• 07/02/2024

Cop the Tenniscore Aesthetic With These Fun Options

A woman holding a tennis racket and wearing a white tennis skirt and white sneakers.

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Fashion trends have been a bit all over the place, but it’s refreshing to have so much variety. People can express their personality, interests, or feelings with their clothes. Tenniscore— correct, this is not a misspelling of tennis score— is one of the more fun and sporty variations. 

What Is Tenniscore?

Tenniscore is a cross between sporty athleisure and preppy outfits. People style and wear these clothing sets whether they’re going to the court just because it’s quite fun to do. The trend has come and gone over the years, with tennis itself viewed as a symbol of power. The sport is in the same realm as golf and soccer, wherein the rich and luxurious mostly participate.

Tenniscore peaked this year when Zendaya started her press tour for the movie “Challengers”, where she plays as tennis player and coach Tashi. Being the icon she is, the outfits garnered plenty of attention from fellow enthusiasts and fashionistas. TikTok and other social media platforms followed suit; the rest is history. 

Another potential reason why tenniscore gets so much attention stem from growth in participation. In 2020 and 2021, U.S. players exceeded about 20 million or so. In 2023, almost 23.84 million people played tennis. 

A woman wearing a white pleated skirt, calf-length socks and white sneakers.

Tenniscore Essentials

Tenniscore is more straightforward in terms of the pieces you need to get. However, you’re more than welcome to mix and match it with other clothes in your wardrobe to change up the style and make it more unique to you. Here are staples that capture this trend’s aesthetic appeal.

1. Pleated White Skirt

A pleated white skirt is the most basic tenniscore essential any fashionista needs in their wardrobe. These pieces are great, whether you want to be sporty or casual or somewhere in between. If you want a cute fit, you can use pink or any other color.

Playing tennis in a pleated white skirt is doable, but it can cause self-consciousness. Handle the breeze by getting a skirt that offers built-in shorts underneath. You can hit your shots or go to town without fear.

$19.99 on Amazon

2. Plain Tank Top

Another key clothing item is the tank top. Its thin straps provide plenty of mobility, which is perfect for sporty looks. Tank tops are also ideal to showcase a little bit of skin. Some variants are cropped, which is great if you want to flaunt your midriff. 

Tenniscore is all about simplicity, so a plain tank top is your best bet for this option. White is ideal to match your skirt. If you’re choosing a different color for the bottom, you can pick a neutral or matching hue for the top. 

$19.99 on Amazon

3. V-Neck Sweater

No one wants to wear long sleeves on the tennis court under the scorching sun. However, a knitted V-neck sweater is the best option if you’re shooting for a more fashionable tenniscore outfit and it’s a little colder. It’s clean and luxurious, matching the rest of the fashion’s aesthetic.

The ideal sweater would be a V-neck to showcase some skin. It would be ideal if the neckline also transitioned into a collar to give off a laidback but luxurious look. Plain tops would work, but you can get stripes or other patterns for more interest.

$29.99 on Amazon

4. Lightweight Jacket

Want to put on or remove your long sleeves with ease? Consider a lightweight texture jacket instead. You can quickly wear this on your tank top to get extra warmth while showcasing the style. If you remove it, tie it around your waist to frame your skirt.

If you want to hide more skin, zip the jacket up halfway. The lightweight fabric should be breathable enough to allow you to breathe. Zip it closed if you want to fully cover up and make it more of a statement piece with your skirt. 

$49.99 on Amazon

5. Sleeveless Dress

Some people prefer not to layer their clothing, while others may not have the time for it. A sleeveless dress is a great outfit option for those slow mornings. You do have to be meticulous about the design if you want it to exude tennis core. The key features are pleated bottoms, sleeveless tops and a collared button. If the dress has built-in shorts, even better.

$39.99 on Amazon

playing tennis

6. Flowy Shorts

If you just prefer shorts over skirts, consider getting the flowy variants. This style can provide the illusion of a skirt while giving optimal coverage. It can take some getting used to in movement if you want to play sports. On the bright side, it can match the tank top, sweater and other tops you have in your collection. 

$25.99 on Amazon

7. Calf Socks

Socks are another crucial part of the tenniscore aesthetic, preferably in white to match the color palette. Some people may prefer knee socks, especially when they have shorter skirts. However, calf socks are a little more comfortable for moving. They still provide the same benefits of keeping your feet protected.

$10 on Amazon

8. Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are a must-have for the tenniscore aesthetic. If you play sports, you’ll need to ensure they have a durable sole for stability and support. Running on the court can make you slip, so a good grip is essential to avoid those hazards. When you just want style, any white walking shoes can work. 

$22.99 on Amazon

9. Sun Visor

Tenniscore involves plenty of hats. While the regular cap is good for the sporty look, sun visors are more associated with tennis play. UV radiation can cause sunburn and blisters and inhibit collagen production. The visor’s design protects from the sun without covering your scalp, allowing your hair to breathe. You can even wear a stylish ponytail.

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Get Sporty and Stylish

Tenniscore is an excellent aesthetic if you’re a fan of athleisure. It’s fresh and effortless since all you need are the clothes and to tie your hair up to heat out. Wear the fit on the court or at any other venue.

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