• 06/13/2024

12 Cute Summer Skirts to Bring Into Your Wardrobe

A woman wearing a long pink skirt with a white tank top.

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It’s summer skirt season! As the sun beams and the air radiates warmth and energy, dress for the occasion. The humble pair of pants or regular shorts are a great clothing piece during this time of the year, but they can constrict the legs quite a bit.

Whether you’re heading to a sunflower garden, a hiking trail or a beach, you should browse summer skirts. Explore the many breathable and comfortable options among the mini, midi and maxis. Enhance your future outfit ideas and add extra style to your wardrobe. 

1. Pleated Skirt

A white pleated tennis skirt.

Pleated variations are one of the ultimate summer skirts as they provide a fresh and stylish look. Many people love adopting this clothing item for their sporty outfits, but they’re also perfect for enhancing casual looks.

If you want a schoolgirl vibe with your outfit of the day, pick out a high-waist plaid skirt. However, you can never go wrong with a regular white pleated mini since it goes well with any top or footwear.

$19.88 on Amazon

2. Jumper Skirts

A brown corduroy jumper dress.

A jumper skirt brings out a more artsy side to your fashion. This piece is available in length, but you can’t go wrong with a mini dress style. Going short can give your legs plenty more freedom.

As for what you wear underneath, long sleeves are off the table unless they’re lightweight and breathable. Classic tees can give your arms some breathing room. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the print since the jumper skirt’s top part covers it up.

$29.99 on Amazon

3. Skater Skirts

A black skater skirt.

Skater skirts offer maximum comfort and style since it’s stretchy and flared out. You can have a low-effort and high-impact outfit with this clothing piece, tank top and some jewelry.

There are plenty of fun patterns, from polka dots to checkered prints. However, you can also wear plain or solid colors. If you have a black top, pick out a skirt of the same color to go monochromatic. 

$16.88 on Amazon

4. Mini Leather Skirts

A black leather skater skirt.

Speaking of black hues, consider adding a mini leather skirt to your closet. This material can add a bit of edginess without a jacket. Pair this with some silver chains and jewelry.

If you worry that your skirt will make the warmth worse, don’t worry. Heat travels quite slowly through leather as it contains a large volume of air. And as long as you pick a mini length, your legs should be fine. 

$14.98 on Amazon

5. Gingham Skirt

A long red gingham skirt.

Have a summer brunch with some friends? Get a tiered gingham skirt and white top for a cutesy look. This clothing item sparks the vision of a laidback and relaxing picnic. 

You can pick out a pastel color so that the piece works for springtime next year round. However, the gingham pattern is best recognizable by its red hue. 

$12.99 on Amazon

6. Flowy Midi Skirt

A black midi skirt with colorful flowers.

A flowy midi is one of the more modest summer skirts that can work for almost any occasion. You can visit a festival or walk through the park with ease. If you sit on the ground, this medium length is more than accommodating to cover up what you need.

To kick things up a notch, pick a ruffled skirt with flowers. The extra texture can add a bit of fluff to the entire outfit. The printed blossoms can also become the centerpiece that brings the rest of your look together. 

$29.99 on Amazon

7. Boho Skirts

A long red flowy skirt with a floral pattern.

If you want a long skirt, consider going bohemian. Boho is best known for its ethnic-inspired clothing and feathered jewelry. These patterns and styles can really shine on the skirt since there’s plenty of surface area for the print.

A maxi-length boho skirt is quite the eye-catcher, so you need something light on top to balance it all out. Consider a plain bralette or crop top. Don’t forget to have necklaces and earrings to match the unconventional style.

$ 33.99 on Amazon

8. Tulle Skirts

A white tulle skirt.

If you’re aiming to look like a garden fairy in the middle of the woods, wear tulle summer skirts. This light and airy fabric is perfect for summertime. Plus, you get some ethereal photos when you pose right by the sunlight.

Tulle skirts can come in all shapes and sizes, from straight hanging to fluffed-up petticoats. If you want a mix of both, pick out a layered skirt. This boosts the volume of your outfit while keeping it simple and sophisticated.

$21.59 on Amazon

9. Lace Skirts

A white mesh, lace skirt with bows.

If you’re loving the coquette aesthetic trends, this is the skirt for you. The dainty lace and bows make this skirt perfect for fun and flirty summer looks.

Pair it with a pastel tank top and mary janes for a full coquette outfit. To mix things up, you can also pair it with a graphic tee and sneakers for a casual look.

$34.99 on Amazon

10. High-Slit Skirts

A long black skirt with a slit.

High-slit styles are also popular among summer skirts. They expose one leg, which leads to a daring and out-of-the-box fashion style. This is perfect for anyone who wants to be more confident and photogenic during their outing.

High-slit skirts are naturally revealing, so you can either cover up the top half or expose some skin as well. Off-shoulder tops are picturesque at the beach since they let the daylight hit your neck and chest area.

$31.99 on Amazon

11. Asymmetrical Skirts

A black asymmetrical skirt.

Asymmetrical or waterfall skirts are simply iconic for this summer season. They are mini to midi length in the front and maxi in the back. The variation lets you feel the breeze while making you seem taller. To go the extra mile, wear this with high heels. Get an umbrella and strut down your street like a runway model.

$29.99 on Amazon

12. Short Wrap Skirts

A sage green wrap skirt.

A short wrap skirt is a simple and versatile wardrobe piece. The casual knot and texture add plenty of interesting elements without needing a pattern. Plus, it can go well with almost any top. A tank top with a low neckline or cropped shirt can draw attention to your midriff while showing the right amount of skin.

$26.99 on Amazon

Find Your Favorite Summer Skirts

Numerous summer skirts can enhance your wardrobe this season. Look for an option that matches your style. You’re more than free to go outside of your comfort zone, as well. Summer is the time for fun and experimentation, so don’t hesitate to elevate your self-expression.

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