities.

9. A Portable Toilet

You won’t always find bathroom facilities at campsites, so prepare for your trip with a portable toilet. It fits in most privacy tents so you can have a mini bathroom anywhere you set up camp. Detach the bottom container to empty it and maintain a clean place to sit and do your business.

10. An Inflatable Sofa

You’ll need somewhere to sit around your campfire. Instead of bringing folding chairs with metal seats or wobbly legs, use an air pump to inflate a sofa. Everyone can relax on comfortable seating while playing a few campfire games or reminiscing on the day’s adventures.

11.  A Waterproof Phone Case

There’s always a surprise during camping trips. You could get caught in an unexpected rain shower during a hike or drop your phone while taking a picture out on a river. A waterproof phone case will keep your phone safe no matter what, which may make you more comfortable during your first camping experience.

12. A Handheld Water Filter

Unless you want to lug a container of water bottles to your campsite, you should bring a handheld filter. You can stick it in any freshwater source and immediately have access to drinking water. Even if you don’t use it, it’s better to always have a backup plan ready to prevent dehydration.

Find the Right Glamping Gear

Now that you have a better idea about what to add to your list of glamping gear, start researching potential campsites. You’ll come up with exciting activities and have a fun time when you have everything you need in the back of your car.

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